Best Disney Home Goods

“…I look at you and I’m home.” Dory said it best. Something about Disney, whether it be the movies or the parks, makes us feel like we are home again. I know that’s how I feel. So why not have a piece of the magic in your home? These are some of the best Disney…

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Bold Black and White Kitchen Accessories

black and white kitchen accessories

When you think of adding something new to your kitchen design, you may think a splash of color would add some spice. But adding some bold black and white kitchen accessories can make a stronger statement. It’s simple, yet classy. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about matching colors! See also: Want some…

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Best Patina Accents for Your Home

What is patina? It’s a green-ish film that covers copper or other metals over time due to oxidation. Not sure what that would look like? Think of the Statue of Liberty- originally made of copper and now a lovely turquoise green color. These accents are sure to wow and bring a unique rustic touch to…

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Best Disney Bathroom Products

Disney bathroom products design inspiration

Life is the bubbles with these great products in your bathroom! Every Disney fan I know loves incorporating anything and everything magical into their lives. You might not think of your bathroom as a hotspot for that, but this just may convince you otherwise! Any room can use a Disney makeover. Need to get a…

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Best Disney Kitchen Products

Oh boy! Disney fans know there is a way to incorporate the mouse into everything. So why not your kitchen? There are so many amazing products out there, but don’t worry! We are here to help you find the best Disney kitchen products. See also: Setting out to style your kitchen and upgrade your design?…

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