10 Must-Haves for Organizing Your Kids’ Toys

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10 Must-Haves for Organizing Your Kids’ Toys

If you have kids, then chances are, you have toy clutter, too. But keeping those toys under control doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools, you can tackle that toy clutter once and for all. These must-haves for organizing your kids’ toys will help you tackle the toy mess in a flash.

These are What You Need to Organize Your Kid’s Toys

Getting a handle on toy clutter feels a lot like an uphill battle. Take it from me, wading through toy mess is nobody’s idea of a good day. Chasing small pieces, action figures, blocks and toy cars is a nightmare. These are the organizational tools that can help you gain control. Are you using any of these to organize your kid’s toys?

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Organizing Kid’s Toys: Toy Box

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One of the best ways to keep toys contained is with a classic wooden toy box. This big toy chest has more than four cubic feet of storage space, which means you can store away a ton of toys inside. And its classic design ensures that it will look great in any room of your house.

Storage Shelf

storage shelf to clean up toy mess

The best way to keep your kids’ toys organized is to store them in plain sight. When your kids know exactly where their toys go, they’re more likely to put them back when they’re done. This cute storage shelf with removable bins is a great toy storage option. They can easily see where each of their toys goes, making it simple for them to return the toys to the correct spot when they’re finished playing.

Organizing Kid’s Toys: Toy Baskets

toy baskets for clutter organizing

Baskets are always a great option when trying to get a space organized. And this cute toy basket with handles is perfect for sorting away toys. With a variety of design options available, you’re sure to find a basket that fits your child’s room, making these storage bins a great option for toy organization.

Play Mat Toy Basket

play mat toy basket

To really keep your child’s toys contained, why not combine the storage basket and play area into one? This play mat toy basket does just that. The basket opens up into a large play area where you child can sit. And when they’re finished, simply pour the toys from the mat directly into the attached storage basket. What could be easier than that?

Bags with Labels

bags with labels for toys

Make sure your kids know exactly where to put their toys when they’re finished playing with them by labeling each of the storage bins. With these clear plastic bags with downloadable labels are a great choice because your kids can easily see exactly what is supposed to go inside each bin. And the sturdy plastic bags can hold up to eight pounds of toys, making them a great choice for storing away all your kid’s toys.

Organizing Kid’s Toys: Stack-able Shelves

stackable shelves for organizing kids toys

If you’re looking for a cute toy storage solution, you’ll love these adorable stackable shelves. The bright colors and fun decorative designs on each of the shelves would look so cute in any kid’s room. And the large storage space inside each of these shelves means your kids will have plenty of room to store all their toys away in style.

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

Do you have a kid who loves stuffed animals? Then you know how difficult it can be to store all those stuffies. With this stuffed animal bean bag, your child will have a place to store all their favorite stuffed animals and a comfortable chair for their room. Simply stuff the animals inside the bean bag when they’re not in use and your kid will have a cute chair filled with their favorite toys.

Over the Door Storage


Hide away some of your kids smaller toys with this over-the-door storage solution. This handy hanging shelf makes use of an otherwise unused storage space, which means you can add some extra storage to your kid’s room. The shelf features four large pockets perfect for hiding away a few small toys when they’re not being played with.

Organizing Kid’s Toys: Play Mat Storage Box

toy mat storage box for toy mess

This fun storage solution also serves as a play mat for your little one. With this handy play mat storage box, they can roll out the play mat to play with their toy cars, then store the toys away in the attached box, making picking up after themselves a breeze for your kids!

Storage Bench

storage bench for keeping organized

If you need some functional storage in your kid’s room, this cute storage bench is perfect. On top of adding some extra seating to the room, this storage solution also includes three large storage bins perfect for hiding away toys. The bins easy slide in and out of the bench, making it simple for your kids to get out what the need and put the toys back when they’re finished playing.

Decorative Basket

Decorative basket for organizing

While we would love to say that all our kid’s toys stay in their room, its more than likely that their toys have spilled out into other areas of your home. If you need to keep the toy clutter under control in other family spaces, why not hide it away in a decorative basket? This pretty wicker basket is the perfect way to hide toys in style. The large interior can store away a ton of toys and the lid on top ensures no one will know what’s inside.

10 Must-Haves for Organizing Your Kids’ Toys
10 Must-Haves for Organizing Your Kids’ Toys


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