12 Clever Ways to Use Dryer Sheets Outside the Laundry Room

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clever ways to use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are great for softening and freshening your clothes while they’re in the dryer. But did you know you can use them outside the laundry room? Make your dryer sheets work overtime this year by getting as much use out of them as you can! With these 10 clever ways to use dryer sheets, you’ll think twice before throwing away that dryer sheet after the drying cycle is over.

Clever Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

Air Freshener

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Do you love the smell of your favorite dryer sheets? Why not make your entire house smell like freshly washed laundry? Place a dryer sheet on the back side of your fan or attach it to your HVAC vent. As the air blows through the sheet, it will pick up the scent of the dryer sheets, making your whole home smell just like you finished a load of laundry.

Prevent Static in Your Hair

dryer sheets for preventing static

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Now this is a clever way to use a dryer sheet. The dry winter months can wreak havoc on your mane. Luckily, dryer sheets aren’t just good for preventing static in your clothing. You can also keep your hair from flying away in the dry air by running a dryer sheet over your hair before you leave for the day.

Clever Dryer Sheet Use: Pet Hair Remover

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Is your furniture covered in pet hair thanks to your favorite furry friend? Keep the hair under control with the help of a dryer sheet. Simply rub the dryer sheet over your hair-covered furniture or clothing to collect the stray hairs. Then toss the dryer sheet – along with all that unwanted hair – in the trash.

Keep Dust at Bay

Use dryer sheets for dusting

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Since dryer sheets are great at removing static from surfaces, they’re perfect for dusting. The sheet absorbs the dust from the area and rubbing it across a surface will help keep new dust from sticking. And dryer sheets work well on all areas of your home, including hard surfaces, baseboards, crown molding, wood, window blinds, and they’re even safe on electronics.

Clever Dryer Sheet Use: Freshen Your Drawers

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Your drawers and closet can get musty if you’re not careful. Place a drawer sheet inside each drawer under the clothes or on your closet shelves. The fresh smell will not only fight the musky odors, but it will keep your clothing smelling fresh long after you wash them.

Clean Crayon off the Walls

Best way to clean crayon off walls dryer sheets

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Do you have a little artist at home? Instead of repainting your walls after your little one draws a mural with crayon, grab a dryer sheet. The sheet will remove the crayon from the wall. All you have to do is gently rub the crayon-covered spot with the dryer sheet to instantly remove it from the wall.

Clean Up Sand

dryer sheets are perfect for cleaning up sand

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Going to the beach is a blast, but getting rid of all the sand that comes with it can ruin your trip – unless you have some spare dryer sheets. Rub the dryer sheet over the spots of your body covered with sand to instantly clean the beach off before you head home.

Keep Your Luggage Fresh

dryer sheets for fresh luggage

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Whether you travel a lot or only once a year, your luggage can take a beating. Keep your suitcases from smelling musty in between trips by storing them with dryer sheets inside. The dryer sheets will help combat lingering smells and keep your luggage smelling fresh when you’re not using it. And don’t forget to pack a dryer sheet inside your bag when you travel to ensure your clothes smell fresh when you arrive at your destination!

Clever Dryer Sheet Use: Remove Deodorant

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If you got dressed to quickly this morning and accidently got deodorant on your clean shirt – don’t take it off! Just grab a dryer sheet. Rub the dryer sheet over the deodorant stain to remove it and save your outfit.

Clean Your Iron

How to clean a clothing iron

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If you use your iron regularly, chances are it’s dirty. Instead of tossing it and buying a new one, use a dryer sheet to clean it. Place the dryer sheet on your ironing board and set the iron to low heat. Run the iron over the top of the dryer sheet. The grime will rub off on the dryer sheet, leaving your iron shiny and new.

Sharpen Your Scissors

use dryer sheets to sharpen a pair of scissors

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If your favorite scissors are too dull to cut, grab a dryer sheet. Rub a used dryer sheet over the blades of the scissors. The residue on the sheet will help clean and sharpen the scissor blades, ensuring they cut more smoothly.

Remove Soap Scum

Soap scum is not only ugly, but it’s also so hard to get rid of! If you’re having issues with soap scum in your bathroom, skip the cleaner and grab a dryer sheet instead. Wet the dryer sheet and wring it out, then use the sheet to scrub the soap scum away. You can clean soap scum from your tile, sink, shower door, and shower curtain with a dryer sheet.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these 12 clever ways to use dryer sheets around the house! So, now that you know they’re not just for the dryer where will you use them? The possibilities are endless!

clever ways to use dryer sheets
clever ways to use dryer sheets


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