12 Cool Products that Make Laundry Day Easier

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Cool Products that Make Laundry Day Easier

Laundry is one of those household chores that really is never-ending. That’s why it’s so many people’s least favorite chore. Luckily, I’m here to help you love doing laundry! From dryer additions that make your clothes feel amazing to a helper that makes folding a breeze, these 12 cool products that make laundry day a lot easier.

What Cool Products Help Make Laundry Day Easier?

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Cool Products to Make Laundry Day Easier

Sorting Hamper

sorting hamper for sorting laundry

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Sorting through the laundry before you wash it is a big task. With this foldable sorting hamper, you can quickly and easily sort all your laundry at once. The bin features three sections for dark, light, and color laundry, making it a perfect addition to your laundry routine. This is one cool product that makes laundry day a heck of a lot easier!

Rolling Laundry Basket

Rolling laundry hamper basket for doing laundry

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Before you can wash your clothes, you have to get them to the laundry room. Ease your load by using a rolling laundry basket to transport all the dirty clothing from your hampers to your laundry room.

Dryer Balls

Dryer balls for doing laundry on laundry day

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Skip those messy dryer sheets and grab these handy wool dryer balls instead. In addition to being a more eco-friendly way to dry your clothes, dryer balls also speed up the drying time of your laundry, as well as help reduce wrinkles and static cling. And they make your clothes naturally soft without the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Folding Board

Best laundry folding board for folding laundry

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One of the most time-consuming parts of laundry day is folding all those clean clothes and putting them away. For me, this cool product makes laundry day so much easier! With a folding board, you can cut your folding time in half. To use this amazing laundry product, place a shirt on top of the board, fold the sides in, and your shirt is folded in three seconds flat. Imagine how much faster laundry day will go with this awesome gadget in your arsenal!

Pet Hair Remover

Pet hair remover for dryer to keep pet hair off of laundry

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If you have animals in your house, you know how difficult it can be to get pet hair out of your clothing. With these easy pet hair remover balls, you can ensure all your clothing is pet-hair-free when it comes out the dryer. These little balls pull the hair from your clothing as they dry. After the cycle is finished, pull the hair and lint from the ball and use it again in your next load.

Detergent Shelf

Detergent holder for keeping detergent from dripping

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Buying laundry detergent in bulk is a great way to save money. But those large containers can get messy. Help prevent drips and spills by attaching this handy detergent shelf to the spout. The shelf allows you to rest a measuring cup on top. Also ensuring you add the right amount of detergent to your washer without the risk of spilling and making a big mess.

Dryer Vent Brush

Dryer vent cleaning brush to prevent dryer fires

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We all know how important it is to keep your dryer vent clean. On top of helping your dryer run more efficiently, a clean vent also helps prevent fires from starting in your laundry room. But giving your dryer vent a good cleaning can be difficult unless you have a dryer vent brush. This extra long cleaning brush helps you get deep into the dryer vent, cleaning out all that trapped lint and dust from down in the vent gap.

Hand Washing Basin

hand washing basin for keeping your laundry clean

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Make sure your delicates stay looking amazing by taking the time to hand wash them as needed. And with this simple hand washing basin, you can easily clean all your hand-wash-only clothing. Also the small bowl fits in a sink, making it great for washing small, delicate items quickly and easily.

Foldable Drying Rack

Fold able drying rack fro drying laundry

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After handwashing your delicates and sweaters, you’ll need a place to dry them. This foldable drying rack is great for air drying all types of clothing. Items that need to lay flat can be placed on top, while clothing that can be draped can hang from the bars along the side. And when you’re finished using this drying rack, you can fold it flat and hide it away.

Standing Steamer

Standing steamer for steaming laundry

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Who wants to spend time standing at an ironing board to get all the wrinkles out of your clothes? Instead of slaving over an iron, make removing wrinkles a breeze with a standing steamer. This handy laundry appliance allows you to hang your wrinkled clothing on the stand and steam away the wrinkles in minutes, which is so much easier than trying to iron them out with a traditional iron.

Velvet Hangers

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Are you tired of your clothing get stretched out by your wire hangers or seeing your clean laundry fall on the floor thanks to those slippery plastic hangers? Make sure your beautifully clean laundry stays put when you’re finished putting it away by hanging it on velvet hangers. In addition to keeping your clean clothes looking great, these pretty hangers also make your closet look amazingly organized.

Washing Machine Cleaner

washing machine cleaner for cleaning the washing machine

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Think about all the dirt and grime that runs through your washing machine. To keep that residue from building up, you need to take the time to clean your washer on a regular basis. Washing machine cleaner will help keep your washer running efficiently and ensure your clothes get as clean as possible each time you wash them.

Cool Products that Make Laundry Day Easier
Cool Products that Make Laundry Day Easier


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