The Best Floor Mop for Hardwood Floors

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Find the best mop for your hardwood floors!

Without having the perfect floor mop, keeping your hardwood floors clean is the type of chore none of us look forward to. But if we’re going to tackle it, why not do it right? If you’ve been looking for a dedicated hardwood floor mop recently, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to review a number of mops designed especially for hardwood floors to find out which has the best value, capabilities, performance, and design! That being said, hardwood floors pose a huge challenge to homemakers like you and I. They carry a huge variety of dirt, soil, and messes that the right mop would have to step up to. 

Why do I Need a Hardwood Floor Mop? 

What makes the best floor mop for hardwood floors? A lot of different factors that go into making some of your favorite cleaning tools the best in the cleaning closet. You’re looking for something dependable, versatile, and most importantly, something you’ll use! That’s right, what makes the best floor mop for hardwood floors, is the one you’re actually going to use to clean those prized hardwood floors of yours. I’m going to dive into an exhaustive and detailed review of some of the most efficient mops on the market right now! 

Shark Steam Pocket Mop 

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This is a steam mop developed by Shark. Featuring a cleaning and sanitizing cloth attached to a telescoping handle, it’s perfect for giving your hardwood floors more than just the average once-over. Bacteria is a huge reason to get out the mop and bucket, but what if you didn’t have to fuss with the sloppy old mop bucket? This mop made specifically for hardwood floors eliminates the need to break out the old fashioned mop and bucket for a more modern solution. 

Microfiber pads, combined with a steam cleaner naturally sanitize surfaces like hardwood floors while leaving a streak-free shine. If you’re someone who goes out of your way to avoid using chemicals when using mops for hardwood floors this one may certainly be a good fit for your cleaning routine as well. This hardwood floor mop is reasonably priced, somewhat on the lower end when looking at models with similar features. 


  • Chemical-free cleaning 
  • Large microfiber mop heap for good surface coverage


  • Replaceable microfiber heads occasionally need to be purchased. 

O-Ceder Hardwood Floor Mop 

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Featuring a telescopic handle, this mop is a simple yet versatile and reliable hardwood floor cleaner. Ideal for picking up large amounts of dirt, dust, and pet dander its large microfiber head collects a lot of allergens and dust that lurk around your hardwood floors. It’s a solid and simple mop if necessary additional microfiber mop heads can be purchased. 

Offering a large cleaning surface, this floor mop for hardwood floors will tackle a large surface area in little time. Hardwood floor dining rooms, kitchens, entranceways, and living rooms will take much less time than using a traditional mop and bucket. That being said, this is more designed as a dry mop, for collecting dirt, dust, and other allergens and impurities. It can be damped for a deeper clean but is generally unsuitable for mud and really dirty jobs and spills. 


  • Large surface area
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Low price point 


  • Not made for large messes like mud or spills
  • It is made more for dusting and light amounts of dirt or pet hair. 

Mayshine Hardwood Floor Mop 

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This mop features a rectangular cleaning head with interchangeable microfiber mop pads. 360 degrees of motion allow this floor mop for hardwood floors to reach even the toughest spots, around dining room furniture and underneath couches and bed frames. Cutting down on household dust is just about everybody’s new year’s resolution, right? This mop will be a lifesaver, with an additional pack of microfiber pads included switching them out and washing them separately as you go ensures a fresh clean each and every time. 

Four clamps hold the microfiber hardwood floor mop pad in place so it can be handy for more than just the floors! One thing I absolutely love about this one is that the pad stays on nice and tight without bunching up while your making passes on the hardwood floor. Fewer adjustments mean less cleaning time.  


  • 360-degree swivel head for easier operation 
  • Chemical-free cleaning 
  • Additional microfiber pads 


  • Requires more than just water for heavier messes 

Microfiber Mop Cleaning System 

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This sturdy little hardwood floor cleaning companion is a great alternative to other microfiber duster in its class. Perfect for everything from dust to pet hair, and everything in between this little green monster will surely do the trick. Although it has a smaller microfiber cleaning head, it still offers excellent soil and dust collection while it glides along. One benefit to this microfiber floor mop is that the cleaning pads it can use are absolutely endless. 

It offers the use of any major microfiber cleaning pads that are universally interchangeable so you can use the brand that best fits your needs, budget or preferences. With fully machine washable pads, this mop is not only green, but it is literally a green alternative to the old mop and bucket solution. 


  • Durable aluminum construction 
  • Great for any hardwood floors 


  • Comparably smaller cleaning surface as compared to others in its class

Magia Home Floor Mop for Hardwood Floors 

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This classy microfiber mop has a couple of additional features as compared to similar models in its class. Ideal for hardwood floors, it uses a microfiber pad that glides along the surface to either clean, wet or dry, hardwood floors to remove dust, dirt and dander. This mop for hardwood floors features all of the usual capabilities of some of the other mops I’ve reviewed, however a few things set it apart. First, a self-wringing system allows you to tackle wet messes on hardwood floors. This has the potential to extend the life of your replaceable microfiber pads substantially! Secondly, it has the ability to stand upright. In other words, it can be folded for narrow storage in cleaning closets. The added benefit to this feature is that unlike other mops, there’s very little chance it will develop mildew. Moisture will escape from the microfiber mop head due to it being tilted vertically along the handle. 


  • Self-wringing mop head
  • 360 degrees of swivel
  • Stands upright  

What is the Best Hardwood Floor Mop? 

Choosing the best mop is no simple task. You need something that can be versatile enough to tackle all of the messes your gorgeous hardwood floors and nonporous surfaces have to offer. Whether it’s the maneuverability or the size of the mop head you’re having to consider for whichever space you’re cleaning, it’s definitely something to think about. Whether or not you’re using water to mop or just a microfiber pad for collecting dirt and dander is another possible consideration. 

After looking at a good selection of available hardwood floor mops I’d have to say that the Shark steam pocket mop best suited my needs. I’m someone who wants to have the option to steam my hardwood floors, as I’m averse to using cleaning chemicals, but dry mopping just doesn’t give the same kind of clean. The mop moves easily around my furniture and offers a large tank for steaming and sanitizing my floors in the process. As an added bonus, the Shark steam pocket mop comes in at a relatively low to mid-price range, making it the perfect addition to my cleaning closet. 

Thank you so much for checking out my review of the best floor mops for hardwood floors! Have you had the chance to use any of these models of mops? If so, let us know! 

Find the best mop for your hardwood floors!
Find the best mop for your hardwood floors!


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