The Best Mop for Washing Walls

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I have 5 kids so washing the walls isn’t just regulated to spring and fall cleaning. With sticky fingers that just can’t resist touching every surface wall washing has become part of my regular cleaning. Whether you have to wash them once a week like me, or are only doing clean a couple times a year, having the best mop for washing walls in your cleaning toolbox is a must. 

The Best Mop for Washing Walls

My mop gets quite a workout. Since I’m short, it means I can reach high up places that I would otherwise need a chair to do by hand. It also means I can give my walls a quick once over while washing my floors which keeps my whole house looking cleaner. 

When looking for a mop that washes walls, it’s important to find something that will still work at different angles. You also need it to be light enough to lift easily and maneuver well on a vertical surface. 

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Why should you wash your walls with a mop?

Mops have a lot of wall washing benefits. First of all, they can help you reach places that you couldn’t while washing by hand. Second, they can shorten the time you spend cleaning. And finally, washing the walls with a mop will give you a more even clean where you’re less likely to miss spots while cleaning. 

You’ll also hurt yourself less cleaning with a mop than scrubbing by hand. This is especially important if you have back problems or pains in the wrist. You also can avoid climbing on chairs or step ladders to reach high places which is especially dangerous if you’re pregnant or have mobility issues. 

What type of cleaning solution should you use on walls?

You can just use whatever household cleaner you’d normally use. Some of my favourites are all purpose cleaner or vinegar. If you’re not sure, mix your mop water and test a small inconspicuous area of paint by scrubbing with a cloth. If the paint is ok after you let it dry then your cleaning solution is probably safe on your paint. 

Although they’re handy to get certain things off walls (kids’ drawings being one of them), heavy duty cleaners like Magic Erasers might take the paint off your walls. Use this type of cleaning option with extreme caution. Make sure you wipe the cleaning residue off after.

Tips for washing walls with a mop

  • Cover furniture and electronics just in case water drips or there’s dust/dirt that falls
  • Dust the walls before washing
  • Work from the bottom up, then clean up drips after
  • Overlap where you’ve cleaned to prevent streaking
  • Either wet the pad lightly or use a spray bottle directly on the walls before washing

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

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I’m a big fan of this mop as both an all around cleaning solution and great option for washing walls. It’s lightweight and easy to move around, plus it has a refillable cleaning solution tank that sprays out when you squeeze the handle. Perfect if you make your own homemade cleaners or prefer more natural brands. 


  • Easy to use
  • No need for a seperate mop bucket
  • Microfiber cloths can go in the washing machine


  • Spray mops break easily
  • Pads could be thicker
  • Not a very wide cleaning area

Sponge Mop and Bucket Set

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If you prefer something that’s a little more basic and bare bones, this cleaning set is perfect. I love that it comes with a mop bucket that’s compact but perfectly fits the mop. The sponge is not only absorbent for your regular mopping, it also glides easily when cleaning walls. Since it’s lightweight it’s easy for most people to lift and maneuver. 


  • Easy to use
  • Self wringing
  • Comes with extra foam pads


  • Mop bucket can be tricky to use (mop needs to be aligned properly)
  • Not very big
  • Sponges are not machine washable

GeeRo Professional Microfiber Mop 

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This mop is great because of the wide mopping head. You’ll be able to get your walls cleaned in no time! It comes with a reusable and machine washable pad and works as a wet or dry mop. The adjustable length is perfect for getting even hard to reach places clean!

I also love the telescopic mop head, it maneuvers easily around fixtures and any awkward angles that might be on your walls. The only downside is that there’s no spray feature so you’ll have to wet the pad yourself or spray down the wall before cleaning.


  • Cleans a large surface area
  • Adjustable length is perfect for high or low wall cleaning
  • Can be used as a dry mop  if walls just need a dusting
  • You can use your choice of cleaning solution


  • You have to wet it yourself
  • Although the larger cleaning area is nice, it also makes it harder to maneuver vertically
  • Cleaning pad is thin

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

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This spin mop has a unique design that makes it easy to clean in small places. It would be perfect to get up on the corners of your walls. Definitely a strong contender for the best mop for washing walls. I especially love how the wringer works; you use the foot pedal to activate the wringer which does a great job of removing excess water. There’s nothing worse than having water dripping down your walls when you wash them!


  • Gets into tight corners and cleans easily around fixtures
  • Splash guard makes it mostly mess free
  • Doesn’t leave streaks while cleaning


  • Have to carry a bucket from room to room
  • Handle is a bit short so it’s still hard to reach high parts of the wall or use on the floor if you’re tall

MEXERRIS Microfiber Floor Mop

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I like that this mop has a nice thick pad that wraps around so you don’t have to worry about the sides of the mop scratching your paint. The telescoping handle makes it easy to maneuver vertically. Really, the only downside is that you have to get this mop wet before using it which is a pain.


  • Thick microfiber pad is machine washable and the mop comes with spares
  • Can be used as wet or dry mop
  • Washable pads are easy to keep clean


  • You have to get the mop head wet and can’t wring it easily
  • Not good for scrubbing
  • Mop pads don’t stay on well

What is the best mop for washing walls?

It’s pretty tough to choose a winner in this category. Most of these mops will get the cleaning job done in no time, but what’s the best mop for washing walls? 

Personally, I like the GeeRo Professional Microfiber Mop. It stood out from the others because of the large surface area of the mop, meaning that cleaning goes a lot faster. Plus the super long handle is perfect for getting it into all those hard to reach areas. 

Although I’m not a big fan of having to wet the microfiber pad (I use a spray bottle), I do like that that it’s super lightweight and I don’t need to haul a bucket from room to room as I clean. For dusting it also works dry, which is handy when you want to do a quick in between clean. It also works well for cleaning ceiling fans and high vents.

Even better, you can just toss the pads in the washing machine between uses. They might be on the thinner side but since the walls don’t usually need heavy scrubbing I think it’s fine. 

I like that you can use it as a dry mop first and dust your walls, then wet it to get them washed more thoroughly. If you have a lot of surface area to clean, this mop is a great choice for washing walls. 

A few other considerations when choosing a mop for washing walls

Most of us don’t have a dedicated wall washing mop. If you’re hoping to find something more versatile than a larger mop might not be your best bet. For that reason, the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is a solid runner up. 

It’s super convenient to have the cleaning solution built right in and I love that you can use whatever product you prefer. If you go with that option, definitely pick up one of the scouring pads for removing stuck on dirt.

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Regardless of which mop for washing walls you think is best all of these options will get the job done. 


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