The Best Spinning Mop

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Finding the right mop can feel a lot like a chore. The temptation to run out the nearest store and but the cheapest one on the rack is there. But what good will that do you in the end? Just another broken mop, and streaky floors abound. Believe it or not, there are non-robotic, and non steam mops that can get the job done quicker! How? They utilize a spinning mechanism to clean your floors in half the time, while giving them twice the shine! These are great for all types of hard surfaces around your home! To help find one that suits your lifestyle, we’re going to delve into some reviews to find out which is the best spinning mop! 

Do Spinning Mops Really Work? 

These mops work by reducing your cleaning time spent straining and wringing out mops over and over again. Usually using a foot pedal, a mechanism in the mop bucket connects to the mop head automatically, and spins to allow for quicker wringing. This is incredibly helpful in your pursuit for cleaner, and more streak-free floors! I don’t know about you, but I find that mops falter when I end up putting too much pressure on them and the bucket when wringing them out. 

You end up jamming the mop fibers into the wringing cage over and over again. To the point where the plastic mop handle, head or bucket decides to crack or warp. On top of that, it doesn’t really even do a good job of getting your floors clean in the first place! Most standard mops leave streaks, and sometimes even a little bit of what you mopped up to begin with behind. This is due to a number of reasons, but without a commercial mop bucket, most of us can’t wring it out all the way.

Why Should You Buy a Spinning Mop? 

Spinning mops provide several key advantages to traditional mop and buckets when it comes to keeping your floors clean. It gives you a more streak-free clean! By wringing out your mop properly in the bucket, you’re ensuring a slightly dryer clean. These mops usually utilize microfibers as well, which makes for a better and more consistent ‘mopping’ each time. By wringing out the mop sufficiently, you won’t have to fret about any water being left behind. Traditional mops soak up a bunch of water in their fibers. Afterwards, you squeeze out as much as you can by pushing downwards on the mop handle. More often than not, you can’t actually squeeze out every last drop of excess liquid. As a result, you’re left with ‘streaks’ of sitting water left across the floor when you clean. Or worse yet, puddles of water. These are incredibly difficult to lift from the floor with an already wet mop, so you’re fresh out of luck! 

Spinning Mops are Cleaner 

Leave the mop head soaking in the old mop bucket water just a little too long? Hello musky, gross odour! This is the unfortunate side effect of the traditional mop and bucket system. More often than not you’re left with a stinking pale of dark water. The worst part is, there seems to be not amount of cleaner or bleach that will get the smell out of your mop head. I couldn’t trust that my mop wasn’t holding on to more than what I had just cleaned up. With much more cleaner and trustworthy methods out there, I was eager to try something new. The first thing you’ll notice about a spinning mop is that it doesn’t hold onto much liquid with each soaking of the mop head. This means two things: 

You don’t have to worry about the mop head holding onto dirty water in between cleans. And that you won’t be transferring dirty water back onto your now clean floors! They’re the perfect solution for a more hygienic clean, even if you still prefer to use a manual mop. That being said, we’ll jump into some reviews so we can break down the good, and the bad to find the best spinning mop around! 

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop 

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Now, I’ve personally got a soft-spot for O-Cedar cleaning products. They’ve held up phenomenally well for me in commercial settings. Even up against industrial cleaning implements, they just seem to last longer, and get the job done a little easier. Their spin mop is no exception to their quality line of cleaning supplies. 

This is a spinning mop that is both affordable, and sturdy. It has a few quirks that might make it the best spinning mop for you! It has a very simple operation, with a foot-pedal operated wringing mechanism, and 360 degree spinning mop head. It isn’t finicky, and feels very sturdy when in use. The mop head itself is made from a microfiber pad. These fibers provide a really neat feature while you’re cleaning. 

If you want a more natural, chemical-free clean the O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop is your best bet! With just water, these can trap up to 99.99% bacteria, thanks to the microfiber construction. If you’re not fond of using any cleaners at all, this is a great way to help keep your home healthy and fresh! You’ll also enjoy the mop bucket’s built in splash guard, which prevents water from spraying while spinning the mop head. Speaking of, the mop head’s microfiber pads are easily removable, and machine washable. 


  • Durable mop 
  • Microfiber for antibacterial cleaning 


  • Triangular shaped pads might not be for everyone

Mopnado Spin Mop system 

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This brand markets itself as a ‘premium spin mop’, but does it really stand up as the best spinning mop? Well, it’s certainly the best one for tackling heavy messes with lots of dirt! This spin mop does a great job at breaking though heavier messes where you need to count on something that can handle lots of soils. This mop has a couple of neat little quirks to it that lend itself well to taking care of larger messes. One of the first things you’ll notice is something that a couple of mops on our list feature! 

There’s this little dispenser bottle that you can store your soap or cleaner in! They lock right into the mop bucket, so you can dispense cleaner straight into the bucket without having to store it separately, or splash it everywhere! The first step to tackling hard, stuck on grime and dirt is definitely going to be a good cleaner! 

Next is what they’re referring to as a mop head agitator. Basically, it’s something that’s molded into the bottom of the bucket itself. It’s designed to specially remove dirt and grime so that it stays in the mop bucket, and off of your floors! The other factors that make this mop ideal for heavy messes is an added scrub brush, as well as a totally stainless steel construction. The mop, and the spinning bucket are made from stainless steel. This means they won’t retain odours, and they’ll hold up to the most brutal cleaning jobs you’ve got! A scrubber brush can be replaced on the end of the mop head for cutting through mud, dirt and deep cleaning jobs. With other features like a retractable pull handle, and large durable wheels. This mop has a long list of things that make it a strong spinning mop for your home. 


  • Strong stainless steel components 
  • Added features for cleaning heavy messes 

Uniel Spin Mop and Bucket 

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This spinning mops touts its ease of use! It comes with an extra pack of pads, and is very easy to move from room to room! For an easy to use and lightweight spinning mop system, you could do a lot worse than this mop. With this model you’ll also get a stainless steel bucket that goes a long way to help keep the mop head, and bucket fresher. You won’t have to deal with stuck-on residue, or dirt scum when you’re mopping the floors the next time around. 

It features a handle that folds along the rim of the bucket. This couldn’t be easier to move, it’s light and features 4 wheels. That way, when it’s full of hot water, you don’t have to worry about it tipping over at all! Shouldn’t a mop bucket, of all things, be easier to clean? This model does exactly that, staying cleaner longer in between mopping with a bottom valve that allows for easy draining. Say goodbye to splashing mop water by tipping the bucket into the sink, with an easy open drainage that puts this spinning mop high on my list! It has a nice shape, so it fits into the cleaning cupboard well, too! 


  • Easy to keep clean 
  • Durable 


  • Smaller than average mophead 

Simpli-Magic Spin Mop 

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If there’s one thing this mop does well, it’s decreasing the amount of time you spend cleaning, and scrubbing! The worst part of mopping, (ask anybody, seriously!) is sopping up streaks and puddles of water over, and over again until it’s something close to dry. The Simpli-Magic mop steps in to alleviate some of that sorrow. How so? This mop head absorbs up to 7x its weight in water, drying your floor easily and evenley. Effortless cleaning with an easy-to-use spinning mop system, isn’t that what it’s all about? That’s not the only thing that makes this low price spinning mop a dream to use. 

The magic of this spin mops is its simplicity in design. The shape of the mop bucket lends really well to this effect, too! It features a round design for the mop to soak, and spin with ease! This means you get a quicker and better wringing, so you can avoid puddles or streaking while you’re cleaning up. As an added bonus, it includes 4 bonus microfiber mop heads, so you won’t even have to think about refills for a good while! This lightweight bucket has all of the trimmings you’d expect. A built–in detergent bottle, drainage valve and folding handle make it a great addition to your cleaning supplies! 


  • Highly absorbent 
  • Efficient design 

Out of all of these, the Simpli-Magic mop outperforms the rest! While the O-Cedar is a close second for the best spinning mop, you can’t beat the features of this thing! With 4 reusable pad replacements, the manufacturer only recommends changing once a year. So, 5 years of quick and effective mopping for a low price tag? Count me in! That’s not all, it has the fewest moving parts, as well as a completely stainless steel mop handle construction. Durable, long-lasting and affordable. This is easily the best spinning mop system out there! What are you using for a floor cleaning solution now? Any one of these mops can help you upgrade your cleaning routine, especially if you want to keep things ‘analog’! Thanks for stopping by! 


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