The Longest Lasting Tea Towels for Your Kitchen

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Coming in all shapes, sizes, colors and varieties, tea towels are an everyday fact of life for many! It might seem like old rag, but it’s about time we talked about those tea towels of yours. Yes! The one hanging off the oven, and the one crumpled on the counter. If they look anything like mine, you’re in dire straits. Burn marks, stains, stretched out linens, rips, tears, you name it! It really is time to reassess your linens. Let’s face this together, in search of the longest lasting tea towels for your kitchen!

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The Longest Lasting Tea Towels for Your Kitchen Reviewed

Don’t reach for a tattered old rag, find your new favorite set of kitchen towels here! I’ve taken the time to meticulously review this fine selection of kitchen towels, linen, and absorbent cloth solutions for your kitchen! It’s all about which towel is going to serve you best. What’s the best kitchen towel? The one you use. That’s right! What it comes down to, is that you need to find something you like and be sure it’s really something you’re going to want to use.

What’s the Tea Towel for my Kitchen?

Tea towels, kitchen towels, whatever you want to call them! These things are all over the place. Firstly, they’re an ecologically friendly way to sop up liquids and dry your hands in the kitchen. Paper towels came around a long while ago, and they’ve been costing us trees, time and money ever since! Did you know that just about all used paper towels find their way to the landfill, too? If that wasn’t bad enough, they’re killer on your budget. One of the easiest ways to save money in the kitchen is to invest in some kitchen towels, and ditch wasteful paper towels for a greener alternative!

When you’re looking at kitchen towels. Consider what exactly it is that you need. Do you deal with messes quite frequently? Are you trying to add an accent piece to your kitchen? Or, do you need a lot of dish rags. We’ve all been there, but if you’re going to sopp up a lot of liquid you might as well go the eco-friendly route. Here’s my reviews of the best kitchen towels!

Kitchen Towel 24 Pack

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These kitchen towels combine the best of style and practicality! They come in a large quantity pack, in a lovely white, black and gray color scheme. The neutrality of these towels are a great way to break up the monotony of your kitchen without clashing too bad. These are a cotton hand towel for the kitchen, small enough to clean up messes in and around your dish washing area! They come in a 24 pack, so you can go a little while before doing the laundry. 

Cotton Terry Kitchen Towels

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Terry cloth is way up there for me in terms of absorption, and drying effectiveness. I’m not really sure how to put it… You know when you try to dry a pan but it seems like it’s taking years. Usually it’s because you’re using the wrong types of rags for the job! While traditional linen can sometimes feel about as absorbent as a piece of old plastic, terry cloth is a game changer! They’re free from getting too matted and stiff in the washing machine, and dry dishes like there’s no tomorrow! 

Microfiber Dish Cloths

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Microfiber on the other hand, is a totally different ball game! These guys are also quite neutral. There’s almost no kitchen in the world these grey cloths wouldn’t find a home in. With netting on one side so you can grip them easily, these microfiber cloths will be a nice easy friend to your glass cooktop. Seriously, avoid those unsightly streaks on your glass range witht these microfiber cloths. Are these the best kitchen towel? No. But for kitchen and home cleaning they’re absolutely indispensable! 

Premium Kitchen Towels

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These towels are much larger than the ones we’ve already reviewed. Taking into consideration their 16” by 28” size, they’re really nothing to laugh at! These towels are ideal for drying lots of pans, cookie sheets and pots! These usually come out of the dishwasher or sink absolutely dripping, meaning you’ll need something big. That being said, that isn’t the only benefit to these towels. They’re neutral in tone, and their design pattern is well suited to helping you wipe up any pool of water your sink wants to throw at you. 

Kitchen Flower Sack Dish Towels

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These kitchen towels are ‘flour sack’ style. In other words, they look a bit wrinkly. Now, that’s not entirely fair to say. More accurately it’s a rustic look. When all is said and done, though, we’re talking about which is ‘the best’ kitchen towel. These certainly come in close. They’re made in a bleached white look, and probably wouldn’t have much of an issue fitting into your kitchen decor! (Yes, that is important). They come in a set of twelve, making them super practical, and plentiful!

PiccoCasa Cotton Kitchen Towels

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These dishcloths are everything! Their colors, coming in pink, blue and grey make them a top contender for me! (Pro tip: Get your kitchen some color, it deserves it). You’re making a tradeoff with these rags. These are definitely more in the vein of a ‘tea towel’. That is to say, they’re not quite as absorbent as a terry cloth or a chunky cotton kitchen towel. You know what I mean, right? That being said, if style is more important to you than performance, go for it!

Kitchen Bar Mop Towels

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If you want to keep it simple, (and who dosen’t?) These bar towels are for you. Quite simply, they’re literally the same towels you’ve probably seen bartender after bartender have slung over their shoulder. There’s a good reason for that. They’re spectacular for sopping up wet messes. If you’ve got kids in your place, you know a thing or two about spilled drinks! They’re made completely from cotton, and boast no added colors or synthetic materials. They’re incredibly absorbent, but you’re sacrificing any sense of style to add to your kitchen. I mean these things are bare bones.

Sticky Toffee Cotton Terry Kitchen Dishcloth 

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Standard fare, these dish towels aren’t anything to write home about. But, is any dish rag worth that? In all seriousness, you’ve got a decent set of towels here. The only downside is, they come in a lower quantity than most of these other products. The terry cotton construction makes these incredibly absorbent and stylish dish rags are a great way to keep your counters dry, and wallet full. They’re a good value for what you get in quality, but miss out on in quantity.

What is the Longest Lasting Tea Towel for Your Kitchen?

Simply put, it’s the Kitchen Bar Mop Towels. Stunning conclusion maybe, but they are truly the most practical and useful dish rags I’ve reviewed. You don’t have to fret about getting oil, wine or ketchup on them since they can bleach right clean. They come in a large quantity pack, and they fit with just about any style! These mop towels are my ideal solution for keeping the kitchen clean and functional.

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