How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom in Under an Hour

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How to Deep Clean your Bathroom

Deep cleaning your bathroom may be one of the biggest tasks on your spring cleaning to-do list. But it’s also one of the most important. If you’re dreading heading into the bathroom to give it a deep clean, don’t worry! With these simple tips you’ll be able to deep clean your bathroom in under an hour!

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Prepare Yourself

The first thing you should do before you even start cleaning is to get prepared. Cleaning your bathroom will take twice as long if you constantly have to quit cleaning to search for the cleaning solution or tool you need for your next task. To prepare for cleaning your bathroom, start by gathering all the supplies you’ll need, including:

After gathering all your supplies, get the bathroom ready to be cleaned by removing everything from the countertops and shelving. Then, take down window treatments, towels, and the shower curtain and remove the rugs from the floor. Place items that can be washed in the washing machine and start a wash cycle. Then, fill your kitchen sink with warm, soapy water and place your countertop items, like toothbrush holders, in the sink to soak.

Start Soaking

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Now that the bathroom is clear of extra clutter, it’s time to start soaking those tough-to-clean spots. Spray bathroom cleaner all over your bathtub and/or shower. Then, squirt toilet cleaner inside the toilet bowl.

Clear the Dust

While the cleaning solution is soaking, dust the entire room starting at the top and working your way down. After clearing the ceiling and corners of the room, take the time to wipe down upper shelves, window and door frames, and light fixtures. Then, clean the inside of the window sills and tracks, along with window blinds. Finish by wiping the walls and baseboards.

Clean the Glass

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Next, grab your glass cleaner and spray the windows and mirrors. Wipe the cleaner away with a dry paper towel.

Move on to the Sink

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In addition to cleaning the outside of your bathroom sink, it’s also a good idea to flush your drain as you’re deep cleaning. To clear your drain, sprinkle baking soda over the drain, the slowly pour vinegar over the baking soda. Allow the mixture to soak into the drain as you clean, then flush the drain with hot water.

While the vinegar mixture is soaking, spray the sink and countertops with cleaning solution. Wipe the solution from the counters and sinks, paying special attention to the faucet, faucet handles, and all nooks and crannies surrounding the sink.

Clean the Shower

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Now that your cleaner has had plenty of time to soak in your shower and bathtub, it’s time to scrub it clean. Wipe the shower walls and door to remove soap scum, then grab your scrub brush to scrub the tub and shower floor. Spray additional cleaner, as needed, until all the soap scum and mildew are removed. Finish by rinsing the shower with water to remove any remaining cleaning solution and use a squeegee to clear the water from the area and prevent water spots from forming.

Scrub the Toilet

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After cleaning the shower, it’s time to tackle the worst part of deep cleaning your bathroom – the toilet. Since you’ve had toilet cleaning solution soaking in the bowl, it should be simple to scrub away stains and residue with your toilet brush. After scrubbing the bowl, flush the toilet to rinse the cleaning solution away.

Then, spray the exterior of the toilet with bathroom cleaner and wipe down the toilet base, tank, and handle with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Next, use your cleaning cloth to clean the wall behind the toilet and the floor surrounding the base of the toilet.

Mop the Floor

Mop the floor with this floor mop for cleaning the bathroom

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You’re in the home stretch now! The last step to deep cleaning your bathroom fast is to clean the floor. Start by using a broom or vacuum to clean dust and debris from the floor, including the space behind the toilet and around the edges of the room. After the floor is clean, mix a floor cleaning solution in your bucket and use the mop to scrub the floor clean. Allow the floor to air dry or dry with a clean cloth.

Put Everything Back in Place

Now that your bathroom is nice and clean, it’s time to put the room back in order. If you have a few spare minutes, take the time to sort through your bathroom cabinets and throw away expired makeup and beauty products. Organize the cabinets and wipe the shelves.

Then, head back to the laundry room to place your linens in the dryer. As they’re drying, wash the countertop items in the kitchen sink, dry them, and place them back on the counter. Replace all the towels with clean ones, rehang your clean shower curtain and window treatments, and place the clean bathmats back on the floor.

How to Deep Clean your Bathroom
How to Deep Clean your Bathroom


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