How to Organize Your Kid’s Craft Supplies

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If your kids love making crafts, chances are you have a ton of craft supplies laying around. And keeping all those supplies organized can be a difficult task if you don’t have a good system in place. While taking the time to sort and organize your kids craft supplies may seem like a big job, you’ll be so happy you did it once it’s done. On top of helping you get a grip on craft supply clutter, organizing your kids craft supplies will make crafting so much easier! So if you’re ready to take control of the craft supplies, keep reading to learn how to organize your kid’s craft supplies.

The Best Way to Organize Your Kid’s Craft Supplies

Sort and Declutter

The first step to tackling the task of organizing your kid’s craft supplies is to declutter and sort through all the supplies you have. Go through your house and gather up all the kid’s craft supplies from the different places you currently store them. Place them all in a common area, like the dining room table.

After gathering up all your supplies, grab a trash bag and sort through everything. There are three things you can do with your kid’s craft supplies:

  • Throw away all the supplies that are broken, dried up, torn, or otherwise unusable
  • Donate good craft supplies that you don’t plan on using to your kid’s school or church
  • Keep craft supplies that your kids will use or that you need for a specific project

When you’re finished sorting through all the craft supplies, remove the ones you plan to throw away or donate. Then, take the time to sort through the supplies you plan to keep. Create different piles according to the types of craft supplies you have on hand. You could sort your supplies into the following categories:

Store Everything in the Same Place

To make things as simple as possible for your kids, it’s a good idea to store all your kid’s craft supplies in one central location. You can store your craft supplies in a set of stackable drawers, a rolling cart, or on a small bookshelf. Place the storage container in the room where your kids craft to ensure they can easily access the supplies and place the supplies back in their designated location after they’re finished crafting.

Make it Easy

The best way to make sure your kids keep their craft supplies organized after you sort them is to make storage and organizing as easy as possible. These simple craft supply storage solutions will make it easy for your kids to keep the organizational system in place:

  • Removable organizers make it easy for your kids to remove the supplies they need without disrupting the organizational system. Small baskets or bins with lids are perfect for storing supplies that are used often, like pencils, markers, glue, and scissors.
  • Portable baskets are great for crafting on the go. If your kids don’t craft in a specific room, consider sorting the supplies into portable baskets according to different craft types.
  • Carts are another great movable option. Creating a crafting cart is great for kids who like to move their crafting sessions throughout the house. Sort your craft supplies on a rolling cart so your kids can take their art projects to different rooms.

Keep it Simple

Keeping the number and types of supplies you have on hand to a minimum is almost as important keeping your organizational system simple. In addition to reducing the amount of clutter you have at home, reducing the number of craft supplies on hand will also help your kids improve their creative thinking skills by forcing them to come up with creative ways to use what you already have.

Before purchasing new craft supplies for your collection, think about where you’ll keep the supplies and what they’ll be used for. To ensure you’re not adding to your family’s craft supply collection, only buy new supplies when your kids run out of the ones they already have.

Label Each Box

Labels are so important when it comes to organizing your kids’ stuff. Adding a label to each storage bin and box is the best way to make sure kids keep their craft supplies organized when you’re finished sorting and decluttering. With labels, your kids can easily see exactly what is supposed to go inside each container. That means they’ll be able to find the supplies they need for each project. And they’ll be more likely to put those supplies back in the right place when they’re finished with their craft.

If you need some labels for your kid’s craft supplies, look no further! My printable craft supply labels are the best way to ensure your kid’s craft supplies stay organized for good. To use my printable labels, just print them out on sticker paper and attach them to your bins and baskets. Or print them on plain white paper and use packing tape to stick them to the front or top of each container.


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