Tips for How to Get Perfectly Clean Floors

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Tips for How to Get Perfectly Clean Floors

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing process. And, depending on if you have fur babies, human babies, spouses, or a lot of foot traffic coming and going into your home, your floors are bound to get dirty. There’s nothing worse than having a dirty home and dirty floors are the worst. If you’re struggling to keep your floors clean, follow the following tips so that you can have perfectly clean floors.

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Want Perfectly Clean Floors? Here’s The Prep Work

It would nice if you could tackle cleaning your floors without prep work, sadly, that’s not the case. Before you can get down and dirty it’s important that you move any chairs, tables, or pieces of furniture that will obstruct your ability to clean your floors. 

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Typically, I just place everything in another room so that it’s completely out of the way. Then, I repeat the process depending on how many areas I plan on cleaning that day. 

I quickly gather all of the cleaning items that I plan on using and at the same time I look around to see where there may be spots, spills and other areas that will need a deeper clean. 

Have the Right Tools

The tools that you use to clean your floor will depend on the type of material your floor is made out of. For example, you want to avoid scratching a wooden floor or accidentally creating grooves in the floor because you used the wrong type of vacuum or mop. If you want to know how to get perfectly clean floors, start with using the right tools for the job.

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  • Dust your floors first with a dry mop such as the Mr. Siga mop that can be used on surfaces ranging from wood to tile and everything in between.
  • Pick the right cleaners-Below are four very different cleaners for very different people.
    • Fabuloso-Many households are obsessed with Fabuloso because of the way that it cleans and because of how good it smells. 
    • Pine Sol-This tried and true classic is what many of our moms cleaned with when we were little. Pine Sol cleans deeply and has a smell that’s a mix between lemons and pine trees.
    • Mrs. Meyers-For those of you who prefer a more organic product Mrs. Meyers may be the product for you.
    • Dr. Bronner’s is another natural cleaning product that makes your home sparkle.

A quick note of caution, when deciding on what products you would like to clean with don’t forget to consider what may be harmful to your pets or family members.  Once you’ve gathered all of your must have tools, it’s time to start cleaning. 

Do a Quick Walk Around

Check your floor for random items that might need to be scraped up before you begun dry dusting your floor. For example, if candle wax has dripped on the floor and hardened, that needs to be removed before you begin working on your floor. 

Has oil collected on the floor near your stove? Wipe the area with a paper towel or regular towel to soak up the oil. Sprinkle a little baking soda or cornstarch over it so that the oil is soaked up as much as possible before spot mopping the area.

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Dry Dust the Floor

Want to figure out how to get perfectly clean floors? Dusting is key. Begin cleaning your floor by dry dusting. Have a clean old sock on hand so that you can clean any difficult to reach corners. You can also wipe down your floorboards at the same time that you’re dry dusting your floors.

If you have a bad back you may want to consider using a Roomba, the self-propelling vacuum that seems to know just where to seek out and suck up all of the dust, hair, and fur that has found its way onto your once clean floors. 

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It may be a good idea to sweep the floors twice just to make sure that you’ve swept up everything that you possibly can before wet mopping your floor.

Wet Mop The Floor 

Now it’s time to get to work. Turn on your favorite music and get mopping. The biggest concern that most people have after mopping your floor is avoiding streaks all over your floor.  Ideally, if you use the correct cleaner for your floor, you should be able to avoid streaking as your floor dries. 

Cleaning Grout

If you have a tile floor like many people, it’s important to pay special attention to cleaning the grout in-between each tile. Depending on how dirty it is you may need to add an additional cleaning step prior to wet moping the tile.

  • Spraying your cleaning solution on the grout so that you can break up any imbedded dirt on the tile.
  • Scrubbing the tile after it has soaked for a few minutes in order to remove the dirt.

Double-check the cleaning instructions for the type of tile that you have so that you can avoid accidentally scratching it. The cleaning instructions will cover the type tools you should use, the best cleaning products, and how to avoid damaging your floor. 

How Often Should You Mop?

The answer to this question entirely depends on you. If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, you may want to clean your floor a lot more frequently. Or, if you just can’t stand the thought of having dirty floors for too long, you could spot clean daily and save the big clean for the end of the week.

Create a Schedule

Once you’ve figured out your floor cleaning process, create a schedule every couple of weeks. The key to figuring out how to get perfectly clean floors is routine, and that all starts with you. You’ll enjoy having a clean and beautiful floor all year around. 

Cleaning Under Heavy Furniture and Appliances

For some people this is a once a month adventure, for others it’s weekly. Your ability to do this consistently and well depends on how easily you can move your furniture around. Don’t throw your back out so that you can clean under the sofa or fridge. 

It’s recommended that you try to clean under heavier appliances once a year. Enlist some help before moving anything that’s too heavy. There you have it, your floor is now sparkling and clean until the end of the week. 

Tips for How to Get Perfectly Clean Floors
Tips for How to Get Perfectly Clean Floors


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