The Best Robot Mop For Your Home

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Imagine having a handy little companion that zooms around your kitchen, bathroom and living room mopping your floors for you without having to lift a finger! It might sound like something out of The Jetsons but robot mops are a lot more commonplace than you might think! 

The Best Robot Mop 

The Best Robot Mop for Your Floors

With the meteoric rise of household cleaning tools like the Roomba over the past decade or so, robot mops went into production rather quickly and to nobody’s surprise. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t terribly expensive either. They fit into that mid-range luxury appliance space where, if you can afford it, you might as well treat yourself to its ease-of-use and convenience.  

We’re going to review some of the robot mops available on the market today so you can make an informed decision about which little robotic companion will occupy your floors and make your life just a little easier, and a little cleaner. 

Why get a Robot Mop? 

Many people, including myself, are increasingly concerned about dust levels and the overall air quality of our homes. Dander produced and brought in by pets, stirred up by boots and shoes and flooding in through our windows can be mitigated by an array of different devices and solutions. One easy way to tackle household dust, not to mention sticky and unsightly floors is with the use of a robot mop! 

Robot mops map out your floor space and use sensors to round corners and navigate furniture without making collisions with your toes or vintage decorative crocks (don’t judge me, okay?) They’re the ultimate convenience device, automatically dispatching themselves on a schedule, or by command to scrub your floors on a regular basis. Sound intriguing? Let’s crack into some robot mop reviews! 

iRobot Braava Jet M6 

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This little number is a top of the line automated robot mop that has quite a few features to boot. Available in both a black and white finish, it’s a little cleaning buddy you won’t want to live without as soon as it makes its place in your cleaning pantry. It uses either dry sweeping pads for picking up dirt and dander, or a wet cleaning pad to provide a mopping feature. A hard floor cleaning solution specially designed for this unit is also available. 

iRobot provides a trusted brand name to back these robot mops, they’ve kind of grown to become the ‘Dyson’ in their field, so to speak. App-activated, and Alexa compatible this robot mop is a great all-around reliable and feature-rich way to keep your floors clean. 


  • ‘Keep out Zones’ features allows for blocking off areas you don’t want the robot mop to traverse. 
  • Rooms can be cleaned individually on demand through Alexa, as well as other handy voice activated features 
  • Ideal for larger spaces as well as multiple rooms on a floor 


  • High-end price tag that may be intimidating, especially if this is your first automated cleaning robot. 
  • Performance varies when using non-proprietary cleaning solutions, this includes sub-par cleaning as well as the potential for streaks and unsatisfactory jobs. 
  • Small thresholds are impassable (i.e. transition pieces between rooms). 

Roborock E25 

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This robot mop is the first unit we’ll feature with dual-purpose floor mopping and vacuum capabilities. It uses suction and oscillating brushes to ‘sweep’ floors while using a mopping pad for cleaning. This robot mop is capable of either vacuuming or mopping, or completing both tasks at once as it follows an automatically generated map across your room’s floor.  

It’s app enabled, so you can monitor its progress while also issuing commands such as spot-cleaning and movement direction. Scheduling cleanings is also possible using the app, so you can enjoy clean floors without the hassle of having to remember to activate the robot mop. You can pick up this Roborock robot mop for a mid-range price of only a few hundred dollars. 


  • Capable of climbing thresholds and carpets to completely clean a room from start to finish. 
  • Uses gyroscopes and sensor navigation to automatically clean the floor of a home in its entirety. 
  • Vacuums and mops at the same time. 


  • Somewhat loud during operation. 
  • Pattern can sometimes create streaking/tire marks when mopping. 
  • Less capable for more high-soil mopping jobs. 

iLife V5s Pro 

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This robot mop is a good choice for those looking for enhanced mopping capability. With a wide variety of cleaning modes, this robot mop is able to spot clean,a s well as handle wet messes most of us would reach for a traditional mop and bucket for. A relatively lower price range makes this robot mop a slightly easier investment to commit to, with the potential for cutting your cleaning time in half and getting both sweeping and mopping functionality all in one. 

The on board sensors prevent this unit from tumbling down landings for stairways, while it’s traction control allow it to traverse up to 15 degrees difference in height. Climbing over carpets and thresholds are not a problem for this robot mop. There are however some downsides, for one, the water tank needs to be removed each and every time the unit is charged. Secondly, the dust box and filter need to be replaced regularly, and in some cases after every use. In other words, lower cost, higher maintenance.


  • Larger water tank and scrubbing abilities for tackling wet and muddy jobs. 
  • Additional sweeping functionality. 
  • Accurate floor mapping and object-avoidance for the price range. (It won’t fling itself down the stairs, or wedge itself under ottomans). 


  • Relatively higher regular maintenance and upkeep. 
  • Sometimes does not negotiate spaces, or ‘map’ floors very accurately. 
  • Somewhat of a pain to empty each and every time.  

Robospin XPRIT MSD 

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Less of a ‘set it and forget it’ this value model is great for those looking to test the waters, so to speak. Purley a mopping robot, this automated cleaning buddy is a small but reliable solution. It more or less tackles one room at a time, with 100 minutes of battery life, it completes a room with a preset pattern of your choice based on the task at hand. 

This robot mop would be the perfect choice for those looking for something to tackle a mudroom or entrance way on occasion, without the need to map an entire house floor. Using two oscillating mopping pads, this robot mop can tackle a variety of surfaces fairly easily. 

Used just for it’s mopping functionality, it excels. Besides its ability to automatically scrub an area with its reusable microfiber pads, you’re also able to pick it up and manually spot clean! This makes it a perfect, lower price range intermediate between a manual and automatic mopping solution! 


  • Two dedicated mopping pads and a water reservoir 
  • Remote-controlled for simplified use 
  • Multiple cleaning modes 


  • Less useful for larger-scale cleaning jobs as opposed to single rooms 
  • Non-programmable 
  • Must be charged manually with a wall plug 


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Last but not least, the DEEBOT by ECOVACS offers another solution for shared vacuuming and mopping capability. This robot mop takes a slightly different approach, with an interchangeable water tank or dust bin, you’re able to manually switch between either functionality. As well as a few other robot mops mentioned in my reviews, the ECOVACS also features a proprietary mobile phone app as well as Amazon Alexa compatibility. 

That means you can control the robot mop by issuing verbal commands to your smart home speaker, in this case the Amazon Alexa. This device learns the best path around your room by means of navigating the first several times. With app-controlled cleaning settings, it will learn room by room as it mops and or vacuums an area. 

DIfferent cleaning modes allow you to go over a certain area for spot cleaning, or scheduling cleaning for regular mopping or sweeping depending on how you have the robot mop configured. 


  • Threshold climbing traction. 
  • Sweeping and mopping capability. 
  • Multiple control (app, smart home). 


  • Interchangeable cleaning modes require you to manually change pieces 
  • App integration can prove to be unapproachable to some 

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What is the Best Robot Mop? 

While you’ll find most standard features on these robot mops to be similar, what you won’t find is a similar price point. They vary in the hundreds of dollars, with more recognizable brand names weighing in with heftier price tags, and lower range models going down in price. So that begs the question, what is the best robot mop? 

Looking at overall performance and range of features, I found the Roborock E25 to provide the best bang for your buck. It’s ability to navigate reliably around rooms and tackle thresholds, its smart home compatibility and reasonable price point make it a real top contender out of the bunch. It’s a lot of technology for a decent price, and for this type of investment you’ll really want to take the time to consider your options. 

Thanks for checking out our robot mop reviews! Hopefully I’ve been able to give you some perspective on some of the robot mops that are available on the market right now. Are there any other brands or models of robot mops that you would like to recommend? Let me know! 

The Best Robot Mop for Your Floors


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