The Best Countertop Ice Maker to Buy

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Find The Best Countertop Ice Maker!

Ice is a kitchen dilemma for many. Let’s face it, either you shell out for an expensive ice-making fridge or buy it from the store. The latter is a real handful, either it melts, or it turns into an ice block in your freezer. Thankfully, ice makers have come a long way over the years! Now, you can enjoy the convenience of fresh, cold ice on your countertop exactly when you need it. Countertop ice makers are a great gift, not to mention a really easy way to make sure everyone has a cold rock at your next party! If you’re looking for the best countertop ice maker, you’re in luck! I’ve reviewed a few countertop ice makers to find the perfect drink chiller out there! 

Why Do You Need a Portable Ice Maker?

Well really, if you like a few ice cubes in your favorite drinks then of course you do. What you’re looking at is the savings and convenience that comes with an appliance like this. Not only that, a countertop ice maker is a great way to have good ice cubes quickly. You’re not limited to the size that comes in those bags at the grocery store, or the freezer trays which are of course a massive hassle. (ever spilled one? Then you’ll know why). 

At the end of the day, a countertop ice maker gives you the freedom to make as much or as little ice as you need and exactly when you need it. Lots of ice in very little time is something will go a long way for you if ice is a big part of your life in the kitchen. Whether used for recipes, fancy cocktails, your favorite drinks, keeping the cooler warm or your never-ending pursuit to drink more water, the countertop ice maker can go a very long way for you like a kitchen appliance investment.  

IKICH Portable Icemaker 

ikich portable icemaker review

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This feature-rich ice maker brings the convenience of this chilling appliance to the next level! Faster ice cube making and longer-lasting refrigeration make this unit a great option if you’re looking for a top of the line ice maker for your kitchen. Stylewise, most countertop ice makers have a very familiar shape, usually a small box-like appliance than sits comfortably on your countertop.

Different settings allow you to make crushed ice or small cubes that will stay cool for a perfect evening of drinks. This unit claims to be energy efficient, and it even features a low noise operation. This is crucial, as these countertop ice makers operate overnight and anything louder than a fridge would probably drive you crazy. The standard viewing window most units have to allow you to see when the basket is full in the blink of an eye. 


  • 9 pieces of ice every 6 minutes 
  • 26lbs of capacity 
  • Low-noise operation 


  • Not the prettiest icemaker on the market 
  • Mid to high range price tag 

Vremi Ice Maker

vremi best countertop ice maker

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This standard ice maker is a great way to keep good on your resolution to drink more water! Having a portable countertop ice maker is just the right trick to incentivize yourself into staying hydrated! Like other units, the standard features are all there. It makes a full basket of ice in about 24 hours, with consistent sized cubes and everything you’d expect. This model is certainly more of a plug-and-play type of icemaker, producing consistent quality without having to put much thought into it. We’re only trying to make ice cubes, after all. 

Just a few buttons and some water and you’re on your way. The ice maker will automatically stop when the basket is full, so you don’t have to set your schedule around it. This model is relatively larger, but also features a removable basket for the freezer or cooler, as well as an ice scoop. I would easily suggest this model for entertaining. 


  • Removable basket and scoop 
  • Over 20lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours 
  • Mid-range price 


  • Unappealing design that’s best left for the pantry or cabinet. 
  • Comparably taller than other models 

Opal Nugget Ice Maker 

opal nugget ice maker review

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This small ice maker has style and the functionality to back it up! If you’re looking for a flashy little barmate to really upgrade your kitchen cocktails don’t look much further than this countertop ice maker. Definitely a contender, it has simple operation and produces ice cubes perfect for slushed drinks. If cocktails and alcoholic drinks are what you’re going to be using your ice maker for you’ll be in luck. Lush cocktails and Instagram worthy drinks are in your future! 

Bluetooth equipped, this little thing is as smart as it is stylish. Scheduled ice-making can be controlled via a cell phone app. 3lbs of ice in a half an hour is one aspect I absolutely love about this countertop ice maker. These ice cubes aren’t just good for cocktails, but for those of us trying to stay hydrated. Small ice cubes cool water very quickly, and dissolve for easy and enjoyable drinking, especially on a warm day. 


  • Nugget ice cubes perfect for a variety of drinks 
  • Small profile 
  • Efficient and very stylish 


  • Low bucket capacity of only 3lbs 
  • More suitable for entertaining small groups 

HomeLabs Ice Maker 

homelabs icemaker review

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Standard design and not particularly efficient. This little ice maker is a great choice if you’re just looking for a mid-range unit. It doesn’t win any style points either, though. One factor you’ve got to consider when looking at these countertop ice makers is whether or not you’re looking at style. Most everyone has some style sense in their kitchen nowadays, and whether or not this dark grey plastic look is going to fit the look is a big deal to some. 

I know for me it stands out like a sore thumb, and that’s one factor that brings this unit down in these reviews for me. On the upside, it does feature a removable basket with a scoop. This is great because it eliminates the need for an ice bucket, saving you a little more space. One additional feature that makes this countertop ice maker shine is a reservoir located underneath the basket. Essentially this is a system that takes melted water that flows off of the ice cubes and automatically recycles it into new ice cubes. 


  • Decent sized unit with an average capacity 
  • Melted water reuse system 


  • Unappealing dark grey color 
  • Few special features 

Euphony Ice Maker 

euphony counter top icemaker works great

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At first glance, this high-tech looking piece of ice-making technology looks like a real contender for the best countertop ice maker. You’re not wrong, because it definitely is. The control panel features a host of easy to use but helpful indicators. Keeping your ice machine stocked and well supplied with water is a must, something that you can keep up on seamlessly with this unit. A viewing window, standard with most units allows you to see the 24 ice cubes per dispensing bucket. Over the course of 24 hours, this beauty can produce as many as 40lbs of ice cubes, the most out of any on our list.   

Those ice cubes, by the way, are large square cubes many of us prefer for use in drinks. Want your favorite drink on the rocks? This countertop ice maker has you covered! 24 cubes per cycle is a great rate, if your household has lots of ice loving residents, consider this model! One other factor that’s worth mentioning with this model is style. It comes in strong with a classy and elegant stainless steel finish all around, so it will easily match most people’s kitchen setups. 


  • Stylish design 
  • High ice cube capacity 
  • Lots of features and indicators 
  • Selectable ice cube size 


  • Relatively larger unit 

What is the Best Countertop Ice Maker? 

For my money, the Euphony countertop ice maker is the most efficient and practical solution to my dilemma. (That being, no ice!) In the style department, this ice cube maker scores really high, and an all-around top-to-bottom stainless steel finish and a decent looking design make this the first countertop ice maker I’ve ever seen that isn’t all that hard to look at. (It might even fit in alright with the rest of my kitchen appliances!) 

The capacity of this ice maker is another winning feature. 24 cubes every cycle, as well as a total of 40lbs of ice cube production over 24 hours, means I’ll never have to worry about running out of ice cubes for as long as the party goes on! Square cubes are the best shape for my dollar as they’re the ones I get the most use out of. 

A lot of what goes into the best countertop ice maker is what matters to you. That being said, I found the Euphony to be the best in class. Have you ever owned a countertop ice maker? If so, what features or aspects of a countertop maker were the most important to you?

Find The Best Countertop Ice Maker!
Find The Best Countertop Ice Maker!


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