The Best Pan For Paella

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Find the best pan for cooking paella!

If you’re anywhere near as into cooking as I am, then you’ve probably thought to yourself, what is the best pan for paella? That might seem like a strange thought to many, but exploring different culinary pastime is one of the many joys of cooking. Much like other hobbies, or passions cooking carries with it a love for the tools, and having the right tools is absolutely essential. 

If paella is a dish enjoyed by your family already then you might know a thing or two about the uniques two-handled pans that make this famous Spanish dish so good. For those of you that don’t, taking one step into the world of perfecting your own personalized paella recipe is one you won’t soon regret! Let’s find out just what really is the best pan for paella!

Finding the Best Pan For You

Kitting out your kitchen with the latest and greatest gadgets and cookware is definitely what’s in right now. Taking that into consideration, there’s a lot to be said for having the right basic tools for the job, so to speak. You wouldn’t use a wok for just anything, and I’m sure there are at least a few things you wouldn’t let grace your prized cast iron pan either. Paella is one dish that certainly deserves, and commands its own pan for the authentic result that makes it famous. Achieving an evenly cooked paella is not a simple task, but definitely one made easier by using a specialized paella pan!

What To Look For in a Paella Pan 

There’s a lot that goes into a good paella pan, especially figuring out which factors work best for you! The size of the pan determines how much paella you can put on the table at once, so make sure nobody gets cut out! Once you start experimenting with your recipes in this new pan, you’ll have a lineup of hungry housemates ready to taste some incredible paella! The material of the pan is important as well. Traditionalists swear by carbon steel, a less treated cousin to stainless steel that requires careful care similar to that of a cast iron pan, (i.e scraping clean and oil when stored). Carbon steel will help give that traditional flavor if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Garcima Carbon Steel Paella Pan 

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Delivering consistent results, and having a pan versatile enough to cook your Paella just how you like it is vital to achieving the perfect taste. This pan by Garcima is a great way to get started making your own paella. The more purpose you can get out of a kitchen tool, the better! This pan is versatile enough to be used on charcoal and gas grills, as well as stovetop burners. Cooking your paella, whether it be the old fashioned way over a flame, or on an electric stove is made possible by this pan’s construction.

Two coated handles make this pan the familiar style it’s known for. Easy to carry, and with a high level of capacity for lots of ingredients is what makes this paella pan a great contender. Not only that, but it features dimples throughout the bottom part of the pan allowing for the paella to cook properly without sticking to the pan. 


  • Solid pan made from coveted carbon steel 
  • Available in several sizes 
  • Versatile cooking styles 


  • Stainless steel handles may not provide added heat protection 
  • More utility, less style. 

YICHA Non-Stick Paella Pan

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This pan promises large servings and a nonstick paella cooking experience. Step up your cooking game with this large and practical pan. A nonstick coating over several layers of metal provides for a somewhat easier time cooking paella, especially if you’re a newcomer to the dish. Perfecting your recipe will take time, and knowing it won’t all end up in a sticky mess at the bottom of your pan is definitely reassuring.

What the manufacturer calls “three-ply stainless steel” to allow the coated bottom to their pan essentially means you can use it over a wide variety of heat sources. This is great because it allows you to expand your cooking preferences and environment to suit whatever recipes, or cooking space you’re dealing with. Overall this is a great pan for making Paella, however, it is on the heavier side which needs to be taken into consideration. 


  • 16’ diameter cooking surface 
  • Serves 6 relatively easily 
  • Non-stick cooking surface 


  • Without proper care and handling, the non-stick coating can emit unwanted odors and tastes.  
  • Handles are not heat-proof 
  • Heavier and more difficult to maneuver

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Paella Pan 

Some say keep it simple, and that’s exactly what this paella pan is all about. Offering a plain, basic approach to cooking tools this pan is not only a rustic workhorse but potentially a great touch to your kitchen’s style. Whoever said kitchenware couldn’t add to the look, right? 

Straight out of a movie, this is abuela’s paella pan just like you remember. Featuring 15 inches of cooking space, and the type of ruggedness cooking pans used to have, this is one workhorse of a cooking tool. If you want to make a truly authentic paella, purists will say that carbon steel is a must. Made completely of carbon steel, this simple yet elegant pan is simple to use but difficult to master. Pre-seasoned and ready to go, this pan requires little more than cleaning with a metal brush, and storing with cooking oil. 


  • Authentic cooking method 
  • Raised handles to help keep heat away 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Looks good in the kitchen  


  • Few if any, some may require a larger cooking space
  • Carbon steel can be unforgiving if not used properly 

Mabel Home Paella Pan 

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With a whopping 23.65” large cooking space, this monster paella pan is made for the entertainers out there! For larger parties (25 servings) this behemoth pan comes with its own stand and heat element. Gas-powered, it’s a backyard paella machine! The whole point of this dish is to bring people, ingredients and good times together, something this pan excels at. 

The heating element consists of three rings underneath the pan on the stand that provide their own flame control dials, much like a grill. This allows you to cook the paella at exactly the right temperature, where you need it most! The pan is completely enameled steel, providing reliable and strong construction at a lightweight. 


  • Controllable heat distribution 
  • All-in-one paella cooking 


  • Enamel is not everyone’s first choice although it is very sturdy 

Sertodo Copper Paella Pan 

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Coming in at 12” of cooking space, this all copper paella pan is definitely one to consider. It features a tin interior coating that provides a natural non-stick surface combined with the heat regulation and retention of copper for great performance on the stovetop! If you’re looking for a pan that has the style and grace to make your dish just the way you want it, this might just be it! 

The best Paella pans are not only utilitarian cooking tools but also attractive and symbolic pieces of kitchenware. It has a deep distinctive shape, a hammered texture and a copper finish. In other words, it would look great on just about any kitchen table! 


  • Best of both worlds, utility, and style 
  • Great cooking material 


  • Requires some upkeep 

Which is the Pan?

When looking at style, usability, and kitchen practicality the pan I loved the most had to be the Sertodo paella pan. It’s 12” wide, which is more than enough for just a few guests and has the style to be a mainstay on my pan rack for quite some time. It transfers heat well, thanks to this pan’s hot-tinned interior it cooks paella to perfection with natural non-stick properties. I wouldn’t look much further for a better all-around paella pan, this pan has most of what you need as long as you don’t need too much food capacity. Things like how many servings you’ll need, how you’re cooking your paella (and what ingredients!) will be very important factors in deciding which pan is right for you!

Thanks for checking out our best paella pan reviews! All of these pans have something that makes them stand out, but I knew the style was a big deal for me going into these reviews. Have you ever had the chance to use these or any other paella pans? If so, let us know what your thoughts are, what makes a ‘best paella pan’ for you? Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Find the best pan for cooking paella!
Find the best pan for cooking paella!


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