Delicious Paella Recipes You’ll Want to Devour This Weekend

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Looking for a variety of different paella recipes? This roundup of delicious paella recipes is a great start for an easy Sunday dish. Want to find an easy to make, one-pan recipe you’re absolutely going to devour? Paella is just that. It’s the ultimate combination of a one-pan dish, and a comfort food all wrapped together in some perfectly pan seared goodness.

Spanish Cuisine 101: Delicious Paella Recipes

Bringing together all of the delicious flavors paella has to offer is easy enough. And, it gives you the flexibility to incorporate some of your favorite ingredients so you can really get creative. This dish hails from Spain, where fresh shrimp and chorizo are a popular variety. Arguably the origin for this aromatic and satisfying dish, there are still many different takes on this Iberian classic.

What is in Paella?

If you are unfamiliar with paella, paella recipes typically include a mixture of rice, chicken or seafood, and other flavorful ingredients and spices. Paella originates from Spain and is usually served for Sunday lunch. It has taken the world by storm because paella recipes are so delicious.

Using a large shallow pan isn’t necessary but it is traditionally how it is made and is extremely helpful since it contains so many different goodies. Ready for some delicious Paella recipes? These tasty Sunday lunch dishes are sure to be a hit.

Delicious Paella Recipes You'll Want to Devour This Weekend

Classic Inspired Paella

Vegan, Vegetarian & Diet Conscious Paella 

What’s your favorite type of Paella? Do you have a family recipe, or did you get a chance to try one of the delicious recipes above? Let us know down below how it turned out. And, don’t forget to share it with your fellow amateur chefs!


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