Best Countertop Dishwasher

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No space? No problem! There is no longer any need to take up that big chunk of your time and energy catching up on dirty dishes. Place your dishwasher on the countertop, put it to work and, either leave it there or put it away when you’re done. Aside from space, you also save water and power without sacrificing results! Here’s what you need to know, to make it happen.

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IMPORTANT:  Check Your Water Source

A countertop dishwasher will occupy your sink while it goes about its work. For draining, all you have to do is aim the corresponding hose towards the sink’s own drain. For water intake however, your spout needs to be threaded, so the hose can be hooked to it. Here’s an example.

If your spout has a sprayer, you might be able to remove it, but you should check with the manufacturer before doing so, or you might risk permanent damage.

Choosing The Right One: Key Points To Consider


This is directly related to space. The average countertop dishwasher will be comparable in volume to a conventional microwave oven, but there can be differences in size between models. Knowing your usual load of dishes will help you choose the unit that better suits your needs.


If you want it to last, you should focus on a unit with stainless steel interior. Plastic will be cheaper, but with a shorter life.

Variety of Cycles

Or how discerning your dishwasher can be. Depending on the type of loads you deal with everyday, you might want a machine with a glass dedicated cycle, one to get your baby bottles clean, heavy if you bake often, and so on.

Dry Cycle

For maximum convenience, you might want your dishes to come out of the machine dry and ready for use. If that is the case, then checking if your preferred model has this feature should be a must.

Water Heater

Units with this feature will be better at heating up the water, which helps clean the dishes better. This feature will usually be present in dishwashers that rely less on water pressure and more on electricity. If your power bill can take a small extra hit, then you might want to choose a unit with this feature.

Noise level

Contrary to a conventional built-in appliance, a countertop dishwasher will not have cabinets around it to mitigate the sound it makes when working. As some units may run fairly loud, you might want to pay attention to their noise level (dB) when shopping around.


This is especially important if the drain is somewhere at higher level than the dishwasher: you don’t want the dirty water to get stuck in the hose, or even stream back into the machine.

Energy & Water Efficiency

All countertop dishwashers will save you power and water, but some will be better at it than the others. If your aim is saving as much as possible, this is a factor worth paying attention to.

Other Functions

Concerned about power consumption? Then energy saving functions should do the trick. Do you want to let the machine work, say, at night? Delayed start is how to do it, and you might find that the longer it can be delayed, the better.

Adjustable racks are important if you want to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. And how would you like a dishwasher that dispenses detergent and rinse aid automatically? These and other perks can be present (or absent) depending on the model, which will also have an effect on the asking price.

Now you know what makes the difference. You have a better idea of what sort of dishwasher you are looking for. It’s time to check out some good candidates for that spot on the counter by the sink!

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Dishwashers Worth Taking Home

hOmeLabs HME010033N

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This one is a fairly complete package. 6 place settings provide a reasonable degree of versatility when loading up, and its 6 cycles include energy saving, special for glassware, and rinse cycle. Operating it involves only a few buttons. Should you need to, you can delay the start of the cycle between 2 and 8 hours in 2-hour increments. Detergent and rinse aid are dispensed automatically.

It may not be a ‘smart’ appliance, but it is still made for straightforward communication. The front panel will light up to let you know when the washing is done, or if there is a problem with the water. The cycle currently selected is also indicated by light.  Its noise level comes at 55 dB, which shouldn’t be too disturbing. Interior is stainless steel.


  • User friendly.
  • Quiet.
  • Durable interior.


  • Cycle delay is somewhat limited.
  • Adapter might not be compatible with certain faucets.
  • Price might be a bit too high depending on budget.

EdgeStar DWP62SV

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This is quite a looker, and it comes in 3 different colors, although its price may vary wildly between one color and another. The built-in water heater can bring temperature all the way to 149°F, which helps against germs and bacteria.

Controls are at the front, split in 2 areas: at the top left corner are the on/off switch and the indicator lights for when the washing is done and when rinse aid needs refilling. The right corner features the buttons to delay start of cycle, choose program and start or pause the cycle, with the status displayed in the middle. Beneath this row are the symbols to indicate which of the 7 available programs is currently running. Cycle start can be delayed for up to 24 hours, at 1-hour intervals.

6 place settings, with capacity to house plates of up to 10.5 inches in diameter. Unit consumes 2.85 gallons on a normal cycle, and sound level comes at 52 dB.


  • Comes in more than one color.
  • Very efficient in terms of water and energy.
  • Easy to use.
  • One of the quietest appliances of its type.


  • Certain parts can break after a short period.
  • Included faucet adapter might turn out to be incompatible.

Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher, White

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With noise ranking at 52 dB, you might not easily find a quieter unit. The wash cycles run the usual range, including normal, intensive, economy and more. Its quick connect feature is designed to fit most faucets, with each cycle consuming about 3.1 gallons of water, or 11.7 liters. Cycle start can be delayed in 2-hour increments, for a maximum of 8 hours.

Unit’s status is shown on the LED display, which is also where the appliance is controlled through 3 buttons plus one more to turn the unit on and off. Should there be a problem with the water supply, and indicator will light up.

In terms of price it should be a decently accessible investment. Interior is stainless steel, which makes it easier to clean and helps with durability.


  • Generally hailed as a hardworking appliance with reliable performance.
  • Rather easy to operate.


  • Hooking it up to the water supply can be a bit difficult and leaks may occur.
  • Pump is not solidly built.
  • Fairly standard in terms of features.

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA

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This one leans more towards the expensive side of the price range, but it might very well be worth it if you prefer maximum portability: as the unit has a built-in 5-liter tank, it doesn’t need to take up your sink, which means you can put it to work wherever you please.

Its cycles number 5 instead of the more usual 6, and include some uncommon ones, such as a dedicated cycle to wash hard surface fruit and one tailored to wash baby wares, which adds steam. Includes an Air Refresh Function, activated by default, to help eliminate odors and improve drying.

The front panel comes with a button for every cycle, the Refresh Air feature and to turn the unit on and off, and the display in the middle changes to show relevant information such as any status, time remaining, temperature or error codes.


  • Truly portable thanks to its water tank, which makes it suitable even for campers or RVs.


  • You will have to purchase an adapter if you want to hook it up to the faucet, as it doesn’t include one.
  • Cycle selection might feel limited.


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This is not exactly among the cheapest in its category, but it comes with certain features that are not commonly seen. Its cycles come to a total of 7, including one set to run for 90 minutes. A buzzer alerts the user when the cycle has run its course. Will it make the best counter top dishwasher for your kitchen?

Its 6 place settings can fit plates up to 10 inches in diameter. Interior is stainless steel, with removable utensil  basket. Rinse aid is dispensed automatically, with an indicator for when refilling is needed.

The controls are electronic touch, with LED display in the middle to show status and any error codes. The unit is operated with 4 buttons, and pressing a specific combination will engage the Child Lock feature.

Noise level is 60 dB. Energy Star Certified.


Compact, with decent capacity.

Features not often seen among similar machines.

Power saving.


  • Noisier than other appliances of its type.

The One That Stands Out: EdgeStar DWP62SV

One of the defining features of the best countertop dishwasher is saving you water and power, and this unit excels at that without sacrificing functionality. Operating it and knowing what is doing is pretty easy, thanks to its display and button arrangement.

You get every program you could expect to need, including one dedicated to baby bottles; and its cycle delay range is one of the widest available, up to a full 24 hours. The built-in heater will get the water piping hot, for better results. By price and functionality, you might find it to be a pretty good deal. And as if that weren’t enough, it’s a fairly easy in the eyes appliance that you can get in more than one color!


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