Best Dehydrator for Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are a delicious addition to all kinds of foods, but they’re notorious for not lasting very long. While they don’t always fare well in the freezer, mushrooms are excellent dehydrated. You can then use them in all kinds of recipes, rehydrate them into soups and stews, and safely store mushrooms for a lot longer. By choosing the best dehydrator for mushrooms you’ll make persevering mushrooms that much easier.

The Best Dehydrator for Mushrooms

Mushrooms dehydrate a lot like most foods, so almost any home food dehydrator will work for mushrooms too. If you buy fresh mushrooms at the grocery store, it might be hard to figure out why you’d want to dehydrate them. But there’s plenty of reasons to dehydrate mushrooms beyond food preservation.

First of all, dried mushrooms are perfect for adding to soups and stews. They keep a different texture than a fresh mushroom. You can also make dehydrated mushroom snacks as a healthy way to enjoy something crunchy!

Great for wasting less and foragers

While food preservation isn’t everything, it’s one of the main reasons someone might want to dehydrate mushrooms. If you find your grocery store mushrooms go bad before you eat them, a food dehydrator can save you money and reduce waste. Especially with more expensive mushroom varieties.

A lot of people forage their own wild mushrooms, too. How else do you keep all those morels fresh and ready to use all winter long? 

How to store and rehydrate mushrooms

Once you dehydrate your mushrooms, let them cool. Then store them in a clean glass contained until you’re ready to use them. Store in a cool, dark, dry area.

To rehydrate, boil water and pour over your mushrooms in a bowl. Then soak them for 20 to 30 minutes until they’re tender. Once they’re rehydrated, use your mushrooms the same way you’d prepare fresh ones.

You can also use the rehydration water in soups as a flavourful stock.

What else can you do with a dehydrator?

If you pick up the best dehydrator for mushrooms it definitely won’t be just for mushrooms. Food dehydrators work for all kinds of foods including fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, spices, and even some dairy. Once you get one, you’ll probably be obsessed with dehydrating all your foods!

I also like dehydrator over freezing or canning because you don’t have to worry about storage space or whether or not things have sealed. Just dehydrate, cool, and store! Dehydrating retains a lot of the original flavour, too.

The Best Dehydrator for Mushrooms

But, right now we’re talking about storing mushrooms. Here’s some great options (in a variety of price points) to help you choose the best one for your home and family.

Aroma Housewares Professional 6 Tray Food Dehydrator

Aroma housewares countertop mushroom dehydrator

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This food dehydrator has 6 trays, which means you definitely can get a lot of mushrooms dried out at once. Since the trays are separated, you could also dehydrate different things at the same time, which is especially nice if you want to preserve items that will go bad soon from the fridge.

Either way, this machine is a decent size while also not taking up too much space in your home and kitchen. The trays are also height adjustable so you can dehydrate larger mushrooms too.


  • Spacious; does a lot at once
  • Can dehydrate different types of food at once
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • No timer or auto shut off
  • Not reliable for heavy use
  • Doesn’t get as hot as advertised

Best for: Someone who wants to dehydrate different things at once, but still wants a budget friendly solution

Ninja Foodi 9-in-1

Ninja foodie multicooker dehydrator kitchen appliance all in one

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This isn’t a dedicated food dehydrator, but rather a 9 in 1 cooking machine. If you’re occasionally dehydrating mushrooms, and want something that does double duty, then the Ninja Foodi is great for that. 

As a dehydrator, you won’t have as much space as other brands. So this is best for someone who just wants to do a bit of mushroom processing, and who can also use all the other features of the Ninji Foodi. Maybe make some mushroom soup?


  • Does more than just dehydrate
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Popular brand so there’s lots of tutorials online


  • Small for a dehydrator
  • You have to purchase a rack that’s sold separately
  • Bad choice if you don’t want the other features or do a lot of dehydrating

Best for: Someone who wants a multi functional cooker that also dehydrates

Tribest Sedona Express

Sedona Expresso glass door food dehydrator

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This is an amazing, professional quality food dehydrator and comes with a price point to match. That being said, someone who uses their dehydrator all the time for mushrooms is going to appreciate the investment they make in something like this.

With super accurate settings and plenty of drying options, everything can be optimized. I also love that it has a glass front door so you can keep an eye on your mushrooms while they cook. With 10 trays, you’ll be able to get all your dehydrating done in one shot.


  • Lots of dehydration options for optimal quality
  • Maintains safe temperatures
  • Really high quality
  • Extra large capacity


  • Since it’s large it also takes up a lot of space in your home
  • High end comes with higher price tag
  • Might be an overkill for occasional use

Best for: Someone who wants an appliance that will last a long time, but also has high precision and quality

NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Snackmaster pro food dehydrator for mushrooms

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This small dehydrator is a perfect countertop option for drying out and preserving your mushrooms. Made up of several stacked layers, you can actually fit a fair bit inside this machine. Plus it stores well when not in use, which is perfect for small spaces.

Even though it doesn’t look like much, this is actually a great dehydrator. The air flow moves across each section, and it does a good job of maintaining temperature. Smaller tray width is a downside, but not really a problem for mushrooms.


  • Compact, space saving design
  • Fits on your countertop
  • Great quality dehydrator, especially in this price point


  • You can’t see your food as it dehydrates
  • No automatic shut off timer
  • Not very big unless you buy extra trays

Best for: A space saving option for someone who dehydrates food in smaller quantities

Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator

Brod & Taylor huge counterop dehydrator for drying foods in bulk

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One of the biggest downsides to larger food dehydrators is that they take up so much space. This SAHARA dehydrator eliminates that problem almost entirely with its ingenious folding design. You’ll get over 11 square feet of drying area for your mushrooms and the 700 watt motor will be more than enough to keep up.

Unfortunately, the shelves are stored separately so it doesn’t save quite as much space as you’d think. But still, something that compresses to ⅓ of its size and preserves your mushrooms is well worth it to pick up. 


  • Folds to take up less space when not in use
  • Adjustable timer and temperature control
  • Sturdy and good quality
  • Easy to open and fold up


  • Racks are stored separately in an included bag
  • Knobs are small and hard to grip

Best for: Someone who wants a great quality dehydrator that also doesn’t take up too much space

COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator Machine

Cosori premium food dehydrator for mushrooms

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This entry level dehydrator blends having a more high end machine with a more approachable size and price tag. Small enough to fit on your countertop, this machine can dehydrate anything from fruit to jerky, and, yes, mushrooms too. 

It also comes with extra sheets and recipes so you’re ready to get started right out of the box. Unlike a lot of dehydrators in this price range, it also has a timer.


  • Mid level machine that still fits on the counter
  • Can dehydrate 6 racks of mushrooms (or assorted food) at once
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • Window to see your food


  • Only comes with one fruit tray
  • Not a high capacity option
  • Heats up the house

Best for: The occasional user who wants a simple, versatile machine

So what is the best dehydrator for mushrooms?

All of the dehydrators will do a great job preserving your mushrooms, but I definitely have a stand out favourite. If you can fit it into your budget the Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator is an amazing choice for all your dehydrating needs, including mushrooms.

First of all, I love the large space this dehydrator offers. If you’re processing a lot of mushrooms at once it makes things go a lot easier. You can also fit mushrooms of different sizes and varies, and place each type on its own rack. It even has an air filter so nothing can get sucked into the filter and mixed with your food!

Not everyone has the space to keep a large dehydrator in their room, and I absolutely love the way this one folds up when not in use. That way you can do all your fall food processing, then store it for the winter. 

Dehydrators are great for many reasons

You don’t just have to use your dehydrator for mushrooms, either. First of all, you can dehydrate almost anything. Secondly, though, it can also be used for keeping foods warm, or even for making yogurt. 

If this dehydrator is out of your price range, though, then the NESCO is sincerely an amazing runner up. Even though it’s small, you get a huge amount of bang for your buck when it comes to quality. If you’re only looking for the best occasional dehydrator for mushrooms, definitely consider it as an option.


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