Best Electric Griddle Reviewed

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Crepes. Pancakes. French Toast. Bacon. Even sandwiches! Ideal for cooking breakfast and other foods, an electric griddle adds portability to its roster of benefits. Want to cook right at the dinner table? Plug it in and flip away! Are you ready to discover the best griddle for your home? Then, let’s get to it!

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This is the Best Electric Griddle for All Occasions!

Basic Detachable

They are among the cheapest options available, and generally perform quite well for their price. They’re roomy too, their cooking surface can be large enough to fit around 8 pancakes comfortably. They are called detachable because they usually feature handles that can be removed, which greatly simplifies cleaning them.

Often, the cooking surface will eventually bend towards the middle if the appliance is put to work constantly. This sort of griddle, therefore, is better suited for casual, infrequent use.

Reversible With Glass Lid

Flipping the plate to one side or the other allows the appliance to work as either a griddle or a grill. The glass lid makes the cooking more efficient by holding the heat inside.

Dual Plate Reversible

Priced neither too high nor too low, it provides decent value for the investment it requires. Cooking surface features two plates, both reversible, and frequently with separate temperature controls. This way, you can grill and griddle, or fry and slow cook, at the same time, which enables you to prepare a more varied menu in one round.

The middle in between the two plates is often a channel which collects the grease and safely sends it to the drip tray.

Ceramic Grill

This sort of griddle features a ceramic coating which is often touted to quadruple durability, a claim found to not always be accurate. It is true, however, that this coating does not chip or scratch quite so easily; it is also naturally free of toxic chemicals.

Ultra Large

This one is pricey, with design to match: your cooking surface will come to a total size of about 21” x 12”, which will heat up and cook evenly across the entire area. Both the plate and the non-stick cover will generally be of better quality than lower-end appliances; the appropriate choice will even come with tilting feature so you have less trouble managing grease flow. If you like to cook on a griddle, or frequently host large gatherings, this is the type for you.

The Defining Features

Your needs and circumstances will vary: here’s what should count at decision time.


Are you cooking for one, maybe two? Is yours a large household? Do you host people often? Not only do you have to take into account how many portions you will be preparing; space on the counter and in storage are also important.


Are you good using Teflon? Do you prefer ceramic? Perhaps you are a fan of cast iron? Every type of surface comes with its own perks, drawbacks and cleaning challenges. There’s also a variety of plates that you might want to pay attention to: your final choice is bound to change depending on whether you’re just cooking eggs, or plan to also do some indoor grilling.

Heat Controls

They can either be simple (Low-Medium-High), or provide actual degree measurements. Your manual will often include temperature tables so you know how to adjust the heat depending on the meal. Even better when they’re removable: it makes cleaning much easier.

Dual Thermostat

This function allows you to set the temperature separately per side, so you can cook two different dishes requiring different temperatures, at the same time.

Drip tray

This one is pretty important if you intend to cook bacon, burgers and other greasy foods. If this is the case, you want to rely on a drip tray so every runoff is safely collected; you’ll be thankful, come cleaning time.

Warming Tray

While not an end-all-be-all, it is still nice to have: you can place your finished food here and keep it at good temperature, while you keep working on the rest of the meal.

Tilt & Drain

This is quite helpful for safely collecting runoff: pulling on the handles or on a lever raises the back legs, which sends the grease downwards and onto the drip tray.

Best Electric Griddle For Pancakes: iSiLER SW-603

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With power output at 1080W, it heats up fast, and cooks evenly thanks to its e-shaped heat pipe. Its 12” cooking surface is optimally sized (and shaped) for pancakes, crepes, pizzas and similar dishes. The temperature dial does not provide detailed levels by degree; rather, it comes with two settings, ‘light’ and ‘dark’. Overheating protection kicks in should temperature rise to potentially unsafe levels.

Coating is standard non-stick. Rubber feet at the bottom keeps the appliance from skidding around.


  • Performs more than adequately thanks to its power output and heat element layout.
  • Easy to operate for its intended task.


  • Capable of cooking only one item at a time; unsuitable for whole meals.
  • Very simplistic temperature control.

Best Non Stick Electric Griddle: Presto 07061-22

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The base is made in heavy cast aluminum, intended to not easily bend. Temperature can go all the way to 400°F, with an additional setting to keep food warm; and its 1500W output allows it to heat up quickly and cook properly. The surface measures about 230 sq in total, which is enough for 8 sandwiches.

Slide out the tray when you’re done for easy disposal of any runoff. For cleaning, handles and temperature control can be removed so the whole unit can be fully immersed in the sink. Manufacturer recommends avoiding dishwasher use, as the detergent can cause discoloration and leave a residue on the surface.


  • Quite functional for its asking price.
  • Designed to make cleaning a simpler task.


  • Requires a lot of space both to use and to store away.
  • PTFE and PFOA are present in non-stick coating.

Best Ceramic Electric Griddle: Oster CKSTGR3007-TECO

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This one will allow you to do a bit more, as the plate can be flipped to be used as a grill. The proprietary DuraCeramic coating is naturally free from chemicals; its non-stick performance is considered appropriate, and it can be quite durable if properly cared for. A fairly respectable 180 sq in should give you enough surface to cook a full meal, with temperature going as high as 450°F.

Drip tray is removable; so are the heat controls. Base, plate and drip tray are all dishwasher safe.


  • Can be run through the dishwasher.
  • Able to griddle and grill as necessary.
  • Temperature threshold higher than average for its category.


  • Slow to heat up.
  • Price is somewhat high.

Best When On A Budget: BLACK+DECKER GD2051B

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By price it should be within easy reach for almost any budget, and there’s no sacrificing features: the 200 sq in surface is enough to cook 8 portions at the same time, and it comes with a warming tray to store your finished food until serving time. Drip tray facilitates secure gathering of any grease runoff.

Temperature control is rather unique in that it reads both in Fahrenheit and Celsius, which might be helpful when following recipes. The thermostat is click & lock: remove it, and the entire unit can now be fully immersed for cleaning. Composition of non-stick coating, while not made public as it is considered proprietary, is PFOA-free per the manufacturer.


  • Affordable and reliable.
  • Temperature control is extra detailed.


  • Non-stick coating is not top notch; instructions still recommend spraying before use.
  • Does not heat up evenly; cold spots are known to happen.

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Burgers, bacon, sandwiches, sausages. What’s on the menu for today?


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