Best Hot Water Tap/Dispenser

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Coffee. Baby bottles. Rinsing off tough stains. Your water needs to be a certain temperature for these and other tasks, not to mention the benefits to your health. True, you can always use a kettle, but let’s face it: the faster you can get it, the better. For boiling water on the spot, whenever you want it, nothing better than a hot water dispenser. Read on to find out some great options to quickly get your water near boiling point, and how better to pick yours. Looking for the the best hot water tap dispenser? So which one makes the best fit for your kitchen?

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The Best Hot Water Tap Dispenser: Types

1. Under The Sink

Think of a regular heater, but small enough to fit under your sink and powered by electricity: that is, in a nutshell, how it works. It features 2 tubes: inlet, which gets connected to the cold water line to take water in for heating; and outlet, which runs up to a dedicated spout to pour the heated water out. The tank itself gets mounted on the cabinet wall, and plugged into the power supply.

Is Your Sink Ready For It?

As mentioned before, your dispenser will be pouring water out of a separate spout. Here are a few situations you might find yourself in, and how they could be handled:

A. If you have a spout for purified water: Replace it with one that can handle hot and cold water. The cold line can go to the filter, while your dispenser takes up the hot water line.

B. If your sink has a sprayer: Remove the sprayer (if possible; always check with manufacturer first), and use that hole to fit the hot water spout.

C. If your sink has a spare unused hole: Punch it out and use it.

If none of these apply, you will likely need a professional to drill a hole into your sink.

When The Sink-Top Spout Is Not Included

A quick search should turn up spouts made by your manufacturer for use with their tanks; some, brand related or not, will be more widely compatible. Aside from it being hot-water capable, as well as any guidelines specific for your tank (such as open vent, hole diameter, etc.), here’s what you can look into as you shop around:

A) Finish

You are likely to find one to suit your tastes. For example, brass will give an old fashioned look; chrome and satin nickel will be more polished and modern. You can also go by color, such as black, almond and more.

B) Style

You can find spouts evoking the look of days gone by, or gooseneck units that make it easier to fill taller kettles. It might depend mostly on the pattern followed by your other fixtures.

C) Release type

It could be a lever, or a simple button. Certain manufacturers have a grip that gets the water running just by turning it a quarter of the way. This will come down mostly to personal preference.

D) Hot & Cold

A spout of this type, will be especially useful if you currently have a water filter. The filter hooks onto the cold side, with the hot side going to your dispenser. If you don’t have a filter, you can always connect the cold water line to the fridge’s chiller.

A Few Good Spouts

To facilitate your search should you require this piece, here is a short list of spouts that can be paired with your standalone tank.

InSinkErator F-GN1100C

Insinkerator hot water tap dispenser

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Built in all-brass, 360° swivel and safety shut-off when lever is released. Requires a hole 1.25” to 1.5”, and the counter should be no thicker than 3”.

Ready Hot RH-F560-BN

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Works with water tanks that require an open vent faucet. Compatible with several brands, but the mamufacturer advises to call their toll-free number first to ensure compatibility.

APEC Water Systems Faucet-HC-RIA-NP

Apec water systems stainless steel faucet hot water dispenser

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1/4 turn ceramic disc valves, 360° swivel. Dispenses water both hot and cold. Available in brushed nickel and chrome finishes.

2. Over The Counter

The simplest solution. They have to be refilled constantly, but they do not need installation and are much more portable. You can have one wherever you need it, regardless of water line layout. If you prefer portability or would rather not have to worry about installation, then this might be your best option.

What To Keep An Eye On

Your situation will vary: maybe you need water for just one, maybe it is for the many. Your available space might be more, or less. Here’s what you need to consider as you search for the best dispenser.

Wattage & Tank Size

This directly affects the dispenser’s output; for under the sink dispensers, this is usually measured in cups. Most commonly you will find them capable of turning out 60 cups per hour, with more potent units going as far as 100 cups per hour.

Countertop dispensers will be more limited, since they have a finite capacity.

Adjustable Thermostat

This feature will be present on almost any unit currently in the market; giving you the liberty to choose just how hot you want your water.


This feature is exclusive to countertop dispensers; looking at the side will let you know when it is time to refill the tank.

Heater Protection

If present, it will automatically shut the unit off should it go empty, so that it will not burn.

Picks For Your Consideration

InSinkErator H-HOT100C-SS

Insinkerator under sink mount hot water dispenser tank

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With a decent potency of 750W, the 2/3 gallon this chrome-finished tank holds can be heated between 160 and 210°F, depending where you set the thermostat. Installation is designed to be straightforward: no special plumbing, tool-free connections and dry-start protection. There are certain requirements, however: the AC power outlet must be unswitched, and the counter cannot be thicker than 2 inches; the hole for the faucet must be between 1.25 and 1.5 inches in diameter.

You can choose your spout in chrome finish, or satin nickel for a slightly more old fashioned look.


  • Spout available in 2 finishes.
  • Easy to install without the need for a professional.
  • Maximum water temperature is higher than with other units.


  • Known to begin malfunctioning after about a year of use.

Zojirushi CD-LFC50

Zojirushi instant hot water dispenser countertop

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This one will let you know when your water is boiling, by way of a musical alarm. Capacity is 169 ounces.

Temperature can be adjusted according to 2 modes: Quick Temp will raise temperature fast without letting the water boil, to either 160, 165, or 195°F; and Keep Warm will maintain the water at any of the three temperatures just mentioned or up to 208°F. The timer function will let the unit run for a limited time only, between 6 and 10 hours; this is in case you want to save energy.

The stripes on the gauge are positioned so they will appear larger when underwater, so checking current water level is much easier. The safety lock can be engaged to prevent accidental dispensing, and the water can be set to drip for brewing coffee.

Cleaning is addressed through the pot’s non-stick interior and the descaling mode. The latter requires citric acid cleaner, sold separately.


  • Improves the taste of the water.
  • Dispensing can be slowed down.
  • Find out water level at a glance.


  • Built-in alarm can be annoying and it cannot be customized.

Ready Hot RH-F-560

Under the sink mount hot water dispenser kitchen

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The whole body (tank, heating element, inlet and outlet tubes) is stainless steel, with 2.5 quart capacity. Set your water temperature between 140 and 200°F, and get 60+ cups flowing per hour.  Even with its 1300-watt power, it is designed to use less electricity than a lightbulb. A red light turns on when the water is heating, with a green light indicating the water is fully heated.

If you buy it with faucet, you can choose between single lever and dual lever, which can run both hot and cold water. Finishes available are brushed nickel and chrome. Should you be intending to purchase only the tank, bear in mind that any faucet you use in conjunction must be open vented, and the sink hole for the faucet should be 1 3/8 inch in diameter.

Option with digital display available.


  • Good variety of tap choices.
  • Energy efficient.


  • Professional installation might be required, even though it comes with directions.

Secura WK63M2

Secura countertop appliance hot water dispenser for tea

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The 4-qt capacity is pretty standard, but the night light isn’t: the blue beam will tell you where to put your cup even in darker situations. Both the exterior and interior are stainless steel.

Water can be kept warm at either 176 or 208°F, or heated all the way to 212°F with the push of a button.

Dispensing mechanism can be locked to prevent accidental operation. Should water come to a low level, a sensor will kick in and shut the appliance off immediately.

You might like to know it arrives in gift quality box, should you be looking for options for the holidays.


  • Easier to operate in the dark.
  • Safety oriented.
  • One-touch reboiling.


  • Water can be maintained at only two temperatures.

Westbrass D271H-12 Velosah

Quick and hot under the sink hot water dispenser

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The included faucet is solid brass, with 4 finishes available; release is lever type, with auto shutoff, with the high  (about 9” in height) arc providing comfortable space when filling up tall cups. Tank capacity is 5/8 gallons, with an output of about 100 cups per hour.

Instructions are readily available and mounting materials are included, ready for single hole (1 3/8”) installation. The manufacturer advises that only silicone seal should be used. A filter can be installed, prior to use, between the water supply and the tank.


  • Faucet is functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.
  • Installation is fairly straightforward.


  • It can randomly develop leaks.
  • Does not have heater protection.

Costway 23417-CYPE

Costway hot water dispenser

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Checking the water level is easy even in the dark, thanks to its night light. At 5 liter capacity it can hold water for the entire family.

Temperature features 5 levels, between 104 (optimal for baby milk) and 208°F. When the water reaches your desired temperature, the unit enters warming status automatically. You can also reboil water by pushing a button.

This one is unique in that it features a manual pump, for operation without electricity. If you have little kids, you can engage the lock to keep them from operating this appliance without proper supervision.


  • It can dispense water without power.
  • 5 temperatures, one of them so low it’s suitable for baby formula.
  • Tank is larger than the average.


  • Faint chemical residue reported; it can cause smell and, sometimes, change the taste of water.

Anaheim AH-1300

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It doesn’t come with a faucet, as it is mainly intended to replace a similar unit that is already installed. The stainless steel tank has a capacity of 5/8 gallon, and 1300 watts will provide an output of up to 100 cups per hour. The thermostat can be set between 140 and 190°F, or turned all the way back to turn it off. The fuse is self resetting, to prevent the unit from operating when empty.


  • Good capacity and power.
  • Generally hailed as providing reliable performance.


  • Suitable mostly as a replacement, as it does not include an installation kit.
  • Requires dedicated power circuit due to the high wattage.

Best Hot Wter : Ready Hot RH-F-560

Ready hot water dispenser under the sink kitchen mount

Its stainless steel construction makes it pretty solid. It’s potent, at 1300-watt power, but it is still so efficient, it uses less electricity than a 40-watt lightbulb.

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The best hot water tap dispenser is one you’ll use everyday! A nice variety of faucets is available for you to choose from, to go with the tank. Two finishes, both in hot only or hot and cold versions. The design of the faucet itself is pretty functional too: the arc will allow you to fill taller vessels with no hassle. At 2.5-qt capacity and 60 cups per hour output, it should serve you and yours quite well. And, for another touch of functionality, you can also get it with digital display, if you so choose.


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