Best iPad Mount for Kitchens

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If you’re here, it means your iPad is your favorite guide when you’re trying a new recipe. Letting it sit on the counter not only exposes it to spills and accidental falls onto the floor; your neck might also protest when you look in that direction while you cook. It is time to give your trusty device its own place in your kitchen, for its safety… and your comfort! These are the best Ipad mounts for kitchens!

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The Best Ipad Mount for Kitchens Reviewed!

We all stand at different heights. Our devices vary in size. We may also be relying on our iPads for different tasks: one day we could be watching a pot over the fire, another day we might be mixing dough for cookies, splitting our time between the counter and the oven. Some of us have spare counter space, some do not. Our needs and preferences will always be unique, in terms of aesthetic and functionality. Here’s how one mount will be different from another, so you can find the best choice.


First, you gotta know how large your iPad is, which will vary depending on the model. For example, a Mini will measure 7.9”, and iPad air comes in at 9.7”, and a Pro can be either 10.5 or almost 13”. It is important to pay attention to a given stand’s size range, especially if your iPad is large, as some stands can hold no bigger than 12”.

Aside from your particular model, available space is also relevant. Building on this, comes our next point.

Type of Stand

Some stands will be on your counter; some others will be placed on the wall, a few more will be tall as a coat hanger, with wheels for carting around. The optimal choice will depend on your kitchen’s layout and the direction in which you prefer looking.


The best ipad mounts for kitchens are the ones you can actually see! Some mounts will allow only to control the tilt at which our iPad is held. Some others will give you full swivel range so you can set your iPad in just about any position you desire. In certain cases, the stand will have only two joints, one at each end of the arm. While not as versatile as full swivel, this gives you the advantage of being able to fold it so you can carry it wherever. You might want this particular feature if you would rather benefit from your stand beyond your kitchen, or even beyond your home.


Rubber feet and wrapping on key points will protect your surfaces and your iPad itself from scratches. Not all stands will have them though, be it because they don’t need it (if it is a pedestal stand) or because the design does not contemplate them.


Most stands will come in metal; a popular choice is a spaceflight alloy, hailed for being strong and light of weight. For the old fashioned though, it’s not hard to find stands made in wood, which make up for their lack of versatility with their uniquely themed looks.

The cheapest options will usually be plastic, which should still be strong enough to hold your device securely.

The extras

In certain cases you will find stands that solve more than one problem in one go. For example, a stand that is also a knife block would save you a lot of space, although you would not get much liberty to control the height and angle where your iPad is held.

It doesn’t have to be a double function either: some stands will include accessories useful for helping keep the iPad safe and clean as you handle it during such potentially messy tasks as cooking. What goes into the best ipad mount for kitchens when you’re shopping around? You need something functional, but style still comes into play.

Optimal Options For Your Cooking Space

The facts are in; our ideal iPad mount, fresh in our mind. It’s time to get to know some options out there that will treat your device right.

Prepara PP08-PREPWT

Prepara Ipad holder for kitchens

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You might end up buying a spare for a special someone, since the package is designed to work for gifting. The base is weighted, which helps it be less wobbly when standing; the drawback of its design is that you cannot have your device higher, as it stands at ground level. It can be folded completely so you can carry it around with you, or pop it in a drawer when you’re not using it.

Includes a stylus so you can operate your iPad hands free, with replacements available for purchase. Models supported are standard, Air and Mini.


  • Stylus included to keep screen free from messy hands
  • Already packaged for gifting
  • Added stability.


  • Angle is limited to only 4 preset positions.

LEVO 33768 Deluxe

Levo Ipad tree cart for kitchen

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Roll this stand around, put it exactly where you need it. Its base weighs 20 pounds, so it won’t be tilting even if you stretch the arm to the limit of its 24-inch range. Height is adjustable between 30 and 56 inches.

Given its design, you can cart it over to your favorite couch, and even your bedroom. It holds devices between 5 and 12 inches in length (measured including the case), weighing up to 4 pounds. The arm can tilt in every direction so your device is held at exactly the angle you want it, and it can be folded fast in case you need it out of the way for the time being. It can be redeployed just as easily. Special clamps are sold separately for holding tablets that exceed the size limit.

All of this convenience is, unsurprisingly, reflected on its price.


  • You can benefit from it anywhere at home.
  • Strong and stable.
  • Your iPad’s position is widely adjustable.
  • Special clamps available for expanding the size range.


  • Its weight might make it unwieldy.
  • So expensive it might not even be worth the effort.

Lamicall S1-B Tablet Stand

Lamicall ipad tablet stand stainless steel for kitchen

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This design is simple, but effective: made in spaceflight Al-Ti alloy, it is both strong and light of weight. The holding base stands higher than the feet, which provides a little extra height for you. A hole in the back allows the charging cable to pass through so you can replenish battery while using your iPad. Rubber padding on the feet and points of contact with your tablet will prevent scratching.

It might be a good idea to check that your device is not thicker than 18mm (case included), or it might not fit into the hooked base. Size range, 4 to 13 inches.


  • Available in more than one color.
  • Strong build.


  • The base is rigid, so the stand cannot be completely folded; this limits portability.
  • It can get wobbly with larger devices. In these cases, it is advised to place the iPad horizontally.

AmazonBasics IPM-TAB1-AMZ Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

Amazon Basics ipad holder stand

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It’s plastic, but it is still sturdy, and capable of holding devices between 6 and 12 inches in size, either horizontally or vertically. Certain areas feature non-skid padding to prevent the base from drifting on surfaces, and also to help keep the device secure. When folded, it is small enough to fit into your handbag or pocket, for carrying whenever you please.


  • Hard to find a more portable one.
  • Very much affordable.


  • It is impossible to control height, only tilt.
  • Holding the device vertically can be problematic: certain devices might topple over when touched, and it might be impossible to plug the charging cable while viewing.


pwr small ipad stand kitchen

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It can only hold devices between 4 and 11” in size, which limits it to iPads Air, Mini, standard and certain Pro models. Aside from that, it’s fairly versatile: your iPad can be kept at any angle you desire, even other than fully vertical or horizontal; and adjusting the arm at base level can bring it lower or higher.

Its standing surface is wider, with a groove to pass the charging cable through, and a silicone gasket so it won’t slip around. Its aluminum and plastic body weighs in at around 3 pounds, heavier than many other holders.

Given how it is designed, putting it away or taking it places with you might prove complicated.


  • Wide range for positioning the iPad.
  • More stable, less prone to wobbling.
  • The height at which your iPad is held can be adjusted to a certain degree.


  • It cannot hold as many devices as other stands.
  • Its weight might make it difficult to handle for some people.

Humixx STLA02

Humixx STLA02 tablet stand holder for the kitchen

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This one is pretty strong, thanks in part to its spaceflight Al-Ti alloy build: it will hold your iPad Pro 12.9 without issue, with a load capacity of up to 1kg. The standing area is narrow however, which can affect balance. The charging cable can pass through a hole so battery can recharge while in use.

It features two hinges, one at the feet and one and the hooked base. Each features a maximum adjustment range of 270°. You can pack it easily and take it anywhere, since it can be completely folded.


  • Easy to carry around.
  • Wide angle range.


  • Certain protective cases might be too thick for the hooks on the base.

What is the best ipad mount for kitchens?

A Cook’s Best Ally: PWR+ XTAB2

Best pick tablet holder for the kitchen

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There you have it, some of the best ipad mounts for kitchens! It’s stable, and capable of bearing your iPad firmly. Furthermore, your device might have to be in a different position depending on whether you’re working on the stove top, watching the oven or stirring a salad. It might be that you are not the only one in the kitchen, either. This holder provides nearly unparalleled versatility since your iPad can be kept still in a variety of angles and heights. Its weight is a testament to its solid build, and a boon to stability. If your iPad happens to fall between the 4 to 11 inches size range, you might not need anything else to fill that hole in your kitchen.


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