Best Kitchen Sink Strainer

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It’s probably one of the most common, yet subtle, things that gets under our skin on any given day in the kitchen. For me, one of the biggest pet peeves you can encounter in the kitchen is a clogged sink. It pretty much halts your prep, cleanup and functionality of your kitchen in seconds. Making things a whole lot harder than they need to be, even becoming an unwanted expense when things get bad. To prevent staggering plumbing bills, and general annoyance, we’ve thrown together a guide to help you find the best kitchen sink strainer! 

Mundane, yet super useful these strainers will keep things running smoothly in your kitchen. Preventing unwanted blockages, and helping you stay on top of things will make a huge difference in your kitchen. Check out some of these kitchen strainers, we’ll tell you why they’re some of the best solutions for your sink basin. 

What is the Best Kitchen Sink Strainer? 

Shopping for kitchen accessories, gadgets and replacements is a recurring pain for all of us. We’re going to make things a little simpler by helping you find the best kitchen sink strainer to fit your needs, and style! 

What size kitchen sink strainer do I need? 

You may be asking yourself. Luckily for you, kitchen sink drain sizes are standardized. That means you can be sure any of the strainers in our guide will fit your sink basin drain! Keeping that in mind, you won’t have to worry about making any measurements. It’s also worth noting that bath and bathroom sink drain sizes are generally standardized as well! 

How to Install and Clean a Kitchen Sink Strainer 

There’s two styles of kitchen sink strainers available. The most popular are as simple as it gets! A regular strainer just sits over your drain opening, with a ridge that sits flush against the sink basin thus catching everything that goes down the drain. Most of them are a stainless steel mesh, slots or holes that prevent pieces of food or dirt. Other models are made from silicone, and have a similar functionality. 

Cleaning your kitchen sink strainer couldn’t be simpler. Here’s a few helpful steps on how to clean a kitchen sink strainer! 

  • Remove the strainer from the kitchen sink drain opening. 
  • Next, clean any pieces of dirt or food from the inside of the strainer. 
  • Fill a small container with warm water and a little bit of dish detergent. 
  • Let the strainer soak for a while. 
  • Use a still bristled brush to scrub the inside and outside of the strainer, carefully checking for debris while you scrub. )A nail brush works well for this!)
  • Use a dish cloth to clear out any debris loosened by the brush. 
  • Repeat until the strainer is clean! 

*Soaking is key to ensure dried on pieces of food can be removed properly. 

KONE Sink Drain Strainer Assembly w/ Sealing Lid

Sink Drain Strainer Assembly Kit

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This is an incredibly simple setup, with a little bit of a twist. We love the simplicity of the KONE kitchen sink strainer waste system. It installs very easily into your drain, while making a really effective all-in-one solution for catching food particles. A specially designed dual rubber gasket ring and locking nut also provide for a simple and water tight installation. Enjoy the added sink plug, with a rubber rink to seal the drain when you want to fill the sink as well! This is a great strainer system for single compartment sinks! 

A removable basket makes catching waste a lot easier, and more effective. It features a well designed, deep basket with a small handle for easy removal. Thanks to the deep shape of this piece, you can be sure your drains will stay clear. While it isn’t compatible with garbage disposals, you won’t need to worry about emptying the basket too often thanks to its size! If you wash a lot of dishes in the sink, this is the best kitchen sink strainer for you! 

Joie Ribbit Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket

Ribbit Kitchen Strainer fun kitchen accessory

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If you’re looking for a good kitchen sink strainer with some fun designs, you’re in luck! The Joie ribbit strainer is exactly that! This straightforward, steel and plastic strainer is ideal for both kitchen and bathroom sinks. For those of us with kids, things like this might just help keep things tidy. Especially when it comes to lost toys, bits and bobs that can end up in the sink drain. Fun designs, and bright colors can help to remind them to replace, and empty the strainer! 

For the rest of us, the adorable frog plunger handle makes for a whimsical touch. This strainer is easy to clean, and allows for lots of drainage. That way, you don’t have to fret about emptying it too frequently while washing and rinsing dishes! For a bright touch of color and good drainage, we love this sink strainer! 

Dripsie Clog-Resistant Sink Strainer

Silicone clog-resistant sink strainer

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The dripsie is a reliable and efficient sink strainer that’s incredibly versatile! First of all, the subtle gray color of this silicone strainer makes it perfect for just about any sink basin. It fits the standard sink drain size, so you can be sure it will catch all of the debris headed down the drain. There is one thing we love about this strainer in particular that puts it above the rest. The slots and holes of this strainer are specially designed to help the sink drain even when the strainer is completely full! There’s nothing worse than having to stop and clear food pieces and debris from the sink while you’re trying to rinse a load of dishes. 

The top of this strainer is also perforated, to allow for only water to pass through. In other words, even when the strainer is completely full, water can still escape to the drain through the plunger handle of this piece. Rinse away! You won’t have to worry about your sink backing up over and over again with this easy to clean silicone kitchen sink strainer. 

KONE Sink Drain Strainer/Stopper Assembly Combo

Stainless steel sink strainer assembly

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Kone is 2 for 2 on our kitchen sink strainer reviews thanks to their versatility and modern design! We love the style of this strainer and kitchen sink stopper assembly. It’s incredibly easy to put together, and just about anyone can install it one their own. This system features a plunger strainer, and outer drain assembly in a smooth polished stainless steel. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it’s sure to keep its shine for a while, too! 

The modern look and feel of this piece makes it versatile enough to fit anyone’s kitchen style. That being said, it’s more than just a good looking piece of plumbing. This kitchen sink strainer has a small handle that’s use to remove the piece. In addition, this little knob also turns to act as a stopper, for filling the sink as well! The 2-in-1 versatility of this sink drain strainer/stopper makes it a great choice for single compartment basins and modern kitchen designs! 

Danco Kitchen Sink Drain Garbage Disposal Strainer

Kitchen sink drain garbage disposal kit system

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There’s even times when you’d want a hand stranger over your garbage disposal, too! If you’re thinking about buying a built-in garbage disposal for your sink, you should consider this simple little accessory. It can make a big difference, and provides for a cheap solution to prevent very costly repairs and service calls. Garbage disposals are susceptible to all kinds of debris that can befall them, and cause damage over time. 

Garbage disposals are a great way to take care of food waste, making cleanup simpler and easier in the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want to speed things up after dinner? That being said, you don’t want just anything falling down there! Rescuing jewelry, cutlery and other objects from garbage disposals is frustrating, and incredibly dangerous. Not only that, but some foods such as pasta noodles can actually fill and clog your garbage disposal. Save yourself a few bucks with this simple, quick strainer to allow water to flow through your drain. without anything unwanted ending up in the garbage disposal.  

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best kitchen sink strainers! These handy little kitchen accessories can make life a whole lot easier. And, they can prevent unwanted and potentially costly plumbing bills! Do you have any sink drain horror stories you’d like to share? If you have unique sink drain setup, or you picked up one of our recommended kitchen sink strainers, let us know! Thanks for stopping by.


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