Best Waffle Iron for Chaffles

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Keto is taking over as a great diet alternative for sensitive eaters and health conscious cooks. There’s a lot of delicious keto recipes out there, even if you’re not following the diet yourself! Waffle irons might not strike you as the first tool for most keto kitchens. For good reason too, but there’s a lot more you can make than just gluten-filled waffles. Chaffles are delicious cheddar and egg waffles. That’s right, a delicious waffle shaped, crispy cheesy delight! It’s nice to be keto, isn’t it? I’ve taken the time to do some reviews, and find out what is the best waffle iron for chaffles!

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What is The Best Waffle Iron for Chaffles?

Chaffles are an easy keto go-to for their low prep time and delicious flavor! If you’re anything like me, you know cheddar cheese is the BEST part about going keto. Now I’ve probably got you thinking, ‘what is the best waffle iron for making chaffles?’ We’re going to find out! I’ve weighed a few available waffle irons available on the market to figure out which ones stack up the best!

What Should you Look for in a Waffle Iron?

This is a bit of a tough one. If you think about it, waffle irons are purpose-built and designed for dealing with pancake batter. This sticky, gluten-filled gooey substance is ideal for shaping with waffle irons since it takes fairly well to a surface.

Chaffle ‘batter’ is a bit more liquid in nature, meaning sloped or overly concave waffle irons just won’t do the trick. Think about what size you’d like your chaffles to be, and how much space you’ve got for a waffle maker. There’s one last thing, and bear with me. It’s important to consider whether you’d like square or round chaffles. See, aren’t you glad you stopped by?

Dash Mini Maker

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This little gadget is all the rage in keto circles and for good reason, too! It’s small, affordable and downright easy to use. I’d recommend this small waffle iron for chaffles as its quite possibly a better alternative. More expensive waffle irons in this category are bulky and require a lot of ingredients to fill.


  • Compact for small portions and easy storage
  • Low price tag


  • Only makes enough to serve one

Burgess Brothers ChurWaffle Maker

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If you’re meal prepping chaffles, or cooking for a large hungry group this might just be the one for you. This mini waffle iron is perfect for chaffles. It features four separate moulds, each of which can make one chaffle. Thanks to the way it’s designed, you’d be able to pour as little or as much egg and cheese mixture in at once!


  • Can make four chaffles at once
  • Low price tag

Black + Decker Belgian Waffle Iron

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This waffle iron by Black + Decker is another small unit ideal for making chaffles. Quick and easy is what these tasty treats are all about. Don’t overthink it! This is a shallow chamber waffle iron with nonstick plates. It comes in a nice stainless steel finish, and even sits vertically for storage after use. In other words, it doesn’t look all that bad on your countertop. (Nor does it take up much more room than a small coffee maker!)

Alongside the Dash Mini Maker, this unit ties for the best small waffle iron for making chaffles. It’s a simple unit for small batches. Removable plates for quick and easy washing. As well as a cool touch handle, most of which are more or less standard across these value waffle irons.


  • Small, compact for individual servings
  • Stows away standing upright 


  • Only makes small servings
  • Somewhat easy to overfill

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

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This is a non stick waffle iron that’s perfect for making those classic round-shaped waffles you know and love. So how does it measure up for chaffles? This waffle iron comes equipped with an adjustable temperature control dial. It’s good to have a bit more control over temperature, especially when you’re just starting out.

This Oster unit, much like the other small waffle makers, can be cleaned very easily. It’s also simple to store, and even simpler to use. Small chaffles? This may very well be the best waffle iron for making chaffles.


  • Small, portable and easy to store 
  • Great for single portions
  • Perfect for its low pricepoint 

Tips for Making Chaffles!

Hopefully you’ve selected the perfect waffle chaffle iron to suit your needs! These keto-friendly delights are packed with protein. In other words, there’s a lot of reasons why you should love them! The key to making savory chaffles is making them crispy. 

They might not seem all that crispy as soon as you take them out of the iron (after about 4 minutes). Worry not! Give them a few minutes to rest on a plate and voila

In our search for the best waffle iron for making chaffles, you can see there’s some decent variety. This is definitely not the case with most appliances, but waffle irons are made for all different size servings. Take advantage of the design of these waffle irons to find the one that best suits your appetite! 

What is The Best Waffle Iron for Making Chaffles?

All in all, I’d have to say the internet was right. The Dash Mini Maker is the perfect small, compact and easy to use waffle iron for making chaffles. It stows away easily which is a huge bonus for keto kitchens of every shape and size. Small portions wouldn’t be a problem for most as they have a pretty short cooking time. If you needed to serve a larger crowd with these delicious, crispy cheesy treats I’d suggest the Black + Decker Belgian Waffle Iron

Looking for a waffle iron that best suits your needs is a great place to start. Take size, number of servings and how much chaffle mixture they’ll need. If you’re just cooking for yourself, a single mould unit might end up being the best waffle iron for you! How much you’re going to be using it also determines whether you’ll need to consider one with removable parts for easy cleaning. 

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