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If you jog often, move around on a bike, or spend long hours outdoors, you are quite familiar with the need to stay hydrated on the go. Water in plastic bottles, for decades the preferred solution, has turned out to be impractical (and potentially unsafe) for several reasons. It might be time to switch to a new, much better alternative. Cut waste, live healthy… and spend much less! Here, we’ve reviewed some of the best water bottle filters and

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Best Water Bottle Filter

Although the Mayo Clinic recommends a daily water consumption of 3.7 liters for men, and 2.7 liters for women, it also says that the conventional goal of 8 glasses is good too. Each glass is 8oz; put together, it amounts to 64 oz, or half a gallon. You have to drink 4 bottles of 16oz to meet your daily water intake, for an approximate cost of $4 dollars per day. Your total in a 30-day interval comes to $120, give or take a dollar or two.

A water bottle with a filter will cost you about $30 or less, and will last for several years. One filter cartridge is good for 2 months or about 70 gallons, and cost an average of $2 dollars (you can often save more if you buy them in bulk). After the bottle, you will be spending $1 per month. The savings speak for themselves.

Cutting Down On Waste

As of 2017, there were 14 million tons of plastic waste throughout the U.S., counting only waste derived from packaging and containers (such as single-use water bottles), according to the EPA. Due to limitations in recycling, only a few of the bottles we throw away are given a new life. A majority of them end up in a landfill… or elsewhere.

A single refillable bottle will be good for hundreds of servings, and every drop of water that goes in will be put to good use.

The False Sense Of Security

If you believe that bottled water is safer than tap water, then I have bad news for you: not only are they both considered equally safe, to the point that choosing between them largely becomes a matter of personal taste: they’re often actually the same!

Furthermore, a study conducted in 2018, involving many brands from several different countries, found troubling levels of microplastics in 93% of the samples analyzed, as much as twice the concentration present in tap water. Which means that, in fact, all that extra spending you’re doing to improve your health might actually be doing the opposite. Conversely, many bottle water filters don’t stop at making your water more pure: they even eliminate potentially harmful microorganisms!

To recap: a water bottle filter is much cheaper. It dramatically cuts down on waste. And it is observably, provably safer.

What Counts At Choosing Time


26, 32, 48 ounces. These are but examples of how big your bottle can be, depending on how you like your water servings.


Most commonly you will find them in BPA-free plastic, but some are available in stainless steel. These ones are likely to be heavier.


Most of them are the conventional activated carbon type, similar to the ones used on bigger filtering systems. Some, however, are UV-based, optimal for sterilizing your water (eliminating bacteria), but unable to filter out any chemicals. They also require batteries to function, which will make them more expensive, both at purchase and in the long run.

Components To Remove

As mentioned before, many filters will eliminate microorganisms aside from particles. In most cases, a basic filter should do the trick, but there is no harm in maximizing safety.


The best way to be sure the filter does what it claims to do. Usually, these certifications are issued by the NSF.

The Good Picks

Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Brita filter water bottle

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This 26oz bottle fits car cup holders, and features a carrying lid, which can be opened by pushing a button. It is made in BPA-free plastic, and you can choose it clear or in any of 5 available colors.

The filter purifies your water as it flows through the built-in straw, and reduces chlorine and class VI particulates such as dirt, sediment, rust and more. Cartridge should be changed every 40 gallons or 2 months

When you want to clean it up, just pop it in the dishwasher’s top rack.


  • Fairly easy to clean.


  • Cartridge gallon capacity is lower than average.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle


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This one deserves a special mention in terms of customization: not only is it available in several different colors, it also offers a number of themes, including one for the American Red Cross. There are also 2-packs to choose from.

Filtering process is 2-stage. First, water goes through a membrane microfilter, which removes bacteria, parasites and microplastics; this one is good for 1000 gallons. The second barrier is the activated carbon filter, which takes care of chemicals, reduces odor and improves the taste; this one has to be replaced every 26 gallons. Thanks to this system, the bottle can be refilled just about anywhere, even outdoors, although caution is still advised.


  • Use is not limited to tap water.
  • Remarkable variety of colors and themes.


  • Filter has to be replaced much more often than with other similar offers.

Epic Nalgene OG

Nalgene water bottle with filter

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Among its color selection, there are two options with covered lid. It is dishwasher safe, its capacity is 32oz, and the included ‘Urban’ filter is designed to remove over 70 contaminants from tap water, such as chlorine, lead, arsenic, pesticides and more. The bottle is suitable for use while camping, but it requires the ‘Outdoor Adventure’ filter, sold separately.

Every filter cartridge is good for 75 gallons; filtering is certified NSF/ANSI to multiple standards, including 42, 53 and P231, which is relevant for outdoors use.


  • Multiple certifications, including for use with backcountry water.


  • Impossible to drink if water is under a certain level.

Bobble Classic Water Bottle

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Made in BPA-free plastic, this bottle comes in two sizes, 18.5 and 34 ounces; whichever you lean towards, you can choose from 7 colors available.

There is no proper certification, but the filter is still designed to meet the parameters of NSF standard 42 for removing chlorine and particulates, as well as improving taste and odor. It will not, however, remove anything beyond this scope. A cartridge can work through 40 gallons or 2 months, whichever comes first.

The manufacturer recommends removing the filter and washing the bottle by hand with warm soapy water.


  • More than one size available.


  • Very basic filtering.
  • Will not fit car cup holders.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle

Ultra light purifier water bottle filter

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Available in 3 colors, this 16oz bottle is strong enough to endure a 10-foot fall into concrete. The cap features a loop for carrying around more easily.

The filtering mechanism is rather unique in that, to engage it, the bottle must be set upright on a low surface, such as the ground, and pressure must be applied at the top. Once that is done, the water within is safe to drink. This has the somewhat rare advantage that drinking is just about as straightforward as with a traditional cup, since there is no straw involved.

Aside from bad taste and odor, the 2-layer filter will remove heavy metals, chemicals, particulates and waterborne pathogens such as salmonella and giardia. Cartridge should be changed every 40 gallons.


  • Drinking from it is easy.
  • Sturdy and dependable enough to be taken almost anywhere without worry.


  • Low capacity.
  • Applying the necessary pressure for filtering the water can be taxing.

Your Best Drinking Buddy: Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

For home, work and everyday life, this one has everything you need: your tap water will improve in taste, have no bad odor, and be sediment-free. Even though some filters may last through a larger amount of water, 40 gallons is still a full 2 months of 8-glass consumption.

See also: Looking for something to keep your tap, and bath water cleaner too? These whole-home water filters are your best bet for clean water throughout the house!

Additionally, you get to choose the color that most fits your aesthetic taste, or go traditional with a clear bottle. The lid makes it easy to carry the bottle around, and a single push of a button is all it takes to pop it open. Cleaning it is simple: one round through the dishwasher at the top rack, and your bottle is ready to go. For performance, value and convenience, this is a fairly solid option.


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