The Best Black Kitchen Faucets

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Decking out your kitchen with the best in new appliances and accessories is a great way to update, and freshen things up! Lately we’ve been all about introducing new styles in organization and appliances in kitchen design. Since we want to do our best to bring you the latest and greatest, we’re going to show you the best black kitchen faucets! These pieces of hardware make a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. Whether you’re doing a complete redesign, or replacement. These faucets will give your sink basin, and kitchen a sharp, distinguished feel in a variety of different styles! Switch things up a bit, and check out these black kitchen faucet reviews! 

Here’s What we Love About the Best Black Kitchen Faucets 

Why should you buy a new kitchen faucet? 

First things first, they’ve come a long way in functionality. The funny thing about faucets, is they’re one of those pieces of hardware that can stick along with your house forever. Unless they’re quite damaged, people don’t usually tend to replace them out of the blue. Sometimes they can make a nice retro touch, and other times they’re best left in the 80’s

Whatever the case may be, you’ve probably seen a lot of these black kitchen faucets floating around in recent years. They’ve taken over kitchen design, along with brushed copper and brown kitchen faucets as well. Added features like touchless, or one-tap operation, extendable sprayer heads and alternative handles make them great for updating! That way, you can breathe some new life into your kitchen. And, make things run a little smoother when it’s time to clean up, too! 

Do Black Kitchen Faucets Show Water Spots? 

Not only do these faucets provide a modern, sharp and minimalist look, they also don’t show water spots! These don’t show water spots or buildup as easily as traditional stainless steel faucets. Thanks to their finish, these faucets are easy to maintain, and don’t demand polishing after every load of dishes! You can go for a lot of different finishes in this range, too! Adding to the versatility of styles you can achieve in your kitchen. 

Brushed copper, matte, gloss are just a few of the finishes you’ll find on black kitchen faucets. They’re perfect for just about anyone, or home kitchen application with different models as well. Industrial style, commercial and gooseneck are a few examples of what you can expect to find in this style of faucet. Which one best suits your design? We’ve included a wide variety of black kitchen faucet styles to help you decide which one makes the best fit! 

Pull Down Black Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet

Gooseneck Faucet black kitchen appliance

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Contemporary style, and a minimalist style pull-down gooseneck design makes this Arofa faucet an easy recommendation. If you’re not sure what style you’re going for, don’t care, or want something universal, this is your best pick! This is a universal, and incredibly versatile piece of hardware, too. You’ll find it has a large range of motion with 360 degrees of rotation for multi-compartment sinks, and an extendable pull down faucet head. The head itself has a long reach, so you can fill coffee pots, tea kettles and spray grime and grease from your dishes. 

Between a simplistic handle, and smooth design, you’ve got a black kitchen faucet that’s easy to clean, really useful and timeless. This is a long lasting piece, with all metal and ceramic pieces for long term use and little to no maintenance. The faucet has sprayer and stream modes, for fill the sink, rinsing produce and cleaning dishes. Enjoy this durable, understated and reliable black kitchen faucet with a mid-range pricetag! 

OWOFAN Black Spring Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

REtractable black spring handle kitchen sink faucet accessory design

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This semi-commercial has been taking over in kitchen design lately! The distinctive spring head, and faucet head sprayer holder are the new classic. We love how easy these are to use, and the interesting visual touch they add to just about any kitchen design! Seriously, boho, farmhouse and minimalist kitchens would all look good with this clean and matte black finish single lever spring head faucet! Guests will adore the stripped-down rustic style! We love this stylish black kitchen sink faucet for farmhouse sink basins, and modern designs alike! 

AmazonBasics Standard Pull-Down Black Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet

Amazon Basics pull down black oil faucet

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Now I know what you’re thinking. “That’s not a black faucet!” The jury is still out on whether or not ‘oil-rubbed bronze’ counts or not. That being said, I’m making the verdict; they’re in! These bronze faucets feature a special style known as ‘oil-rubbed’. Essentially it’s a much darker type of bronze, typically featuring some kind of blackish-bronze finish. What you’re looking at, is a more ‘classic’ look. This is a less versatile style, but fits really well with rustic, and sometimes even industrial kitchen designs. Depending on what you’re going for, you can get a lot of mileage off of this finish. Plus, it’s also great at repelling and hiding water stains! 

This is our first time looking at an AmazonBasics kitchen accessory like this, and we absolutely love it! A single lever design makes it as simple to operate as it looks, too! The sprayer head has a durable feel, and even comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This is a higher-priced kitchen faucet, but the style is very much worth it. 

Pfister Akitek Modern Black Kitchen Faucet

Modern style design piece black kitchen faucet

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Now for something completely different. This is a modern style kitchen faucet that is really going to turn some heads, especially when you’re entertaining guests! It has the type of design you can’t really find anywhere else! This faucet is suitable for modern, minimalist and new-age kitchen design schemes, with its blocky design. This kitchen faucet features a really unique type of design. A four-sided, squared design makes this black kitchen faucet a really unique addition to any style of kitchen! You might be locked into a more modern look with this piece. But is that such a bad thing? 

It has a long extendable pull-down hose, too! It’s specially designed, and meets a wide variety of certifications and requirements for accessibility and purity in materials. What’s better than a totally safe product for you and your family nowadays? We love the look and incredibly sturdy feel of this faucet. 

Kingston Matte Black Brass Heritage Kitchen Faucet

Matte black brass heritage vintage style faucet

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This matte black brass heritage kitchen faucet is by Kingston, and you’ll love its style at first sight! It’s a throwback design, with contoured and ‘spindle’ like old-school brass work. It comes with a fixed gooseneck spout, fixed to two handles, and an additional sprayer. In total you’ve got a 4-hole installation that would look great on a variety of sinks! If you’re going for a farmhouse or boho look, this matte black kitchen faucet could make a big impact! This is a premium-grade piece of hardware that includes an awesome sprayer! 

The side sprayer is incredibly convenient, and matches the faucet perfectly. Whether it’s rinsing, or washing dishes you’ll find the versatility of this kitchen faucet really useful! This piece will compliment more rustic, classic or even eclectic kitchen designs. 

Homary Black Kitchen Faucet Pull-Down Sprayer

Black pull down kitchen faucet piece

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What’s unique about this commercial style spring neck black kitchen faucet? It features a heavy-duty, commercial grade sprayer! This thing is awesome for blasting grease, food and sauce off of dishes. If you want the best black kitchen faucet for rinsing dishes, this is the one! Not only does it feature the unique, and increasingly popular spring-and-hose design, but it also has a separate faucet. The second is an aerated faucet spout, with its own separate lever! This is perfect for really busy kitchens. It can prevent those lineups by the sink, and blast through dishes. 

We love this heavy-duty commercial grade black kitchen faucet for its versatility, and ease of use! The sprayer head has its own lever-action control, as well as a hand-free option to keep it engaged if you’re rinsing produce. The sprayer has a little more power than the average pull-down faucet head. What’s even better, is that its heavy-duty design and materials make it exceptionally easy to clean! 

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best black kitchen faucets! These things are some of the best in class, for their style, reliability and functionality. Which one caught your eye? We’re particularly big fans of the spring headed faucets. They tie a kitchen together, and add a unique and eye-catching touch that will get lots of kudos. Tell us which of these faucets would make the best fit for your kitchen. And, if you found any of this info useful, pass it along! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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