The Best Extra Large Dish Drying Racks for a Crowd

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Entertaining for a group has its own host of challenges, but dishes shouldn’t be one of them! I’ve found some extra large sized dish racks that are perfect for groups! These extra large capacity dish drying racks are exactly what you need to truly be the host with the most! Don’t fret over the mountain of dishes that comes with entertaining, It’ll spoil your party. 

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The Best Extra Large Dish Drying Racks for a Crowd Reviewed 

We’ve all been there. Stopping halfway through washing a load of dishes because you’ve got to put away the ones on the drying rack. Picking up each one and drying it before putting it away. Doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose of a dish drying rack anyways? I mean, what family only uses 3 plates, one pan and a few utensils? Everyone knows even a small family dinner can amount in, well… a mountain of dishes, utensils, pots and pans! 

Why do I Need a Large Capacity Dish Drying Rack, Anyways? 

If you’re dishwasher averse, (or that thing is full, too!) Dish racks are a great way to clear a large amount of dishes without running out of space. Unless you’ve got a whole team, washing up after serving a crowd, or entertaining lots of people is a huge undertaking. When dishes pile up, you can’t continue washing them until you’ve made space for clean dishes that still need to dry. These extra large dish drying racks really come in handy, saving you time and space! 

How to Find the Right High Capacity Dish Drying Rack

Basically, and somewhat unsurprisingly, a drying rack is a drying rack. They’re incredibly straightforward, and all perform the same function, the same way. So why does it matter which one you buy? There’s several reasons. Firstly, it has to match your kitchen decor, especially if it’s too large to store under a built-in cabinet or pantry. Secondly, the amount of dishes it can hold will vary. And lastly, they will each hold different types of dishes. (i.e. plates and cups, and or pots and pans). While there might not be too much to consider at a glance, keep in mind which types of dishes you’ll be using it to dry! 

SNTD Over Sink Dish Drying Rack 

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You’ve probably seen a lot of these. They’re a much more recent trend in dish racks, sitting above the sink for ease of access. As such we’re going to cover a few! This model in particular is adjustable to fit the width of your sink, so it doesn’t take up more space than necessary. There’s plenty of additional storage, with spaces for knives, soaps, sponges and cutting boards as well. This takes the ‘jenga’ game out of drying dishes!  


  • Comfortably fits about a dozen plates, as well as glasses and bowls. 
  • Small basket for utensils 
  • Hooks for ladles and spatulas, and a compartment for soap. 

HEOMU Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack 

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So, how does this one differ? As you can see it offers a stainless steel finish that might work better for your kitchen. However, it also holds several more plates and 18 small bowls! In other words, if you’ve got a large crowd with lots of snack food, you’re covered! Everything should drain into the sink, provided you use the adjustable frame to your advantage. 


  • Fits a lot of bowls and plates, perfect for large meals or gatherings! 
  • Stainless steel finish and racks 
  • Plenty of hooks and compartments

KitchenAid Full Size Dish Rack 

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You’ve probably got some other KitchenAid doodads kicking around your kitchen, so this thing will be right at home! If pots and pans take up most of your dish rack, this one is worth looking in to. It holds a few pots and pans, as well as knives and other cooking utensils. It keeps the remnants of dinner out of the way so you can clean the countertop without juggling pans and lids! It’s gray, with a touch of stainless steel that will look alright beside the sink. 


  • Great for cookware, wide ridges for holding pots and pans
  • Storage for large utensils and knives 
  • Includes a draining tray 

Black Stainless Steel Over Sink Drying Rack 

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This is another over the sink model, but with one less rack. It’s geared mainly towards bowls and plates, making it great for large meals! It doesn’t have a second rack to create unwanted clutter if you want to keep things simple. You may also prefer the more industrial design! 


  • Strictly for plates and bowls 
  • Reconfigurable
  • Fits sinks with 32’’ of width or more

Bamboo Folding Dish Drying Rack 

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This bamboo drying rack is quite a bit different from the other models we’ve reviewed. It works as a collapsible, slotted plate and bowl drying rack. In other words, after you’ve got the pots and pans out of the way, this is ideal for drying a lot of plates and cutlery at once! The upside to using one of these is that plates are incredibly easy to stack in the bamboo slots, while the lower tier holds bowls, cups and mugs with ease. Plus, it holds almost 20 plates, as well as a few bowls! 


  • Bamboo style for something different 
  • Additional utensil holder 
  • X-shaped collapsible design for easy storage 

X-Cosrack Dish Drainer 

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Now this thing is the real deal! It holds 15 plates, 18 bowls, as well as a handful of cups and cutlery. It features a vertical design, so it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space! You’ll just want to consider your counterspace, making sure there’s at least 24.5” above your counter. For a large family meal, as well as for entertaining, this dish rack has a lot of capacity to offer. 


  • Black stainless steel
  • Extra large dish drying rack 
  • Vertical storage 

GSlife 2 Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack 

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This is probably a little more or what you’re used to seeing in dish racks. It’s a bit smaller than the rest, but with more than adequate capacity. You’ll be able to store 17 plates, and 18 bowls. Each tier has their own drip tray, and the sides have space for cutting boards, utensils and knives. This might just be the best all around extra large capacity dish drying rack out there! 


  • Large capacity with a small form 
  • Great organization for just about everything 
  • Less suitable for pots and pans 

Boosiny Extra Large Dish Drying Rack 

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This is a sophisticated, 2-tier stainless steel wire dish rack. It has a neat, organized look for keeping all of your dishes secure while they’re drying. It’s incredibly stable, and features storage for everything from bowls to plates, cups and utensils as well. If anything, you’ll love how compact this space saving, yet large capacity dish rack is! 


  • Storage for all of your dishes
  • Holds everything besides pots and pans all at once 
  • Strong stainless steel design 

What Is the Best Extra Large Dish Drying Rack? 

After looking at each of these models for dish capacity, style and functionality, there is one that would work best for me. Ultimately, while shopping for one of these you’ve got to consider how it will fit on your counter top and what you’ll be using it to dry. Each of these models of dish racks has something different to offer. Will you be using it for large family or group meals with lots of plates, cutlery and bowls? Or for everyday use, for some pans, plates and cookware? It all depends on what you’re looking for, and what fits best in the space you’re using it! 

For me, the black stainless steel vertical dish rack was the best choice. It holds a ton of pieces, as well as saving quite a bit of counter space. It’s something that you can disassemble if you only need it for a large gathering, or it can occupy its own corner on the counter if you need it more frequently. Either way, it’s sturdy, and holds a lot of pieces at once! 

Did you find what you were looking for with this selection of extra large capacity dish drying racks? Which ones have you used in the past, and are there any you’d like to recommend? Let me know! 


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