Best Alarm Clock with Outlets & Chargers

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How would you like a dedicated array of outlets to charge your devices? No more need to blindly reach down between bed and wall! AC or USB, Qi compatible and Apple Watch, there’s something for every case, and it can come with FM radio, or the ability to stream music straight from your preferred online service. Shall we dig deeper? These are the best alarm clocks with outlets & chargers.

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Not All Clocks Are Created Equal

Even among this specific category, there are bound to be differences. Some features, such as customizable alarm and backup battery (which, more often than not, is not included), are pretty much standard. A few others are likely to vary between one clock and the next. We’ll go over every trait that sets one option apart from the other, so you can quickly identify what to focus on as you search for your personal pick. One thing’s for sure: waking up early, or looking at the time from the comfort of your bed, has never been this practical!


This will vary between two types: conventional wall type, or AC (usually with built-in surge protector) and USB ports, which negates the need to attach an adapter to your device’s cord. Your total number of outlets will vary as well: you might get as little as one outlet only.

A note on USB C type chargers: Unfortunately, this technology is rather new and these innovative alarm clocks have not caught up to it yet. If your device is USB C, you might have to purchase an adapter so as to plug it into one of the AC outlets.

Charging docks

Not all devices charge with a cord, and some clocks do address those special needs: if your phone charges wirelessly, you can find a clock with a Qi compatible charging dock. Your iWatch is not neglected either, as there are options that will have a specific dock for it.

Dual Alarm

Do you need to set more than one? Some clocks can set two or even three alarms, say, for waking up the kids, or to take meds on time.


If you are one of those who fondly remember their old alarm clock with FM radio, then I have good news: some of these functional clocks include this feature!, with some preset slots for you to save your favorite stations, to boot. If you are more particular about your music, the appropriate option will stream Spotify, iHeart Radio, or any tunes you have stored in your Bluetooth-compatible device. In some cases, you can even access your music from an SD card!


No more getting up and finding out too late that it is Sunday. Some options will have the date and day of the week displayed next to the time, so that you can quickly find out what day it is, and go right back to sleep.

Dim function

Nobody wants to get blinded by their clock every time they open their eyes in the dark. This function, when available, will allow you to set the display as bright as you need.

Extra features

Find a clock with a projector, and all it will take to know the time is, a glance at the wall.  Audio caller ID is also available, if your phone meets the technical requirements; so is speakerphone. Certain clocks will integrate with an app to give you control by voice.

Want to know how cold it is outside before heading out? Also possible, with options capable of providing temperature both indoors and outdoors. There really is no lack of bells and whistles out there.

The Selection For Your Bedside

Now that we’ve narrowed down what functions and perks might factor in when we make our choice, let’s check out some great candidates for your nightstand.

iHome iWBT400

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This could be a good option for an Apple fan: a dedicated area takes care of an iWatch, and your phone can be plugged into the USB port on the back. You can handle your calls through it, with the integrated speakerphone. If your device is running iOS 10 or later, you can get ID for your incoming calls.

Bluetooth compatibility allows you to control your phone with the iHome Enhance app, and to stream your music into the device. You can also stream from Spotify and other music services, or opt for FM radio with 6 slots for you to set your favorite stations. This one has a dual alarm, and you can choose your wake up calls between radio, Bluetooth device or 4 built-in alarm tones.


  • It can work as an extension of your phone, even with caller ID when applicable.
  • Your favorite music widely available, including as an alarm.


  • Only one charging port and it is USB. No way to charge AC devices.
  • Not so friendly towards devices other than Apple, as certain features (such as speakerphone and watch charging module) are locked to the brand.

DreamSky Projection Alarm Clock – USB Charging Port & FM Radio

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Clocks like this one make it easy to check the time: one look at the wall is all it takes, and the main display is comfortable as well; dimmer option can go all the way down to off. The projector has 180° range so you can reposition it and aim it where you need it. FM radio includes 10 slots for presetting your stations.

Configure the timer, and you can have between 10 and 120 minutes of radio to fall asleep to. Alarm can be set to the well-known buzzer or to radio. Volume is adjustable, and the alarm can be set to gradually ascend in volume. One USB port included.


  • Radio can be set to quite a long time period for sleeping.
  • Available adjustments for the alarm mean that you won’t be startled awake as often happens.
  • Quite affordable.


  • Aside from the projector it is rather feature bare: only one port for charging, no dual alarm.

AUSFORE Alarm Clock with USB Charger

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The dimmer on this one runs from 0% to 100%, so you can get it as bright as you need. 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports can charge your devices, protected by circuit breaker. The charging station can be turned off so charging devices won’t be using more electricity than due. The alarm is engineered to be  loud enough to get through to a heavy sleeper, and the battery backup can keep it ringing even during blackouts. A rare perk: Daylight Savings adjustment needs only a single push of a button.


  • Compact and functional.
  • Its touch of color adds visual appeal.


  • No radio.
  • Alarm cannot be customized nor its volume adjusted.


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This one provides you with, not 2, but 3 alarms, and they can be set so they won’t ring on weekends. Its rather novel wooden look makes it a good decoration for your nightstand, and you can find out room temperature at a glance, either in C or F. It can operate with batteries, but only for a short period of time.


  • A decently fashionable alternative for a low price.
  • Alarm does not have to be disabled and enabled between weekdays and weekends.


  • Alarm cannot be customized in any way.
  • No radio or music.
  • Only suitable for Qi compatible, wireless charging; not useful for most conventional devices.

iRedBeau Digital Projection Alarm Clock

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Fall asleep to the radio station of your choice, and check the time without much effort: the projector swivels at 180° range so you can aim it at the most appropriate wall. Enable “AU” mode for the 7” screen to automatically adapt to the lighting in the room; when it goes dark, the display will dim on its own. The FM radio comes with a total of 15 slots for you to set your favorite stations, and you can set your snooze time between 5 minutes and 1 hour.


  • Remarkably easy to check time thanks to projector and extra large display.
  • Snooze time can be set to personal preference.
  • Several slots for preset radio stations.
  • Brightness can be set to adjust without your intervention.


  • Limited customization for alarm: only radio or buzzer.
  • No built-in surge protection.

Homtime S1-AC

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You get a total of 4 outlets —2 AC, 2 USB ports—, and widely spaced so even the biggest charger blocks will fit in without issue. You cannot stream music from online services such as Spotify, but you still have 3 possible sources: FM radio (which can save up to 20 stations), Bluetooth-compatible device and micro SD card. Sound quality is emphasized too, through 6W full-bodied stereo, dual high-performance drivers and enhancements on bass. Brightness can be adjusted to any of 4 available levels. Snooze function available.


  • Your stored music is within easy reach.
  • Remarkably user friendly: buttons are laid out and labeled for easy understanding, and there is a set of key instructions printed on the top.


  • Snooze cannot be customized.
  • No surge protection.

POWERAXIS Alarm Clock With Charger Station

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If you have support battery and the screen goes blank during a blackout, there is no need to worry: it’s supposed to do that. Alarm and settings are not lost. Just remember that battery backup is not designed to be relied upon for long periods of time.

4 USB ports, 2 AC outlets, and several types of safeguards: short-circuit, over-current, overload, overheating and surge protection. 4 dim levels, all the way to zero light. 9-minute snooze available. 2 alarms can be set and enabled/disabled separately. When Daylight Saving Times comes (and when it goes) all it takes to adjust to it is a single button.


  • Plenty of space for USB devices.
  • Visually appealing, thanks in part to its flat outlets.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry around when traveling.
  • Strong protection for your charging devices.


  • No radio or music of any kind.

AcuRite 13040CA Intelli-Time

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If you’re a heavy sleeper, or if you simply don’t like being startled awake in the morning, then you might like its slowly rising alarm, which gains volume over a 2-minute interval. Its built-in thermometer and moisture indicator allow you to find out your levels of comfort in the room so you get the best sleep possible.

All this clock needs is to know your timezone. Once that is received, time is adjusted accordingly. Dimming is also done automatically depending on room lighting. It is rather easy on the eyes, too.


  • Plenty of useful information at a glance.
  • No need to worry about adjusting time: even Daylight Savings correction is done automatically.


  • Only one charging port and it is USB.
  • No surge protection.
  • No radio or any sort of music source.

iHome IBT29

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Its looks alone should be enough to give a rather modern vibe to your nightstand, but that’s not all: this clock comes equipped with speakerphone function to use with your phone, and it can stream music from your Bluetooth device. If you are old fashioned, you can plug in through the aux-in port, or listen to FM radio, and save up to 6 of your favorite stations. Your alarm also benefits from all these options: you can wake up to your preferred melody, or radio station.

The cabinet and display can be made of different color with just one button, with a total of 6 options available. One USB port on the back for charging your compatible device.


  • Colorful look that can be changed pretty much on a whim.
  • Works well with your music and your calls.


  • Aside from sound, alarm is not quite customizable: no separating weekdays from weekends, and there is no additional alarm.
  • Bluetooth connection is often unstable.

Hompot Projection Alarm Clock – Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer, Weather Station

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If you’re looking for something flashy, then this might be worth a second look: thanks to its projector, a brief look at the wall (or ceiling) is enough to find out the time, temperature both indoors and outdoors, and barometric pressure. It can even predict trends for barometric pressure and temperature, as well as the weather for the next 12 hours. The screen is quite large too.


  • Time is set automatically thanks to its radio receptor: no need to tinker with it.
  • A good choice for those who like showy gadgets.


  • Beyond its novel functions, it is rather bare on features: outlets are limited to one USB, there is no charging protection, and you get no radio or music.

Best To Charge Them Up & Wake You Up: Homtime S1-AC

If your phone is of wireless charge, then this clock will not benefit you much; for the immense majority of phones and e-readers, however, you and your guests will be adequately covered. Hook your phone up via Bluetooth, or load a micro SD card, and you can fall asleep to your handpicked music. There’s always the FM radio too, for those of us who are old fashioned.

It may not have a projector, thermometer or calendar, but that’s one of the things that make it so accessible. The other is its buttons, adequately marked so we can find out at a glance what every button does. As if that weren’t enough, key instructions are printed on the back so anyone can come in and set the alarm to their liking, even if they have never crossed paths with this clock before. This might make it a fairly appropriate option for your guest room.

Now, both you and your devices will have what it takes to start the day!


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