The Best White Kitchen Faucets

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I love the way white accents look in a kitchen. They can compliment a modern look, brighten up dark cabinets, or act like a classic accessory to a farmhouse inspired kitchen. Regardless of your style, there is a white kitchen faucet that’s right for you. Here’s the best white kitchen faucets to help inspire your next home upgrade.

The Best White Kitchen Faucets

Even if you’re not doing a full kitchen renovation, I strongly recommend upgrading the faucet. It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a difference in brightening up your decor! Kitchen faucets are usually a max of a couple hundred dollars, and most people can install them themselves. So they really are a great DIY solution for a dated sink.

In most kitchens, the sink and faucet is kind of the focal point. That means that you should choose something stylish, but also practical. After all, you’re going to be using it a lot. If you want a crisp, white look, then you need the best white kitchen faucets to go with it.

How to choose a new kitchen faucet

Apart from how it looks, the most important part of a kitchen faucet is the functionality. What you want will depend on what your needs are as a family. Higher up faucets are better for most people since they offer more space inside the sink and follow current design trends.

Beyond that, though, you have options. Does it need a pull out sprayer? Should it be touchless? Do you want separate handles or a single one? 

1 hole or 3 hole?

This is something you’ll see a lot when you shop for kitchen faucets. Make sure you know if you have 1 hole or 3 hole sink before purchasing a new tap for your kitchen sink. Most have plates so they can be used with either, but some are only for specific sink types. 

If you have a 3 hole sink, you might need to purchase a separate plate to cover up the extra holes and fit a single hole faucet. 

Do you have to hire a plumber to install a kitchen faucet?

Although some people opt to hire a professional, kitchen faucet installation is definitely something you can DIY. Most faucets come with everything you need, and you can easily remove the old one and add the new one with minimal tools.

Expect to spend 30 minutes to one hour on this project.

The Best White Kitchen Faucets

White is coming back in style, but it can be tough sometimes to find ones that are stylish. Especially when most kitchen accessories are stainless steel nowadays. One advantage of white, rather than all stainless, is there’s no polishing or worrying about light scratches.

Peppermint Kitchen Sink Faucet

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This white kitchen faucet has a modern look to it. It’ll look clean and stylish in a kitchen with dark cupboards, or even a modern all-white kitchen. Either way, cleaning will be easy with the pull out sprayer that has two adjustable settings. 

It’s true white (rather than off white) so if you have a white sink it’ll match perfectly. I also love that this one is affordable, making it an easy and inexpensive upgrade for any kitchen.


  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable sprayer
  • Good quality for price


  • Nozzle is high up so it’s not great for deep sinks
  • Lever is sensitive and takes time to get used to
  • Won’t scratch easily, but can chip

Summary:  A budget option with great style and a pull out nozzle

JinYuZe High-Arc Kitchen Sink Faucet Pot Filler

High-Arc Kitchen Sink Faucet pot rinser kitchen accessory

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This faucet is designed to sit higher so you can easily fill pots and buckets in your kitchen sink. If you have stainless steel applicates, the white and stainless combination will help tie everything together in your kitchen. 

I love the way this faucet has a simple, modern look but still has design features that make it more durable like the crossbar. The sprayer is nice, and can be switched from stream to spray at the touch of a button.


  • Stylish, modern design with white and stainless steel accents
  • Easy to install right out of the box
  • No splash from the spay


  • Stainless steel accents could get scratched with heavy use
  • Only compatible with single hole sinks

Summary: Tie your stainless steel appliances in with this white and stainless faucet combo

TJJL Faucet White Kitchen Faucet

White aesthetic  style=

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I absolutely love this kitchen faucet! It’s truly an all white option, perfect if that’s the look you want in your kitchen. It would look great with modern decor, or as an accent to something more classic. (Especially on top of a white enamel sink!)

With 360 degree rotation, this faucet is perfect for dual sinks. The sprayer can also be pulled out and can easily reach inside both sides. I also like the large switch to adjust from spray to stream, rather than a small button.


  • All white design looks great in any kitchen
  • Pull out sprayer makes cleaning a lot easier
  • Good water pressure


  • Narrow spray compared to other brands
  • Sprayer doesn’t sit completely flush inside so you can see the seam
  • Single hole sinks only

Summary: An all white faucet option

BLANCO 516710 LINUS-S Kitchen sink mixer taps

Blanco Kitchen sink white faucet kit

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It doesn’t get much more modern than this kitchen faucet. Rather than the arch design of most higher end faucets, this one opts for an L shape. The result is a really unique, trendy, but still functional faucet design. If you have a modern kitchen this is definitely one of the best white kitchen faucets for you.

I love that the white is glossy, rather than matte. The stainless steel accents are a nice touch too, and actually make it look more expensive. Function is still there too; the end extends to get water in hard to reach areas. One bad thing, though, is there’s no switch to sprayer in this faucet.


  • Unique modern, stylish design
  • Extendable end on the faucet
  • Glossy white is easy to keep clean


  • No spray option, just stream
  • Might extend too far over the sink for some people

Summary: A unique, modern faucet design for your kitchen

BULUXE Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Single handle pull down kitchen faucet white

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This faucet isn’t all white, but it makes the list of the best white kitchen faucets because it perfectly brings together white and chrome design elements. Again, if you have chrome or stainless steel appliances in your kitchen this will stylishly tie everything together.

A bit of sheen also gives it a modern touch, perfect for a pop of colour in a mostly white kitchen or to match a chrome sink.


  • Pull down sprayer
  • Large spraying area
  • Flexible faucet rather than a solid piece


  • Needs to be clipped and unclipped when using sprayer
  • Ribbed hose might be hard to keep clean
  • Plastic button on sprayer

Summary: A perfect blend of chrome and white for a trendy kitchen

Lovedima Contemporary High-Arc 360 Degree Swiveling Pullout Sprayer

Pullout sprayer faucet white Aesthetic Kitchen design

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If you’re looking for an arc shaped faucet that doesn’t sit too high above your sink, this one might be a great option. The seams are minimal, and the darker buttons add a nice touch. It looks modern, rather than cheap. 

What I really like about this faucet, though, is that the pull out sprayer also has a pause button on it. It’s a small feature, but can be really handy during certain cleaning jobs.


  • Pull out sprayer makes filling pots and cleaning easier
  • Adjustable spray options
  • Pause button on sprayer


  • Slow shut off
  • No deck plate
  • Plastic pieces lower the quality feeling, but don’t affect use

Summary: Great pull out sprayer with a pause option, while still being a stylish white faucet

My choice for the best white kitchen faucets

Choosing the best white kitchen faucets is always tough because kitchen decor and function is so personal. Everyone has their own unique style, and they bring that into their decision making. My favourite, though, is the TJJL Faucet White Kitchen Faucet

best white kitchen faucet assembly kit

The reason I chose that one is that it has all the functionality I want in a kitchen tap. There’s a pull out head, and the sprayer can be switched from steam to spray. The high arch look is really trendy right now; and for good reason. It look great in almost any kitchen!

I also love that this faucet is completely white. While accents do look nice on white kitchen faucets, I wanted something that really had that crisp, solid white look. My kitchen is more farmhouse, and this faucet would look great with a white enamel or apron front sink too.

The best modern option

As a runner up, I also want to mention the BLANCO faucet. The L shape gives this faucet a unique look that I think would complement a modern kitchen extremely well. Not only would it be an amazing focal point, it also ties in really well when mounted on a chrome sink.

The only reason it didn’t top my list is because the pull out nozzle doesn’t have a spray option. It’s something most people use frequently in their kitchen for rinsing dishes and cleaning the sink, and I think most would want that feature. 

Still, with its stylish design and glossy white finish I couldn’t help talking about this faucet again.

Choosing the best white kitchen faucets

Whatever you pick, definitely look at the function while you shop for style. Most people use their kitchen sink several times a day, and if you go with a faucet that doesn’t do what you need it to, it could really affect your quality of life. These are some of best white kitchen faucets out there, and hopefully one of them is right for you.


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