The Best Rolling Pin for Your Kitchen

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The Best Rolling Pin for Your Kitchen

When you’re trying to find the best rolling pin for your kitchen the choices can be overwhelming. What works best definitely depends on what you like to cook in your home. For example, do you want the most versatile rolling pin or do you want the best French rolling pin? 

The Best Rolling Pin for Your Kitchen

Hopefully this will help you decide on the best rolling pin for your kitchen so you can get on with your baking. Rolling pins are an essential kitchen accessory for anyone who likes to bake, even occasionally. You can use them for rolling out dough for baking, making pasta, and even to crush nuts and other foods.

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Types of rolling pins

You might not think so, but there are some major differences in rolling pin types. Some are made from hardwoods, others from marble or stainless steel. You can get a “regular” style rolling pin with handles that you hold during rolling, or a French style rolling pin that you press your hand against. Some rolling pins have rings that can be added to the sides to help with precision, others are embossed to make designs as you roll. 

The type of rolling pin you choose will depend on what you’re making.

Different rolling pin features explained

You wouldn’t think a rolling pin would be something that has a lot of features, but there are some distinct differences in rolling pin styles that will affect how the dough rolls out. It’s important to use the right tool for the job, even while baking!

Can it be chilled?

This is one of the bigger features to consider when choosing a rolling pin. Certain recipes, especially those flaky pastries that require butter to remain chilled, come out better when working with a chilled rolling pin. Wooden rolling pins don’t chill well, so this is where you’d opt for a marble, stainless steel, or water filled one.

What is the weight like?

This is part personal comfort, and part based on what you’re making. For a handled rolling pin, the rolling pin weight changes the pressure applied to the dough. A heavier rolling pin isn’t necessarily better, though. Again, it all depends on what you’re using it for.

What materials are they made of?

There are so many varieties of rolling pins nowadays. They’re commonly made from wood (especially hardwood), marble, stainless steel, or plastic. Each one has differences, like temperature and weight. 

Best Rolling Pin for Pasta – Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings

This is the best rolling pin for pasta. Adjustable rolling pin with removable rings.

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If you live in an Italian household or just want to get yourself into fresh pasta making (it’s really not as difficult as you’d think!) this is the perfect rolling pin for pasta. The adjustable rings guide your dough thickness so you can easily roll your pasta to the right size. 


  • Adjustable discs help you roll dough evenly and to an accurate thickness
  • Measurements on the side guide you to roll out the correct size of dough
  • “French” style makes it easy to control how your dough rolls out


  • Doesn’t work for very large portions of dough (due to the rings)
  • Wood is a bit dry, which can be improved by using food grade mineral oil on it
  • Not dishwasher safe

Best Rolling Pin for Pie & Best Marble Rolling Pin

This is the best rolling pin for making pies. Made of marble which is perfect for chilling

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Do you love making pies and other pastries? Nothing beats a marble rolling pin! Not only can it be chilled so your dough doesn’t heat up too much (and stays flaky and delicious), it also has a decent weight that makes rolling out the pie crust easy. 


  • Heavy rolling pin (makes rolling the dough out easier)
  • Can be chilled before using for flakier dough
  • Most dough doesn’t stick to marble rolling pins
  • Pretty looking and includes a stand so it can be displayed


  • Marble rolling pins don’t always work as great for other types of baking, like yeast dough
  • Heavy and therefore difficult to maneuver
  • Wooden handles could be a little nicer

Best Rolling Pin for Cookies – Adjustable Weight Metal Dough Roller

This is the best rolling pin for making cookies. Adjustable weight metal dough roller

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Although I would usually recommend an American style or French rolling pin for cookies, I couldn’t overlook this rolling pin. There’s so many features that make this the best rolling pin for cookies. First of all, it still has that “French” style where you place your hand on the rolling pin for pressure instead of using handles on the side, which is great for getting your cookies just right. Second, since it’s stainless steel you can chill this rolling pin so your sugar cookies and other chilled cookies come out amazing. Third, it can be filled with water which means you get to control how heavy the rolling pin is, perfect for different cookie recipes.


  • Can be chilled to keep the dough cold
  • Fillable means you can decide between a light or heavy rolling pin
  • Measurements on the side are handy for rolling out dough to a specific size


  • Difficult to dry the inside
  • Hole is small and hard to fill
  • Does not come with replacement stoppers if you lose one

Best French Rolling Pin – Ebuns French Rolling Pin

Best French rolling pin, Ebuns rolling pin

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Although French style is usually any rolling pin without handles that you have to press on with your palm to roll the dough out, a true French rolling pin is made from solid hardwood and has tapered sides. This 18” French rolling pin is a perfect all around rolling pin; use it for making anything from tortillas to pies. For many people (myself included), a French style rolling pin is the “secret ingredient” so to speak in rolling dough out nice and round. Defiantly a top contender for the best rolling pin for your kitchen.


  • Classic French style rolling pin that’s versatile
  • Made from solid wood so it will last for years
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • 18” long, which is longer than most rolling pins


  • Longer size may be tough for some to maneuver (especially at first)
  • Wipes clean but can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher or soaked
  • Wooden rolling pins cannot be chilled

Best American Style Rolling Pin With Handles 

American style rolling pin with handles

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Handmade from maple hardwood, this rolling pin will hold up to years of use in your kitchen. Unlike a French rolling pin that’s one solid piece, with this one you hold on to the handles and the center part rolls on your dough. When people think of a rolling pin this is what they have in mind.


  • Made of high quality materials so it will last a long time
  • Well balanced and a nice weight
  • Easy to maneuver and use


  • Doesn’t like to be pushed down on at all so if you want extra force this is the wrong style of rolling pin (consider a French style one)
  • Comes with a sticker on the rolling pin that’s annoying to get off, especially since wood shouldn’t be soaked

Best Embossed Rolling Pin

Embossed rolling pin for baking

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Embossed rolling pins serve a different purpose than the other rolling pins on this list. You would usually use a regular rolling pin to flatten out your dough, then go over it one last time to imprint a nice embossed pattern on top. An embossed rolling pin can make your rolled out cookies more fun or add some extra texture to something like fondant. It may not be the best all around rolling pin for your kitchen, but they’re nice to have.

You can get embossed rolling pins in so many designs based on what you need, but what makes this the best embossed rolling pin is the style, not specific print. 


  • French style embossed rolling pin means you can apply just the right amount of pressure and control as you roll out
  • The design imprints evenly and repeats well


  • Not as good if you want a design that’s wider than the rolling pin
  • Requires a certain amount of skill to get it right

Best Silicone Rolling Pin

Silicone rolling pin for baking

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With a silicone rolling pin you get all the benefits of a wood rolling pin without the problems that wood faces. The biggest advantage is the fact that silicone is more sanitary and there’s no places for bacteria to get into the rolling pin, perfect for people who use their rolling pins on a variety of foods. It also means less sticking than a wooden variety.


  • Easy to clean and sanitary
  • Silicone is less sticky than wooden rolling pins, requiring less flour when rolling out the dough
  • Easy to use and roll


  • Water gatherers inside while cleaning (not airtight) which is difficult to dry
  • Not heavy enough for baking certain things, like yeast rolls
  • On the smaller side (not big enough for pies)

So what is the best rolling pin for baking?

I’ve been baking for years and everyone definitely has their own preferences when it comes to this sort of thing. If you’re still not sure what’s the best rolling pin for your kitchen, here’s my recommendation: Go with a classic French style rolling pin like the Ebuns French Rolling Pin. 

I absolutely love French style rolling pins in my own kitchen. It’s so handy to be able to push on them exactly where I need extra pressure, and I feel like I have more control than with handled varieties. Due to the smaller size the French style rolling pin is easy to maneuver and perfect for precision shaping, like rolling out pie crust.

Since it can’t be chilled it wouldn’t be my first choice if you make a lot of butter-based pastries that need to come out fluffy. But, as an all around rolling pin for your kitchen it definitely does the job – even with sugar cookie dough and pie crusts.

Plus being solid wood, there’s no moving parts to wear out or fall off, and it’s solid enough to apply hard pressure to tough dough or even for crushing nuts or cookies when baking specific recipes. Cleaning is easy, you just wipe it down. Wood can also be sanitized with natural ingredients too.

So there, the best rolling pin for your kitchen is definitely the classic French style rolling pin with tapered edges. I think the fact that it’s been around for so many years is reason enough to trust that it works well, even today. 

The Best Rolling Pin for Your Kitchen
The Best Rolling Pin for Your Kitchen


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