Trampoline Bed Ideas: How to Get Started

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The kids are out of the house, or they’ve simply moved on to the next novel thing. Nobody is using, nor will be using, the trampoline sitting in your backyard. You’re tired of seeing that old thing, collecting dust and pointlessly taking up a wide area. You can always scrap it but, how would you like to give it a second life? With just a few steps, you will be saying goodbye to that useless toy, and hello to your new swing bed! Check out our trampoline bed ideas for some practical inspiration.

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Useful Trampoline Bed Ideas

A trampoline bed can be hung inside a room or out in the backyard, provided there is something strong enough to endure the weight. After choosing where you’ll put it, the process goes as follows. Trampoline bed ideas require some creativity, but the result is an awesome piece of furniture.


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One does not simply turn any old trampoline into a bed. For the sake of safety, we must be sure it is in good condition, so that it will hold our weight securely. Here we will go over every possible item you might have to address before giving your trampoline any new purpose.

Removing Rust

Be careful: if rust has been sitting on your frame or springs for too long, you should not make any attempt to salvage them, as it is quite possible they are too corroded and no longer safe to use. In this scenario, you should move right on to replacing them, which we cover further down.

Patching Up Mat

Important to note, you should only worry about the springs and the circular frame where they and the mat are hooked. The cage and the legs will not be a part of your bed, so you need not concern yourself with their state.

If you are absolutely certain rust is superficial and merely an aesthetic problem, a remover like Iron Out could be a good ally. You can check out the gel version in sprayer bottle here. When you’re done removing the rust, you can protect the springs by treating them with petroleum jelly. The frame can be better preserved by giving it two coats of protective paint, like this one.

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A tear in the mat does not have to be a deal breaker, as long as it is 2” or smaller. A specialized repair kit will get you everything you need. Just remember to give it enough time to take hold; it might be a good idea to wait a few days and check if the patch stays in place before calling it good.

C. Replacing Parts

To make this easier, you should have the brand and model of your trampoline on hand, so you can use it as reference when looking for certain replacement parts, such as frame segments. If you have it, a quick online search should provide the following information, which will be critical when finding the right parts.

Frame diameter: This will be necessary if you need to replace the mat, or parts of the frame. A measuring tape should yield this bit of info if you can’t find it out any other way. Measure from external edge to external edge of the frame (not of the mat), across the widest part.

Number of springs: Mats come with a fixed number of loops. It is important to be sure that the loops match the amount of springs to be hooked onto.

Spring length: Necessary to find the right mat replacement, and also in case you need to buy new springs. To determine this, take 3 of your springs (how to remove them is covered below), and measure them one by one, from the top of one coil to the other. You need to measure this many because springs can change length through use, and this way you get a more accurate number that you can rely on if you need to shop around.

  • 1. Springs
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You will need a spring tool to liberate them, which is included with every trampoline at the time of purchase. If yours is second hand or the tool got misplaced, you can find it online, such as this one.

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If you intend to have your trampoline bed outdoors, it might be a good idea to get as many, if not all, of your springs replaced with galvanized units. This way they will be protected from rust and you won’t have to worry about them slowly being eaten away. It doesn’t have to be a daunting investment, as spring replacements are fairly affordable nowadays. You can get them in bulk with tool included, like this package. Remember to get the length that most closely matches that of your old springs.


As mentioned before, only the circular frame counts, although you might have to take the whole thing apart (legs and cage included) in order to replace parts of it. A Phillips screwdriver is usually all you require.

Frame segments are very specific, and it is highly recommended to know your brand and model so you get exactly what you need. If there is simply no way for you to know, certain vendors specialize in helping you finding it out after getting some information from you, such as diameter, spring number, diameter of mat, number of legs and other details. They can then sell you the right part.

3. Mat

The gash could be beyond patching up, or maybe the mat is too far gone due to age and weather exposure. Replacements are not hard to find, but you can’t just nab any mat out there and expect it to work. As a reminder, this is what you need to have handy when looking around:

  1. Frame diameter
  2. Length of springs when idle (not stretched)
  3. Number of springs

Here’s a good example, which can match two different diameters and could be a good fit depending on the 3 variables listed above.

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Now that your trampoline is renewed and as strong as the day it came out of the factory, it’s time to turn it into your favorite relaxation spot. Read on to find out what you should gather before you begin.

  • What You Need
  • Rope with high tensile strength. If your bed will be outdoors, you should plan your purchase appropriately. Something weather resistant and strong enough to hold an anchor could be a good fit, like this rope. It is also a good idea to purchase several feet, for better safety.
  • Pool noodles, and fabric that you like for covering them. As an alternative, you can use white noodles.
  • A spring cover, which usually has better resistance to the elements.
  • If you prefer not to use noodles and spring cover, you can get several strips of rope or cloth.
  • A mattress, or memory foam.
  • Sheets and cushions.

Once you have everything, you can begin the transformation!


1. As mentioned before, the only part of the trampoline that will become a bed is the circular frame. Thus, the first step is to remove the cage and the legs, if you haven’t already.

2. Time to protect you and yours from the hard parts. For this, you have 2 options:

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  1. Cover the frame with pool noodles split down the middle. You can affix them to the metal using spray glue. Once they are in place, you can cover them with your favorite fabric or leave them bare. Then, apply the standard spring cover.
  2. Wrap cloth or rope around the frame and springs several times until you get a good layer of cushioned protection.

3. Time to work with your extra sturdy rope. Loop strings of it around the frame; wherever there was a leg is a good spot to do this. Ideally, you should run the rope underneath and across the mat, so it will support you better without sagging at the middle. This is especially important if your trampoline is large.

Remember to leave a decent opening for you to go into the bed with ease.

4. Up it goes! Hang it wherever you want, either indoors or outdoors —but not before being absolutely certain that your chosen spot can hold the intended load.

5. This is when the mat becomes a resting spot. You can simply cover it with sheets, but for best results you might want to add an actual mattress, or memory foam, and then put the sheets on top.

Trampoline Bed Ideas Put to Good Use

And that’s that! Add your favorite cushions, blankets and the like, and you’ve got yourself a cozy bed, which you can decorate with netting, gauze, falling curtains, maybe some lights, you name it!

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And if you don’t have a trampoline of your own, you can always get one secondhand! Hopefully you’ve made good use of these trampoline bed ideas!


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