How to Clean a Toaster

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While you may use your toaster every morning as part of your breakfast routine, when was the last time you actually cleaned it? If it’s been a while, your toaster is probably packed with crumbs you can’t even see. Make sure your favorite breakfast maker is clean and in great working order every morning by taking a few minutes to clean it. Luckily, cleaning your toaster is a quick and easy job. If you’re wondering how to clean a toaster, keep reading for an easy step-by-step guide.

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Cleaning crumbs in a toaster

Safety First

The first step to get your toaster looking like new is to make sure you’re safely cleaning the appliance. That means taking the time to unplug the toaster from the outlet before continuing on to the next step. Since you’ll be using liquids and sticking your fingers into the appliance, this step is probably the most important in this how-to guide. Unplug your toaster before you start cleaning it to prevent injury later on.

How to clean the outside of a toaster

Prep Your Work Area

Cleaning your toaster can get messy, especially if you haven’t cleaned it in while. To make sure you don’t have a second mess to clean up after you’re finished cleaning your toaster, take a few minutes to prepare your work area. Work over the top of your kitchen sink or trash can. Or place your toaster on top of some newspapers or a towel on the counter or table to keep crumbs from getting everywhere as you’re cleaning.

Empty the Crumb Tray

Most toaster models have a removable tray at the bottom to catch loose crumbs from your morning toast. To remove the crumb tray, simply grab the edge of the tray and pull. After dislodging the tray, pour out the loose crumbs into the trash, then set the tray aside to clean it later. The crumb tray can be washed in the sink with warm soapy water or sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner and wiped dry. Make sure the tray is completely dry before replacing it in the appliance to prevent mold from forming inside your toaster.

Cleaning a toaster with a cloth

Shake Out Extra Crumbs

While your crumb tray may be full of crumbs, the toaster itself probably has a few extra crumbs inside it. To remove excess crumbs from inside the appliance, turn the toaster upside down and shake the crumbs loose from inside. This is also the best method for removing crumbs from the inside of the toaster if your toaster model does not have a removable crumb tray.

After the loose crumbs have been removed, it’s time to tackle the stuck-on crumbs inside the appliance. Use a pastry brush or paint brush to scrub off the stuck-on crumbs from the inside of the toaster. Make sure to pay special attention to the corners and hard-to-reach areas inside the toaster.

Now that the crumbs have been loosened by the brush, turn the toaster upside down one more time and give it a good shake. The rest of the crumbs should begin to fall out. Inspect the inside of the toaster and repeat the process until all the crumbs have been removed.

Cleaned toaster tray

Wipe the Exterior

When the inside of the toaster is clean, it’s time to tackle the outside. Clean the exterior of your toaster with a damp cloth. If your toaster needs a bit heavier of a clean. An all-purpose cleaner is safe to use on the outside of the appliance. Spray the cleaning cloth with the cleaner and wipe the toaster’s exterior. Paying attention to cracks and crevices where crumbs may be hiding. To get deep inside cracks along the exterior of your toaster. Wrap the tip of a butter knife with a damp cloth and wipe along the inside of the crack. Finish by wiping the toaster’s knobs to remove debris and residue.

How to clean stainless steel on a toaster

Polish the Metal

If you have a stainless-steel toaster, it may need some special attention after the initial cleaning is finished. To make sure the stainless steel on your toaster looks amazing when you’re finished cleaning. Dab a little bit of vinegar on a clean cloth and buff the metal areas. Allow the steel to air dry, making sure to wipe away any excess vinegar from the surface.

Maintain the Cleanliness

After you’ve spent time cleaning your toaster, you’re going to want to keep it looking like new! To maintain your toaster’s cleanliness, be sure to:

  • Clean the crumb tray on a regular basis. Keep crumbs from continuing to build up inside your toaster by making sure your crumb tray stays clean. If you use your toaster daily, emptying the crumb tray once a week is a good idea. But if your toaster is only used on occasion, you can cut back the cleaning to once a month.
  • Wipe the exterior. Crumbs and debris can also build up on the exterior of the toaster if you’re not careful. Taking a few minutes to clean the exterior of the toaster will ensure the entire appliance stays clean. The exterior of the toaster can be cleaned using a damp cloth as needed to keep it clean and crumb-free.
How to Clean your Toaster | What's the Best Way to Clean your Toaster? | Can you Use Water to Clean Your Toaster? | How do you get Your Toaster Cleaned Properly | What's the Safest way to Clean a Toaster? | How do you Clean the Toaster Without Getting Shocked | How do you Get Crumbs out of a Toaster? | #cleaningdiy #cleaningtips #toaster #appliance


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