How to Organize the Cabinet Under Your Sink

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The cabinet under your sink is usually where you store your cleaning products and supplies. And while it’s filled with things that help keep your home clean and organized, the cabinet itself often gets overlooked during your regular cleaning sessions. If you’re hoping to finally get a handle on that messy kitchen cabinet, you’re in luck! This is actually one of the quickest and easiest spots to organize. Here’s how to organize the cabinet under your kitchen sink.

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Clean it Out

Since this cabinet often gets missed during your regular cleaning sessions, chances are it’s pretty dirty. The best way to really get your under the sink cabinet clean is to remove everything inside. On top of making it easier to reach back into the corners to scrub the dirt and grime away, clearing everything out of the cabinet will also help you declutter the items inside.

Start by removing everything from inside the cabinet and setting it on the floor, on your kitchen counters, or on your dining room table. Clean the entire cabinet (both the walls and floor), as well as wiping down the sink pipes to remove dust and debris that may be stuck there and scrubbing dirt and scruff marks from the backs of the cabinet doors. After that, remove any ripped or stained shelf liner and replace it with a fresh new water-resistant liner.

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When your cabinet is clean, it’s time to take a look at everything you had stored inside. To ensure your cabinet stays organized when you’re finished, it’s a good idea to declutter and sort everything that was inside.

  • Throw away all items that are expired, leaking, or worn out
  • Get rid of cleaning solutions you no longer use or that you don’t like
  • Move cleaners that don’t belong in the kitchen (like toilet cleaner and shower spray) to the room where they are used

After decluttering your cabinet items, sort them according to their use. You could sort your supplies into the following categories:

Get Measurements

Since the inside of this cabinet is awkward thanks to winding pipes, it can be difficult to find the best storage solution for the items inside. To make the most of the storage space, you’ll need to get a few measurements so you can find the right storage containers. Measure all the usable storage spaces inside your cabinets, taking into account the placement of the pipes. Then, find storage bins, shelves and drawers to fit those measurements.

Be Creative

To make the most of this storage space, you’re going to have to get a little creative with your storage system. Luckily, there are a variety of creative storage solutions that are perfect for maximizing the storage space under your kitchen cabinet.

  • Hang a tension rod along the width of your cabinet to hang spray bottles, giving you more storage space on the bottom of your cabinet
  • Store taller items, like paper towel rolls, in the back of the cabinet to make it easier to see what’s inside the cabinet at first glance
  • Add stackable storage bins or drawers along the sides of the cabinet to store smaller items like sponges and loose pieces like dishwasher detergent pods
  • Use the back of the drawer to hang smaller items, like rubber gloves, or increase storage space with hanging shelves for smaller things like sponges and scrub brushes
  • Install a lazy Susan under the sink to increase storage space and make finding and accessing all your cleaning supplies much easier
  • Create a cleaning tote to make cleaning and organizing easier. Store all your most-used cleaning products and supplies inside an easy-to-grab basket or bucket so you can quickly get what you each time you’re cleaning
  • Sort items in clear stackable containers to easily know what’s inside while still keeping everything sorted

Remove Packaging and Label

To give your kitchen sink cabinet a fresh, organized look, consider removing items from their packaging and adding new labels. In addition to keeping things sorted and orderly, this method also makes a big difference in the look of the space. You could:

  • Place dishwashing pods in a clear container
  • Transfer your favorite cleaners into similar bottles
  • Remove sponges and brushes from packaging for easy sorting
  • Sort all similar tools and cleaning products into bins and label each bin

Labels are a great way to ensure everything inside your kitchen sink cabinet stays organized. Download my free printable labels to jazz up your kitchen cabinet today. To use my printable cleaning labels, simply print them out on sticker paper and attach them to your bins and baskets. Or print them on plain white paper and use packing tape to stick them to the front of each container.


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