Best Home Ice Cream Maker

Screaming for ice cream? Making it at home is far easier than you think. It’s cheaper on the long run, too. A great activity to do with the kids. And a fun alternative when you have a lot of fruit you don’t know what to do with! Are you ready to transform your summer? See…

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Best Stainless Steel Dehydrator

Running out of space in the freezer? Don’t fret! Dehydrate your food and it will last much longer, occupy less space, and retain its nutrients! Many are the appliances available which can get this job done, but a stainless steel dehydrator comes with its own advantages, which we will cover further down. Let’s review the…

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Best Mini Deep Fryer

Best small deep fryer for home use

French fries. Onion rings. Nuggets. Donuts! So many tasty snacks, such long distances to find them. Wouldn’t it be nice to get them right from the comfort of home? Then it’s time to occupy that empty spot on your counter with a mini deep fryer, and treat yourself whenever you want! See also: Before you…

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Best Under Sink Water Filter

Best under the sink water filter

Let’s face it: water safety is not as reliable as it was just a few years ago. Old pipelines are but one potential reason why we might be pouring toxic chemicals and harmful organisms into our bodies every time we help ourselves to a glass of water. Leaving it to chance is a luxury we…

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Best Hot Water Tap/Dispenser

Coffee. Baby bottles. Rinsing off tough stains. Your water needs to be a certain temperature for these and other tasks, not to mention the benefits to your health. True, you can always use a kettle, but let’s face it: the faster you can get it, the better. For boiling water on the spot, whenever you…

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Best iPad Mount for Kitchens

If you’re here, it means your iPad is your favorite guide when you’re trying a new recipe. Letting it sit on the counter not only exposes it to spills and accidental falls onto the floor; your neck might also protest when you look in that direction while you cook. It is time to give your…

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Best Modern Style Pantry Organization & Kitchen Accessories

Best modern style pantry organizers

My kitchen has begun to feel so outdated and I’ve obsessively dream of remodeling it as soon as humanly possible. The thing is, there are so many different types of design styles that I’m not sure where to even begin. Here we’re going to explore some of our favorite modern style pantry organization. See also:…

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The Best Dehydrators for Jerky

If you like hiking, or going to the park, you know how important snacks are. You need a good pick-me-up, one that is tasty and loaded with energy. You may already be a fan of packing jerky but, how would you like to bring the cost even lower? These are the best dehydrators for jerky!…

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