The Best Steam Mop Reviews

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Steam mops are a must-have for anyone trying to stay on top of things in a home with hardwood floors and non porous surfaces. To that end, I’ve decided to review some mops to find out, what is the best steam mop? Breaking out the old mop and bucket just isn’t the best way to do things. It’s sloppy, takes forever to dry, and takes a fair bit of time. (And that’s if you don’t manage to knock the bucket over!)

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The Best Steam Mop Reviews

Steam mops have taken over as the prefered cleaning method for hardwood floors. They remove the hassle of dragging out a two piece mop and bucket ensemble. Not only are they relatively ineffective at cleaning all of the soils, but they quickly become dingy with use after use. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, just think of what all of that excess sitting water is doing to your hardwood floors!

Enough is enough, and thankfully embracing new and more effective cleaning tools has never been easier, or more affordable. You’re probably thinking of those bulky, heavy rental unit steam cleaners from grocery stores aren’t you? There’s a pretty good chance they’re the first thing that came to mind.

Steam mops now are incredibly lightweight, versatile and capable of cleaning large sections of space in very little time. What does that mean for you? (Hopefully some time to put your feet up and enjoy those shiny, dust-free floors!

What to Look for in the Best Steam Mop Reviews

There’s a lot to think about going in, but first things first you should take a look around the house. How many hardwood floors, or other non porous surfaces do you have that need cleaning? How much dirt, dander, soils or other messes accumulate there?

 If you’ve got pets, these questions are probably a bit easier to answer up front. Take a moment, and inventory the spaces around your house so you can really find a unit that’s going to stack up to the task at hand. Right tools for the right job, am I right?

Generally speaking, I’ll be looking at value, effectiveness and ease of use. Finally, I’ll jump right into these reviews and we’ll figure out what the best steam mop is!

Shark Steam Pocket Mop

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The shark pocket steam mop is another hardwood and tile cleaner built for using only water. As many reviewers put it, distilled water is the only kind it will take otherwise it clogs fairly easily. Ultimately, the shark serves as a good value model, especially if you’re not completely sold on steam mops. Its brush mop head uses a machine washable pad that wraps 360 degrees around the end of the mop.

This mop has a large water tank, easily tackling room after room in between cleans. The downside of course being the power cord. At 18 feet it falls somewhere in the middle for other units in its price range and features.

That being said there are a few redeeming traits. The water heats up near instantly, and putting it together couldn’t be simpler. It’s a steam cleaning system that delivers steam to floors without the use of a trigger, making it lightweight and easy gliding cleaner.


  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Low price tag
  • Effective mop cleaning


  • Somewhat shorter cord

Pur Steam Mop

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The Pur Steam mop seems to me to be a top contender for the best steam mop. It’s packed with functionality and needless to say, I find it very versatile around the house. The V-shaped mop head keeps the microfiber pad in place, while gliding effortlessly around the floor.

This mop comes with adjustable steam settings, as well as several different attachments. A small round synthetic brush head tackles porous surfaces well, helping refresh your sofas and upholstery. Above all else this steam mop takes corners better than any other model I’ve seen so far.

The triangular shape of the mop head makes it the best design for cleaning the entirety of the room as opposed to just high traffic areas or spot cleaning. Several cleaning methods, including a steam jet, nylon brushed as well as copper brush for heavier cleaning tasks.


  • 4 cleaning methods
  • Detachable steam heads
  • Ideal for cleaning corner and low-clearance spaces

Bissell BigGreen Commercial

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Bissell’s ‘Big Green’ is the commercial answer to an all-in-one cleaner. This steamer has a whole lot of water capacity and cleaning options for household and commercial use. Due to the sheer number of commercial units available on the market it seemed strange not to include one. They have their benefits, and of course drawbacks.

This Bissell for example, comes with a ton of extra cleaning features, from a small steam jet nozzle to squeegee head for glass. It yields about 45 minutes of cleaning time per tank, which is more than enough to take care of at least one floor’s worth of dust and grime. A water jug, as well as a funnel cloth are included.

This is a very effective steam mop. However, some might not like the transition from brush to hardwood floor steam mop. A cleaning towel attaches to the brush head with two clips. It’s somewhat unconventional, and doesn’t provide the same ‘scrubbing’ action of a fitted microfiber pad.


  • The most attachments 
  • Steam jet nozzle


  • Much higher price range

What is the Best Steam Mop?

Steam mops are a huge step up from the old fashioned and outdated floor cleaning methods. Scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees is a pain nobody should have to endure. And breaking out the old stained, smelly mop and bucket? Not for me, thanks! Out of all of these mops I’d have to lean towards the Bissel Power Fresh steam mop. Lots of steam cleaning capacity, and well worth the cleaning power with its price range.

There are a few things worth noting, of course. A lot of what makes the best cleaning product comes down to price and usage. What do I mean by that? Well, the old adage ‘the best tool is the one you use’ really comes into play here. Sincerely, the best steam mop is the one that you will actually be partial to using.

Price is another key factor in this equation. If the Bissel really doesn’t fit into your budget this month (or the next one, either!) Get yourself one that meets your needs, and your budget.

Another feature I absolutely love about the Bissel Power Fresh is the option for natural odour removing scents. This feature combines the safe and natural benefits of steam cleaning your floors, as well as a fresh deodorizing scent for each room.

Hopefully these reviews have come in handy with your steam mop buying journey! Take one step closer to a more carefree lifestyle with this huge time saver of a cleaning tool. Have you used any steam mops? Also, what cleaning products or tools can you absolutely not live without?


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