How to Remove Animal Hair from Fabric

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How to Remove Animal Hair From Fabric

Is your family cat or dog leaving you with messy hair all over fabric? Removing animal hair from fabric is much easier than you might initially think. The key is to stay on top of the problem to prevent it from building-up on the fabric.

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Removing Animal Hair with Duct Tape

Duct tape is especially tacky on the sticky-side of the surface. Wrap duct tape around your fingers with the tack-side facing outwards. Press fingertips onto the fabric. Lift off quickly. Repeat using all of the tape on your fingers. If needed, get a new piece and repeat the process. It is rather quick, inexpensive and an easy way to control pet hair.

Vacuum the Fabric to Remove Animal Hair

Another solution is to use the wand tool of your vacuum cleaner. Place it firmly over any areas of fabric that have pet hair and dander. Let the suction of the cleaner pull the hairs out of the upholstery. Vacuuming the furniture daily is the best way to keep pet hair down and less of a problem in your home.

Remove Animal Hair with a Lint Brush

A lint brush is great for getting cat hair and dog hair off of clothing. Just prior to leaving, roll a lint brush up and down your clothing. Lint brush refills are fairly inexpensive. You might need someone to get the backside of clothing that you cannot see or cannot reach. Keep a lint brush by the door for quick and easy removal of animal hair.

Furniture Covers for Pet Hair Protection

One way to handle the shedding of pet hair is the use of furniture covers. You can allow your dog or cat to jump on the furniture without worry. Furniture covers fit over chairs, love seats, sofas and couches. It is an effective way to simply take care of the problem. To remove pet hair from the furniture cover, simply shake it outside. Then toss the cover in the washing machine. After it is dried, replace it on the furniture. Ideally, have two sets of covers. This will ensure you can keep the furniture pieces covered at all times.

For the bedroom, either close the bedroom off to pets or use a large blanket over the bedding. For example, I have a dog blanket specifically for my bed. I place the blanket on the bed. The dog can then watch television with us. At bedtime, I fold the blanket and place it on the floor by the foot of the bed and crate the dog. When the blanket gets covered in dog hair, I simply shake it and wash. The bed stays pet hair free.

Duct tape, vacuuming, pet hair brushes and furniture covers are the best methods to get rid of unwanted animal hair in your home. These are easy methods to allow your pet freedom and not have animal hair all over fabric and furniture.

How to Remove Animal Hair From Fabric


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