The Best Spray Mop

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Spray mops are a quick and effective way to get that mop-clean feel on your hard surfaces throughout your house, with half the work! Since we love saving time wherever we can, we’ve reviewed the best spray mop. We’re going to feature some of the most popular models so you can make an informed decision about which one to pick up for your kitchen, entryway and hardwood floors! A seamless clean, for a low price. Does it get any better than that? Let’s dive in and find the best clean available! 

What is the Best Spray Mop? 

Hardwood floors are diverse in texture, material and tolerances. Some take cleaning very well, and stand up to frequent and stuck-on messes. Others require regular maintenance to retain their original lustre. These spray mops provide a gentle, and non-caustic clean so you can rest easy knowing you’re giving your floors the best clean possible! 

Say goodbye to the old mop and bucket, or worse, the old mop and rag! Gone are the days of scrubbing on your hands and knees in order to give your floors the clean they need. These spray mops keep you off the floor, for an easier, faster and more natural clean! 

One of the best features of these ultra-convenient mops is that they’re almost always incredibly affordable. The reason for that is because they don’t have to utilize a whole lot of technology to provide a very modern cleaning solution. What does that mean for you? Savings compared to some of the other options available, robot mops included! Look to spray mops for an affordable and straightforward way to get the clean your hard surfaces deserve. 

What to Know About Spray Mops

Thankfully, spray mops are more useful than ever! Why’s that? They’ve simply gotten more durable, versatile and effective than they have been years passed. With concerns about single-use waste on the rise, microfiber cleaning pads have become more widely available for these models. Spray functionalities are becoming more mechanical, and less reliant on single use batteries, as well. Overall, spray mops have been an increase in quality. They’re no longer just pushing dust and dirt along your floors, but actually capturing and removing messes as they go along. A quick and easy clean is exactly what these things were made for, and they do a great job at it! Whether its dusting, light-duty messes or a quick spritz before company arrives, these mops can handle your smaller cleaning tasks.  

Cleaning Bathroom Floors with Spray Mops 

One of the biggest advantages of a spray mop is how well suited they are for cleaning bathrooms. Increasingly so, more and more people are trying to avoid having to scrub the floors of your kitchen and bathroom on your hands and knees. 

Keeping chemicals off of the surfaces your family interacts on a daily basis is important to the health-conscious among us. These mops can sanitize areas of your home in order to provide an environment that’s safe for your family, but not for germs and bacteria. 

Spray mops can provide you with 99.9% bacteria cleansing, without any of the smelly, nauseating mop bucket water that you’d usually end up with by the time you get that clean. You can leave behind all of the scrubbing that goes along with sanitizing, too! Leave behind the seemingly endless amount of elbow grease it took to get a clean bathroom or kitchen floor, for a more care-free approach. Let’s take a look at some of the models that are currently available! 

These are the Best Spray Mops for Your Floors

O-Cedar ProMist Max

Promist max spray mop

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This thing is the ultimate all-around, introductory spray mop if you’re just starting out with spray cleaning hard surfaces! This mop is, both light and easy to use. At the pull of a switch, you can glide this lightweight mop over an area for a shot of disinfecting spray. So what is it best for? This mop excels in smaller areas for two reasons. It has a large, top and bottom sided mop pad for tackling large surface areas. 

This is very well suited to cleaning larger rooms, with a wide rectangular pad for capturing lots of dirt, dust and dander! It has a very simple operation, with a one-touch removable cleaner bottle. Secondly, you don’t need a cleaner to sanitize your floors with this mop! The microfiber mop head can pick up 99.99% of bacteria with just water. This makes cleaning an absolute breeze. Worry-free, light-weight operation? This is the best solution for a low-cost spray mop that will handle messes all around the house.  


  • Great for large surface areas 
  • Can remove bacteria without cleaner 


  • Specialized, proprietary cleaning pads 

Bona Premium Spray Mop 

Bona speciality spray mop for hardwood floors

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What is a premium spray mop? We suppose it’s one that must be built tougher and more capable than the rest. But is that true for this mop system? The Bona spray mop is specially designed to tackle a wider variety of surfaces. In other words, it’s perfect for tackling tile, vinyl and laminate! This mop is able to gently and safely remove messes from more sensitive non-porous surfaces throughout your house! 

In other words, ones you would never take a traditional mop and bucket to! The other benefit to using the Bona premium spray mop is its extra large cleaning head. It measures 16.5 inches wide, for a quicker clean in each room! Lastly it is the spray canister itself. Bona supplies one bottle of its specially formulated cleaner to go along with it, but after that you’ll have to source refills. 


  • Durable construction 
  • Gentle cleaning for all floors


  • Mid to high range price tag for its class
  • Proprietary cleaning solution for best results 

Swiffer Wet Jet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop 

Wet jet pro floor spray hardwood surface mop

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Swiffer is perhaps the most ubiquitous name in light-duty cleaning there is! That’s great news for your floors, especially if you need something affordable, light weight and for small cleaning jobs. If you want to keep some pet hair and dust off of your floors, the Wet Jet is a top choice. The Wet Jet represents an improvement on their previous line, the Wet + Dry. It’s a real step above, too! This is a great solution for keeping your floors clean and dust free. 

This spray mop is capable of delivering a lot of mopping power for a spray and pad system. Two jets deliver the cleaning solution to the area you’re cleaning. The specialized cleaning pad absorbs the cleaner effectively, and traps dirt and dust. Really, it doesn’t just shove the dirt around the floor, instead trapping and locking it inside the cleaning pad. Consider one of these for light cleaning jobs around your non porous surfaces. 


  • Improved dirt and grime cleaning w/ new cleaning pads 
  • Cleaning mist jets breakdown medium-duty messes


  • Relies on single-use pads (discarded after a short number of consecutive uses)

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop 

Spray mop system for cleaning hardwood floors

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The Rubbermaid spray mop is a much welcome cleaning system from a trusted brand! Rubbermaid is long known for their tough-as-nails storage bins, and household accessories. Just like the containers this brand is known for, their spray mop is incredibly light, yet remarkably durable! It doesn’t feel flimsy, instead firm and consistent construction all throughout. This is one you won’t mind tackling slightly heavier messes with. It packs some decent cleaning power for any type of floor, thanks to a microfiber cleaning mop! 

What’s better yet? There’s two empty refillable sprayer bottles that you can fill with a solution of your choice! Right off the bat, I’d have to recommend water and vinegar for a chemical-free clean. The trigger release for your cleaning solution is totally mechanical, which means no batteries required! We love this mop for its scrubber, washable pads and refillable cleaner bottles! 


  • Use your own cleaning solution 
  • Scrubbing pad 
  • Durable 

Simpli-Magic Sanitizing Spray Mop 

sanitizing spray mop for killing floor bacteria

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The Simpli-Magic is a value spray mop that gets the job done perfectly well for its price point! You’re actually getting a pretty good bargain with this value mop, so what does it do? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out it comes with two washable microfiber cleaning pads, and 5 additional cleanings rags! 

There’s even a reusable bottle that can hold your favorite cleaning solution. The best thing about this microfiber wonder is it’s absolutely perfect for taking care of a wide variety of flooring types around the house! The other clear benefit to using microfiber to get a smooth consistent clean is that it’s totally antibacterial. Microfiber can trap bacteria and viruses concontact, especially when paired with a cleaner.  


  • Very affordable value mop 
  • Refillable bottle 


  • Only suitable for lighter messes and areas

After taking the time to review each of these models, I’d have to say the Rubbermaid spray mop comes up on top for me! It has great cleaning ability, and it’s built from the ground up to be as environmentally friendly as possible, while letting me avoid harsh cleaners while not sacrificing cleaning power. Re washable microfiber mop heads make for a consistent clean, and a totally mechanical spraying mechanism feels better to use than the battery operated equivalent. This will handle most of the messes you’ll need to clean up besides large clumps of dirt, spilled sauce or mud. For a good daily hardwood floor duster/light mop, the Rubbermaid makes for the best spray mop in my honest opinion. What do you look for in a spray mop? Thanks for stopping by! 


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