Best Pitcher Water Filter

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Looking to make your water a little safer? There are various ways to solve that. Many, however, are expensive, cumbersome, and they might be left behind when you move out. By cost, ease of use and, of course, portability, a pitcher water filter might be your best bet. Need some guidance to pick the right one? Then you’re in the right place!

What Counts At Choosing Time

The Filter

1. Durability

How long it lasts is bound to vary by manufacturer, but it will also depend on the sort of water being filtered: the heavier it is, the shorter life the filter will have. Ideally, you should aim for a filter intended to last between 2 and 6 months. Half a year should also be the limit of how long you use a filter, even if the manufacturer tells you otherwise; this is to prevent the development of potentially harmful bacteria that could end up in your drinking water.

2. Replacement Indicator

You don’t want your filter to stay on duty longer than it is supposed to. An indicator will save you some trouble by alerting you when it is time to change the filter, although you should ideally keep track of time just in case the indicator is not completely reliable.

3. Speed

For the pitcher to be effective, the water has to go through the filter before moving into the main reservoir for you to drink. This is usually a slow process, but some filters will get the job done faster than others.

4. What It filters Out

Most filters in this category are only intended to give the water a better taste and smell. While this can often be desirable, it will not do you any good if you are looking to get rid of, for example, heavy metals. If the filter comes NSF/ANSI certified, that is a good sign, but you should still verify the type of certification: the 42 standard signifies good capability to improve the water’s taste and smell, whereas any filter certified to 53 standard will be better at filtering out certain contaminants.

Whichever ends up being the final pick, it’s worth remembering that a pitcher type filter will only do so much: for water that might be more heavily contaminated, a more advanced filtering system could be a better choice.

The Jug

Nowadays, most jugs are made of plastic. This makes them cheaper, but it is strongly recommended to procure one that is certified BPA-free, to minimize the risk of harmful chemicals seeping into our drinking water.

Another important factor is the size: depending on how many people will be drinking from the pitcher, we might want to get a bigger one.

Overall Design

A pitcher with a water filter is more complex than a conventional one and, therefore, a bit more likely to develop leaks if it is poorly constructed. The whole assembly (lid, reservoir, filter) should all be tightly put together. An auto-open lid and a filter that is easy to detach are also convenient bonuses, especially for cleaning; which is important to prevent algae, bacteria and other contaminants.

Worthy Choices

Fill it with water, pop it in the fridge: here are some options worth considering for your home.

Brita Everyday Water Pitcher

Everyday easy to use Brita water filter for the fridge

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This one has almost every perk its category has to offer: the filter not only improves the water, it is also useful for removing mercury, copper and other similar substances. The indicator will alert you when it is time to replace the filter, and the pitcher is BPA-free.

At 10-cup capacity, it should provide a decent supply of water to an average family, although you should be ready to swap the filter every 2 months or 40 gallons, whichever comes first.

You can buy the pitcher alone, or bundled up with 3 replacement filters.


  • Packed with convenience.


  • No NSF/ANSI certification.

ZeroWater ZP-006-4

Zerowater water pitcher for filtered water in your fridge

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If you would like your filter to clean your water as much as possible, then you might want to check this one out: the filters are lab-tested and NSF-certified (standard 53) to reduce lead and other heavy metals, through a 5-stage filtration process that involves a proprietary ion exchange technology in addition to carbon filtering.

The pitcher comes with a water quality meter at no additional cost. This is useful to see for yourself the quality of your purified water, but it is also the only way to tell if it is time for filter replacement, as they feature no dedicated indicator.

Its 6-cup capacity might be a bit too low for an average family.


  • Thorough filtering process.


  • Must constantly test the water to check if it’s time to replace filter.
  • Zesty taste reported in the water, even when tests reveal no impurities.

BWT Vida Water Filter Pitcher

Best water pitcher for filtered drinking water in your home

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This European-made pitcher comes with some awards under its belt, as well as NSF certification. Aside from removing chlorine, scale and heavy metals, it adds a certain amount of magnesium to the filtered water to further help with taste.

Filters do not require soaking to be activated, and they include silver to protect against microorganisms. They are intended for 60-day durability; date of replacement should be kept track of consistently, as there is no indicator to alert when it is time to change it.

Capacity is only 5 cups, which might make it suitable for use by one person only.


  • Filter activation is faster.
  • Remineralization.


  • No easy way to tell when it’s time to change the filter.

Waterdrop WD-PT-04B Chubby

Wooden handle water pitcher for easily pouring water

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If you like paying attention to looks, then this might be a good one to look into: you can get it either blue or white, and the wooden handle is a departure from conventional design. Not only is it large at 10-cup capacity, it is designed to filter 200 gallons before it needs a replacement. To make things even easier, a light will tell you when it is time to change the filter. Pitcher is BPA-free.

The 7-stage filtering process can remove lead, chlorine, arsenic, limescale and other components. It is, however, expressly not designed for removal of Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS: this is intended to preserve certain beneficial elements, such as calcium and magnesium.


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • High filtering volume.


  • Wooden handle is rough; this can cause splintering, and mildew if exposed to water during cleaning.
  • Indicator light can be prone to failing.

AquaBliss 8541997982

Aquabliss water filter pitcher system

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Aside from being made to last about 4 months, the filters are designed to remove odors, sediment, chlorine and some heavy metals. It will not remove certain substances that can be common in some places, such as fluoride. The water is widely reported to pass through the filter quicker than with other similar units.

Capacity is 10 cups, well suited for a family.


  • Filters are among the longest lasting in this category.
  • Decently wide range of components filtered.
  • Performance generally hailed as satisfactory.


  • Construction is not sturdy; rubber ring can come off, which often causes leaks.

For The Best Water: Brita Everyday Water Pitcher

For the best water Brita everyday water pitcher filter holder

It’s not certified, but it might not need to be: consumer impressions have been consistently favorable. 10-cup capacity will yield you enough water for a whole family; and not only will it taste better, it will be free from several types of heavy metal. To make matters simpler, you need only to see the indicator to find out when it is time to change the filter. Pitcher is BPA-free, which should take another worry off your mind. Most perks associated with this type or unit are offered by the Brita Everyday. With this one, your household should have its needs adequately met in just about every respect.


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