The Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

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More height to fill your pots. More power to rinse grime off your dishes. Different spray modes. Pull-down faucets are a relative newcomer to the kitchen scene, and they are already revolutionizing it. If you’re remodeling, or moving in, now is the time to bring one of these into your space!

How to Find the Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

What a pull-down faucet does is, essentially, expand your range. The hose within can be pulled downwards, which allows you to aim the stream of water exactly where you want it; this can be a spot of grime on a corner of the sink that is hard to reach, or a dish covered with grease.

Is It Compatible?

As tempting as it may be, one can’t just go shopping for a pull-down faucet: there are a couple factors to verify first.

1. Space. These faucets can be as tall as 15”, with hardly any going below 10; they are bulky underneath too. It is better to make sure there is enough room for one before making a purchase.

2. Sink depth. You are bringing the stream of water closer to the sink, and often making it stronger; this makes it easier to cause splashing, which might be a problem is your sink is too shallow.

The Particulars

Even within a single category there are certain elements that set one faucet apart from the other. Here’s a breakdown:

Spray Modes

Buttons on the spout will enable you to choose between regular flow and a more concentrated (or dispersed) spray; the variety of spray modes may differ between one model and another.


Some of them do, some of them don’t; depending on how wide your sink is, you might want a faucet with this feature.

Hands-free operation

These faucets are usually single-lever, so they are inherently easy to operate. However, if you are a fan of technology or often wish you were an octopus, certain models will be operated, not by lever, but by sensor. In some cases, all it takes is to touch the faucet to go between flow and shutdown; some of them will only require movement.

It doesn’t stop there: nowadays, plenty of devices at home can be controlled merely by voice, and the trend has reached these kitchen faucets. Certain models are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, and will modify the flow of water (or even shut it down) on your command.

Working Parts

Valve, hose, neck, to name a few, will be made of varying materials depending on the model, such as zinc, plastic or steel; this can directly affect their resistance to corrosion, overall durability, or both.


The finish is part of it, sure: beyond the classic chrome and brass, there are also stainless steel, nickel, brushed variants of the aforementioned, as well as the increasingly popular matte-black. It doesn’t stop there, however; a variety of shapes is up for grabs, ranging from old-fashioned to modern and even restaurant style in between.

Depending on the style, they may require one to three holes for installation; you might want to verify your sink’s layout and potential for modifications.


This can vary wildly. You can find them as cheap as $70, or go as high as nearly $1,000. Materials, features, style, quality, everything will be a factor in driving the price tag up or down.

Pull-down VS Pull-out

They look almost alike, and they work similarly, but the key difference is revealed by their name: pull-out faucets feature a hose long enough to direct the stream of water at places beyond the sink, whereas pull-down goes only within the sink, and the hose is therefore shorter. This comes with a few advantages:

  • The hose in a pull-down is not so likely to get kinks.
  • Pull-out does not feature additional spray modes as often as pull-down does.
  • A pull-down faucet is usually taller, which makes it easier to fill up pots and pans.

For Your Perusal

1. OWOFAN  9009SN-A


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For its price, you don’t get a lot of fancy features, but it does the job and it does it well: certified by NSF and CUPC, its body is solid brass, and cartridge is ceramic, which reduces leak points. Installation does not requires tools, although it is only 1-hole compatible; for 2 or 3 holes, a plate must be acquired separately. Its swivel is 360°, and it can be toggled between aerated stream and pre-rinse spray.

This 16” tall faucet is available in 5 finishes, from the conventional chrome to a gold colored one; the finish will slightly affect the asking price.


  • Easy to install.
  • Good quality for a low price.


  • Deck plate must be purchased separately.
  • Manually operated version is the only one available.

2. Moen 7594ESRS


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Four finishes, four operation options. If this isn’t enough, it offers a variety of packages, from the faucet only to faucet plus soap dispenser. From this array, you can choose what best suits your needs and aesthetic preference, although there can be some limitations: certain finishes are not available in all operation options, for example.

Single sensor, double sensor, voice activated and standard: these are your choices for how you want your faucet to operate. Its proprietary Power Clean technology is intended to deliver 50% extra power spray, although there are no alternate stream modes. Full height is 15.5”


  • Variety of packages available.


  • Quite expensive even at the most basic version.
  • Only one spray mode.

3. Arofa A01LY


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Stream it, spray it, pause it: these are the 3 modes this faucet has available. 3 are also the finishes available for you to choose from, including the trendy matte black. Body is made of brass, connector parts are all metal, and the valve is ceramic. The finish is multi-layered, to help prevent corrosion and make cleaning less of a hassle.

Installing it is DIY friendly, and even easier thanks to its compatibility with a wider variety of sinks. 5-year warranty.


  • Quite affordable.
  • Installation is fairly easy.
  • Decent warranty.


  • Low pressure often reported.
  • Name engraved on a place that might be far too visible for some tastes.

4. Delta Faucet Leland 9178-SP-DST

Leland Delta faucet pull down design for washing dishes

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Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, this one comes with everything you need for installation, even the deck plate in case your sink has more than 1 hole. You can stream the water or spray it, with the latter being enhanced by proprietary ShieldSpray technology, which boosts the flow while containing splatter.

4 finishes are available to choose from. There is no matte-black, but there is a Venetian bronze option that might fit quite nicely in old-fashioned kitchens; there’s also the conventional chrome, and Arctic stainless. You can pick standard operation, Touch2O (sensor-operated), or voiceIQ if spoken commands are your preference.


  • Magnetic docking.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Deck plate included.


  • Price is somewhat steep.

5. WEWE A1001-02-01-BN

Modern style faucet with pull down sprayer

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It’s cheap, and it only comes in manual version; however, judging by reported consumer experiences, it can still be counted on, and you get 5 finishes to choose from, including matte-black and oiled bronze. Water can be set to stream, spray or pause.

Sprayer head and aerator are ABS plastic, valves are ceramic; the rest of the working parts are metal, including the body which is made in brass. Installation can be done without professional help. All in all, it covers the bases expected from its category, and at a fairly low price, the main potential drawback being a shorter life.


  • Decent option for its price.


  • Can be prone to leaking.

Top Of Its Class: Delta Faucet Leland 9178-SP-DST

Leland Faucet best pull down kitchen faucet system

When you go shopping, you want something that will last. On that department, this one got you covered, as it is tested to last twice the 500,000 cycles required by industry standards, which might be what gives the manufacturer the confidence to back the product with a limited lifetime warranty. You get more than that: its 4 finish options should have something for just about every taste, between the modern and the old-fashioned, and it can be purchased for operation in any preferred way: voice, motion or standard lever. If this weren’t enough, there is the additional (and somewhat rare) perk of a magnetic docking. This way you know that the hose will not be hanging off after you retract it. It may not be the cheapest option available, but it does deliver.


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