The Best Mops for Laminate Floors

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I have an entire floor in my house that’s all laminate. With kids and pets, I feel like I spend way too much time cleaning. That’s why I went on the hunt for the best mops for laminate floors! Here’s what works for me, and what I’d recommend. 

The Best Mops for Laminate Floors

A lot of people don’t realize that different flooring has different needs. Hardwood, for example, has a different level of durability than your laminate. Laminate can scratch, so you don’t want something that is too rough.

Before choosing the right mop, I’d worry about damaging my laminate floors. Plus they’d never look as clean as I wanted them to! Everyone’s cleaning needs are going to be different, but I think it’s safe to say most people are cleaning up after kids or pets at least some of the time.

Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors?

Since laminate floors are made differently than a solid wood floor, you’re probably wondering if you can use a steam mop on your laminate floors. Nowadays, almost every steam mop has been designed to be safe for laminate flooring. Likewise, newer laminate is a lot more durable thanks to changing technology and increased popularity.

Always test a new mop, especially a steam mop, on a small patch of flooring. Closets are good for this! Let it dry and then look for any damage from the mop or cleaning solution. Also, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Especially when it comes to how long you leave your mop sitting in one place on the floor.

What cleaning solution should you use on laminate floors?

If you choose a conventional mop you’ll probably want to add some kind of cleaning solution to the water to help remove dirt. Always look for cleaning solutions that specifically say they’re safe for laminate. A solution of vinegar and water is also safe for laminate.

Again, follow the directions. Not diluting your cleaner properly can damage your floors!

Should you use a dry mop on laminate floors?

If you don’t have a lot of dirt, and instead want to dust or pick up pet hair, a dry mop is a great tool to have in your cleaning closet. Pull it out between mopping and give your floors a quick cleaning. 

You can use the disposable ones (Swiffer style) or invest in a good microfiber dry mop. Either way, it’s a great way to keep floors clean and is safe for your laminate too.

Other tips for caring for your laminate floors

  • Wring your mop out really good and wipe up spills when they happen (water damages laminate!)
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners or chemicals
  • Be aware of any hard edges on your mop that could potentially scratch your flooring
  • Never leave a steam mop in one spot for too long

Microfiber Mop

Microfiber mop for cleaning hardwood floors

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This is a great option if you want something that can function as both a dry and wet mop. Leave the microfiber pad dry if you just want to do a dusting, or get it wet to do a more thorough job. The pad is machine washable so there’s nothing else to buy, too.

A downside to this mop is that you can’t really use cleaning solution easily with it, and you have to wring the pad out manually. Still, it’s super handy for quick clean ups and homes that aren’t very dirty.


  • Lightweight and handles well
  • Can fit under furniture
  • Works as a wet or dry mop
  • Easy to clean


  • No built in cleaning solution option
  • Manually wringing of the pad
  • Can’t mop up spills easily

Best for: Someone who wants a dry and wet mop option, and who doesn’t have to do a lot of cleaning

Yocada Microfiber Spray Mop

Microfiber spray mop system for cleaning dust and dirt

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If you like the idea of using a microfiber pad to clean, but want some cleaning solution options, this is for you. Pull the handle and cleaner sprays out, which will help you scrub dirt away with the microfiber pad. I like that you can put your own cleaning solution in here, too, so you know it will be safe for your floors.

One downside is it’s not as light as other mops since you’re carrying the water and cleaner in the handle. Still, if you want something that you can pull out for easy spot cleaning, this is your mop.


  • Cleaning solution sprays out when you need it
  • Pads are reusable and machine washable
  • No messing around with buckets and water every time you need to clean


  • No built in wringer (you have to manually scrub your pads before washing them)
  • Better for small areas than the whole house
  • Doesn’t spray well with all cleaning solutions

Best for: Someone who does a lot of spot or small area cleaning

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket

The Best Microfiber Mop for cleaning hardwood floors

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Not everyone has floors that stay clean. If you have pets or young kids, you’re probably looking for a more robust solution when it comes to the best mops for your laminate floors. This spin mop and bucket are exactly that.

The microfiber pad is gentle on your floors, but still a powerful cleaner. Since it’s a spin mop, a lot of water comes out each time you dip in the bucket so you don’t have to worry about having too much water sitting on the floors as you clean. Of course, it’s not as convenient as other options since it has a bucket, but this will definitely get the job done.


  • Built in wringer means hands free, easy water removal
  • Lightweight since the bucket is separate
  • Fits under furniture and into corners easily


  • You have to fill the bucket every time you use this mop
  • Handle extends, but might still be too short for taller people
  • Plastic mop head which could scratch baseboards if you’re not careful

Best for: Someone who needs to do a lot of cleaning

What are the best mops for laminate floors?

I’ve used all kinds of mops on my laminate, so I know how nice it is to finally find a great solution. Personally, I feel like steam mops are hard to push with how much resistance you get on the laminate, so they’re not always my top choice. But I do like the way they clean without chemicals and break up messes without scrubbing.

Convention mops, including the spin mop, are also nice on the laminate but who wants to lug a bucket around from room to room? They’re great for a big clean, but not for everyday cleaning.

For that reason I think that spray mops and the best mops for laminate floors. They bring the best of both worlds: a microfiber cleaning pad, but with a spray on cleaning option for those messy areas.

Spray mops for laminate floors

I like to keep mine full of water and homemade cleaning solution so it’s ready to tackle and messy areas that show up during the day. Since it leaves very little moisture, I can use my spay mop throughout the day without having to worry about wet patches. I find that cleaning messes as they happen, rather than waiting to mop, makes my house feel cleaner.

You can also swap out standard pads with some that scrub better, which is nice if you have a lot of stuck on messes to deal with. Especially in the kitchen. I also find that the microfiber pads leave less streaks or spots than steam mops or mop and bucket options, respectively.

While there are many options for best mops for laminate floors, I personally think that having a lightweight, easy to use solution is best.


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