How to Organize Your Craft Supplies

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Whether you have a dedicated room for crafting or a small storage space to hide away your crafting stash, your craft supplies could probably use a little reorganizing. From decluttering your current craft supplies to setting up the perfect craft supply organizational system, I can help you get your craft collection under control. Whether it’s keeping the bedroom, or kitchen pantry organized we’ve got all of the tips and tricks to help you get started! Here is everything you need to organize all your craft supplies.

Start by Decluttering

While this step in the organizational process is probably the hardest and most time consuming, it’s also the most important. As a crafter, it can be especially hard to part with items in your craft supply collection. What if you need it sometime in the future? But trust me – letting go of those extra supplies is totally worth it in the end. In addition to making organizing your craft supplies a lot easier, decluttering will also give you extra storage space and will make finding what you need for your next project so much easier.

Start decluttering by gathering up all your craft supplies and put them in one central spot. If you have supplies stored throughout your house, go through each room and pull out every box and bin filled with supplies that you can find. Put them all on your dining room table so you can easily sort through everything all at once.

Go through each box sorting supplies as you go. As you sort, create three different piles:

  • Trash. Throw away all your craft supplies that are unusable or broken.
  • Donate. Place good, usable craft supplies that you no longer need in this pile.
  • Keep. Here is where you’ll place all the craft supplies you want to keep.

Sort the Supplies

Now that you know which supplies you’re going to keep, you can take an inventory of everything you have and sort everything into different categories. There are a few different ways to sort your craft supplies, like: 

  • Storing like-supplies together. Make crafting easier by keeping all the supplies for each type of project you do together in one spot. Keep your sewing supplies in one area, painting supplies in another, and scrapbooking supplies in a different area.
  • Sort supplies according to size. Before you start organizing your crafting supplies, it’s a good idea to figure out what type of containers you’ll need. By sorting by size, you can more easily find the perfect containers for all your supplies.
  • Hide them away. If you need to hide your craft supplies throughout the house, make a plan for where you’ll put each type of supplies, then find the perfect storage containers to fit in those areas.
  • Display your craft supplies. Make your craft room look amazing by putting your supplies on display. Sort your supplies according to color or pattern to really make an impact with your craft supply display.

Organize the Right Way

Finding the perfect way to store your craft supplies is an important part of organizing. And with supplies in so many different sizes and shapes, it can be difficult to find the best way to store all your crafting supplies. 

  • Fabric: The key to storing all your fabric in an organized way is to fold each cut of fabric in a neat and uniform way. Then, you can place the fabric on a shelf, in a box, or in a drawer to keep store it away until it’s needed.
  • Paper: The most important part of storing all your craft paper is keeping it flat. And there are a variety of ways to keep your paper flat and organized, including storing it in hanging file folders, accordion files, or letter trays.
  • Paint: Organize your painting supplies by sorting the bottles and cans according to size, then color. Store bottles of craft paint upside down so it’s easy to see exactly what color is inside each bottle.
  • Crafting Supplies: Keep all your other crafting supplies neat and orderly by storing them according to their size and their use. Put your most-used supplies, like pencils and scissors, within easy reach by storing them on your crafting table in jars or a desktop organizer. You can also use glass jars, bins, baskets, boxes, and plastic containers to sort and store all your other supplies.

Don’t Forget the Labels

After you have sorted and organized all your craft supplies, you can start labeling each of your bins. Make sure you have your organizational plan in place before you start labeling to avoid having to relabel bins. Using labels on each of your bins, baskets and jars makes crafting so much easier. You can easily see exactly what’s inside each box without having to take it down from the shelf and open the lid. And labeling makes clean-up a breeze. When you’re finished crafting, simply look for the box where your supplies belong, place everything back where it goes, and you’re done!

My printable labels are the best way to ensure your craft room stays organized for good. To use my printable craft supply labels, simply print them out on sticker paper and attach them to your bins and baskets. Or print them on plain white paper and use packing tape to stick them to the front or top of each container.


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