Best Single Serve Blender Reviews

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Our grandmothers probably didn’t feel like the smoothie was a standard food item. Given that they were the generation of creating questionable Jello molds, I will give them a pass on always knowing what the next best thing will be when it comes to food. 

What is the Best Single Serve Blender?

Smoothies are one of those food items that felt like a trend and now has become a food staple to the point where you need a great device in order to pull them off well. Single serve blenders help keep the smoothie-obsessed in smoothie heaven.

We’re going to look at a few models to help you decide which blender is right for you! Could your kitchen use an upgrade? Treat yourself with a brand new single serve blender for whipping up smoothies, shakes and floats!

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Sboly Single Serve Blender

Sboly Single Serve Blender for making smoothies

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But, not every single serve blender is made equally. The best machines are able to blend the different smoothie components to the point where you can enjoy the flavor without dealing with annoying chunky bits. 

There are several beneficial things about having a single-serve blender that would be users should consider.

First, single-serve blenders are much more affordable than multiple use larger sized mixers such as the Vitamix or Kitchenaid blenders. If you only need a blender for making smoothies or the occasional soup, there’s no need to invest in a larger more expensive blender that is more than what you need. 

Nutribullet Single Serve Blender

Nutribullet Single Serve Blender with cup

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Second, single-serve blenders are much more compact and save a lot of space in the average home. If you live in an apartment, you can cut down on clutter by having a smaller, much more compact blender.

Third, it’s possible to save a significant amount of money when you invest in having a single-serve blender not only by investing in the blender itself, but by making your favorite smoothies from home. 

It’s honestly shocking to me how much smoothies can cost. And, depending on what you have added to them, a smoothie can rival the cost of a normal entree at a fast casual restaurant or a couple of small grocery run. 

Making them from home or from work can save you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, my favorite co working space has a single serve blender that gets a constant workout from so many people creating their favorite blends throughout the day.

One of the best perks at that space is free breakfast and they provide the ingredients needed for members to happily blend their favorite shakes throughout the day.

The best blenders are able to handle mixing different food items such as: ice, frozen fruit and veggies, fresh greens such as kale which is known to be notoriously difficult to break down when blending and other ingredients such as dried oats, flax and chia seeds. 

Here are a few single serve blenders that will have you happily blending away during your next smoothie kick. 

Magic Bullet Single Serve Blender

Magic Bullet best single serve blender

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With its distinctive name, many people are familiar with the Magic Bullet. It’s popular for a reason as you’ll see why when reviewing the pros and cons of using this blender. In fact, the Magic Bullet was on many late night infommercials for a number of years. 


  • This blender is super affordable coming in at $37 dollars
  • It has over 7,500 five star reviews on Amazon, a clear indicator that the Magic Bullet is a well-liked product and it has a huge number of reviews that potential users can review before making their purchase.
  • The Magic Bullet isn’t too large. The size makes it easy to maneuver and move around. 
  • Users in reviews have mentioned that it’s easy to clean.
  • Broken cups and other components needed for the blender can be easily replaced when needed.


  • It has just 200 watts of power indicating that users may experience some difficulties blending items such as ice, frozen fruit that may need more power to break them down.
  • Users have reported some difficulties chopping ice and frozen fruit.
  • The base is a little heavy and may be a little awkward to store at work. 

The Magic Bullet is a solid single-serve blender that will take care of most of your smoothie needs. 

Ninja Personal Blender

Ninja Personal Blender for your kitchen

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This personal blender has a much sleeker design than the Magic Bullet and is contoured at the base for better handling. 


  • It has 700 Watts of blending power. 
  • There is a 90 day limited warranty.
  • It’s easy for users to replace the different parts of the blender when needed.
  • It comes with a recipe book! This is nice because you don’t have to rely on your personal creativity when blending your next smoothie.
  • The Ninja Personal Blender costs $47 which is still very affordable for most would be users. 


  • In some reviews, users reported some leakage. The leakage might not be a deal breaker, but it’s good to know that it’s a potential issue. 

There were very few negative comments about the Ninja and most reviews indicated that users really enjoyed this blender. The Ninja Personal Blender is a solid little blender for a reasonable cost.

Oster My Blend


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Is a fashionable little blender that you can even bring with you to work. You can pick it up in one of five colors including pink! 


  • This little blender is only $19.99. It’s an incredible price to enjoy some smoothie magic.
  • It’s light and incredibly easy to carry if you would like to travel with it or use it at work.


  • Only 250 Watts of blending power. This lack of power may affect its ability to finely break down larger objects such as frozen fruit and ice. 
  • It’s really ideal for basic smoothies. Basic smoothies would include liquids and other items that are easily broken down when blended.

If you’re looking for a basic blender that allows you to blend smoothies that only need powders and liquids, then this could be a good blender for you. 

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach personal single serve blender

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Similar to the Oster My Blend, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes is a lightweight, colorful blender ideal for travel or for bringing to work. 


  • It’s only $18.53, yes, that’s an unusual price! And, it’s a great investment if you would like to try out having your own blender. 
  • The Hamilton Beach blender is portable and easy to use wherever there is an outlet.
  • BPA Free Plastic 


  • You get what you pay for. Users may find themselves replacing the blender a little more often than they would like. In several Amazon reviews, users have commented on the lack of product longevity.
  • Might not be ideal for smoothies that have large pieces of fruit or ice. This issue is frustrating for a lot of people because the fruit and ice are key parts of most people’s smoothies. 
  • This blender only has 175 Watts of power. This indicates that it may be difficult to achieve the level of “smoothness” that most people are hoping for with their smoothies. 

What is the Best Single Serve Blender for Smoothies?

The smoothie is no longer a health fad, but a health staple for many people who love them. Throwing ingredients together in a blender and enjoying a nice refreshing meal after a fitness class, during a hike, or for breakfast during your morning commute has never been easier. 

Hands down, the Ninja Personal Blender makes the best single serve blender for making smoothies! It’s a breeze to use, blends right into the cup and makes the ideal smoothie each and every time.

If you’re considering purchasing a personal blender keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Where do you plan on using it most? At home, on the go? Or, at work? I used to keep a small blender at work so that I could make a smoothie when I arrived. I had a long commute and would make my breakfast when I arrived at work. Don’t worry, everyone did this and there was a full kitchen at that job.
  • How easily are you able to store the blender?  I had a large office so I was able to easily story my blender in there. But, I would have also been able to store it in the kitchen at work. The only issue would have been the potential for my colleagues to use the blender or having it misplaced which happened from time to time with items that we brought to work.
  • What is your buying philosophy? Do you prefer to avoid replacing electronics for as long as possible? Or, are you’re ok with replacing the blender every couple of years or so?
  • Do you plan on taking your blender with you when you travel? Also, do you have the right convertors so that you can use the blender overseas?
  • What types of smoothies do you enjoy? Will the blender you choose be up to the task? If you’re blending smoothies with kale or frozen fruit and a lot of ice, you’ll need a blender that can handle those components.

You don’t have to purchase a larger expensive blender when you have simple blending needs. Don’t forget that you can also make soups with these blenders too. Having your own personal blender is a great way to save money on your smoothie habit. 

If you decide to go with one of the lesser expensive blenders, there are plenty of smoothies that you can make using ingredients such as yogurt, avocado, nut milks, and oats. 

Your smoothie doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless if you omit fruit. Have fun blending your next smoothie with your new blender. 


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