The Best Small Microwaves Reviewed

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The Best Small Microwaves

Microwaves, everyone needs em! We’re going to review some small microwave ovens so you can make the perfect decision. Whether you’re trying to save space on the counter top, upgrade your failing appliance. These are some of our favorite small microwaves on the market right now. 

The Best Small Microwaves 

Sorting through some of the best small microwaves can feel like a huge hassle. But isn’t the point of a microwave to save you time? We’ve reviewed some of the best small microwaves so you can rest easy knowing you’ll end up with the best bang for your buck! 

Small microwaves are just another one of those products that seems to have a never ending slew of makes, models and brands. What we’d like to help you do is sift through the mountains of appliances to find the one that best fits your home!     

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Why get a small microwave?

Small microwaves are all about form factor, saving room on your counter or finding the perfect fit for your built in cabinets. Alternatively, you’re probably looking for a new one if your aunt’s old microwave finally fried itself or you’re moving into a new place! 

Either way, we’ve reviewed a variety of small microwaves to help you make the best decision possible. Personally, I’ve picked up a new microwave myself just to match my other kitchen appliances, and you wouldn’t be alone if you shared the same problem trying to make your kitchen cohesive and modern! 

What I look for in small microwaves. 

I’m looking for three main factors when searching for small microwaves myself. The first is form, I need to make sure it’s small enough for whatever application I’m using it for. Second is style, it has to have the right color/finish to match my kitchen appliances, or at the very least blend in with my style. Third is functionality, while shopping for a small microwave I’m looking for the most basic timer, power settings and so on. 

The key for functionality is that they aren’t too difficult to use, easy to access and somewhat reliable. Here are a few small microwaves I looked at. 

RCA RW741 (Stainless Finish) 

RCA RW741 small microwave with a stainless steel finish

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Starting off simple, I found this trusty little RCA to be the perfect compromise between value, functionality and style. Available in several different stainless steel finishes and accompanying colours, it’s designed to fit whatever color scheme your kitchen is going for! Whether you’re hiding it away in the back of a countertop, throwing it next to the mixer or right into an upper cupboard, there’s a good chance it will fit exactly where you need it to.

 It’s a trustworthy brand with a new all-around universal design and color selection to match whatever you’re looking for. Functionally speaking, this small microwave reviews well, with a small digital screen and the standard button layout that’s familiar and easy to use. 


  • Small profile for a variety of applications 
  • Sleek, universal design that will compliment any kitchen well 
  • Trustworthy brand name  
  • Lightweight with a metal finish 


  • Relatively small digital display 
  • ‘Value-feel’ weak frame that’s easy to dent 
  • Lower wattage (700w) 

Sharp SMD2470AS Drawer Oven (Stainless) 

Sharp SMD2470AS Drawer Oven built in microwave oven

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This unit it specially built to achieve that clutter-free, minimalist look a lot of us are going for in kitchen design and layout lately. As far as small microwaves are concerned, this Sharp drawer oven is a little on the larger side, which may not suit everyone’s needs. 

That being said, it’s flush hideaway design is made for ‘drawer’ installation, meaning it would take the place of a drawer in a base cabinet. What this means is more space for other appliances, trendy kitchen decor or prep space! 

While it clocks in a little larger than most form factor units, this Sharp microwave makes up for in its application as being a space-saving piece. 


  • Modern stainless steel finish matches other Sharp appliances
  • Unit sits flush to a base cabinet, keeping it off of the countertop entirely 
  • Added ‘keep warm’ and ‘melt/soften’ settings that are very convenient
  • Large interior cooking space   


  • Flip-up control panel is unconventional and un user-friendly 
  • Unit requires lots of horizontal clearance to open and us
  • Control panel can be blocked by countertop edges based on instillation 
  • Largest of each microwave I’ve reviewed, at 1.2 Cu Ft.  

Comfee EM720CPL-PMB (Black) 

Comfee EM720CPL-PMB Black microwave oven

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This small microwave by Comfee comes in at only 0.7 cubic feet, fitting snug on any apartment countertop, or next to any of your other appliances without taking up too much space. It’s neutral design isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘modern’, but it fits in alright provided functionality and value are your biggest concerns.

Speaking of, this small Comfee microwave is the ultimate value appliance. With a relatively smaller price tag, this one definitely won’t break the bank, but it will keep your popcorn bowl full. 11 power settings and a standard array of button functions with some one-touch food options make it an all around kitchen companion. 

There is however one thing that makes this small microwave stand out. And that’s it’s somewhat unusual but highly practical sound-off feature. That’s right! No more sound-barrier breaking, high pitched beeping sequences when you’re just trying to heat up some hot chocolate at midnight. Or warm up some baby formula at the crack of dawn. Ever wonder who decided microwaves had to be so loud, anyways? 


  • ‘Sound-off’ feature, for handy beep-free operation 
  •  Lightweight and small microwave 
  • 11 power settings 


  • Black plastic finish is somewhat cheap in appearance 
  • Not designed for any type of built-in applications, counter-top only 
  • 700w means longer cooking time 

Daewoo KOR07R3ZER

Daewoo KOR07R3ZER small microwave oven

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Small and compact, this unique low-profile small microwave could be just what you’re looking for! An eclectic retro-style design makes this unit a real eye catcher. This may be positive or negative depending on what kind of space you’re looking at. There’s a huge market for vintage-style kitchen appliances so this could be exactly what you’re shopping for! 

Not all small microwaves are what they seem to be, functions vary and this unit is a prime example. A ‘zero-on’ system eliminates the need for standby power, to help cut down on passive electricity consumption. What Daewoo calls a ‘Concave Reflex System’ is said to cook food more thoroughly than other small microwaves. While it’s hard to say one way or the other as to how well it works, the mid-range price of this unit makes these added features seem more or less welcome. 


  • Child lock 
  • ‘Zero-on’ reduced energy consumption 
  • Eclectic style with small profile (0.7 cu ft.) 
  • Variety of colors available 
  • Mid-range price tag 


  • Unusual control panel design 
  • Cheap-ish feeling aluminum construction on the back and bottom  
  • Side venting, un-ideal for top cupboard storage/application 

What is the Best Small Microwave? 

After reviewing these four units I’d have to say that taking form factor, functionality and design into consideration the RCA RW741 takes the cake! With an all around sleek and modern design, a standard set of features and a small profile it’s a great choice. Making it great for the space-conscious amateur chef in all of us. It doesn’t take up too much space, matches most modern appliances and provides an easy to use, user-friendly control panel. 

Moderate wattage makes it alright for most tasks you’d expect to find with a small microwave. (Defrosting meat, making delicious popcorn or reheat soups and beverages). It’s lightweight and not terribly difficult to move around. Not to mention ideal for installing in upper cupboards for those really looking to keep their prep space clear. 

Get What’s Right for You

Make sure to figure out what you’re really trying to get out of a small microwave like this little RCA unit. If space is your concern than it definitely does its job. If you’re looking for cooking power on the other hand it might not be your first choice. There’s something to be said for larger units and a higher wattage. And therefore cooking and defrosting power to take into consideration. Take a second look at your space. Really try and decide whether or not a small microwave like this one is going to do the trick. It will make quick work of bowls of soup, midnight snacks and the odd coffee you let sit out too long (we’ve all done it!) 

Hopefully these small microwave reviews have helped you find a unit that’s just right for you. If you’ve got any more small microwaves that you think might fit the bill, let us know? Have any experience using any of these microwaves that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you! Good luck and happy shopping!  

The Best Small Microwaves
The Best Small Microwaves


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