Best Waffle Iron for Chaffles

Keto is taking over as a great diet alternative for sensitive eaters and health conscious cooks. There’s a lot of delicious keto recipes out there, even if you’re not following the diet yourself! Waffle irons might not strike you as the first tool for most keto kitchens. For good reason too, but there’s a lot…

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The Best Extra Large Dish Drying Racks for a Crowd

The best extra large dish drying racks

Entertaining for a group has its own host of challenges, but dishes shouldn’t be one of them! I’ve found some extra large sized dish racks that are perfect for groups! These extra large capacity dish drying racks are exactly what you need to truly be the host with the most! Don’t fret over the mountain…

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The Best Kitchen Utensils

If you’ve got a kitchen, you’ve got to have utensils! You can’t flip a steak with a butter knife! I’ve taken the time to review a whole bunch of kitchen utensil sets to find out which one is the best on the market! In these reviews I’m looking at versatility, value and of course style!…

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The Best Small Microwaves Reviewed

Microwaves, everyone needs em! We’re going to review some small microwave ovens so you can make the perfect decision. Whether you’re trying to save space on the counter top, upgrade your failing appliance. These are some of our favorite small microwaves on the market right now.  The Best Small Microwaves  Sorting through some of the…

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The Best Pellet Smoker

Pellet smokers are the ultimate backyard amateur BBQ chef’s tool. Smoking meats to perfection, these grills come in all shapes and sizes with the sole purpose of cooking delicious smoked delight! These pellet smokers come in many shapes and sizes and are specially designed to add that signature smoked taste to any number of backyard…

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The Best Robot Mop For Your Home

Imagine having a handy little companion that zooms around your kitchen, bathroom and living room mopping your floors for you without having to lift a finger! It might sound like something out of The Jetsons but robot mops are a lot more commonplace than you might think!  The Best Robot Mop  With the meteoric rise…

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The Best Floor Mop for Hardwood Floors

Find the best mop for your hardwood floors!

Without having the perfect floor mop, keeping your hardwood floors clean is the type of chore none of us look forward to. But if we’re going to tackle it, why not do it right? If you’ve been looking for a dedicated hardwood floor mop recently, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to review…

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The Best Countertop Ice Maker to Buy

Find The Best Countertop Ice Maker!

Ice is a kitchen dilemma for many. Let’s face it, either you shell out for an expensive ice-making fridge or buy it from the store. The latter is a real handful, either it melts, or it turns into an ice block in your freezer. Thankfully, ice makers have come a long way over the years!…

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The Best Pan For Paella

The Best Pan for Paella

If you’re anywhere near as into cooking as I am, then you’ve probably thought to yourself, what is the best pan for paella? That might seem like a strange thought to many, but exploring different culinary pastime is one of the many joys of cooking. Much like other hobbies, or passions cooking carries with it…

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The Best Kitchen Timer For Your Home

Find the best kitchen timer for your home!

If you’re an all-star home chef, a burgeoning pro-pasta boiler or an amateur baker you’re going to need the right tools for the job – and that means starting with the best kitchen timer! Relying on the clock just won’t cut it, and one more plate of overcooked pasta, burnt banana bread or blackened baked…

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